I choo-choo-choose this dress!

I thought it was about time I jumped on board the blogging train. First up, I must congratulate Jo on her extremely hard work setting up and starting our blog while I’ve been away in Croatia. It’s not yet a month old, but we love it to bits!

ImageSo, hi! I’m Victoria and what you will come to learn is that I really love Cath Kidston. There isn’t an item they sell which I would not like to purchase. I just need a (loco)motive… So, I thought what better place to start than with my current favourite dress, which just so happens to be the Cath Kidston Train Scoop Neck Dress, which I recently wore to Plitvice Lakes National Park.


Don’t be afraid of the print. It’s fun, and unique, with a cute, retro art style to the print and I’ve received so many compliments while wearing it. The style is classic with a flattering nipped in waist, and the length is perfect for both day and night.  It wasn’t until the second wear of this dress that I realised, it also has handy pockets. It really is just the ticket!


Before I run out of steam (sorry), I must confess that this print delighted me so much that I HAD to indulge in a little duty free shopping while at Terminal 5, and purchased the matching backpack. Not to be worn together of course!


Do Videnja!

V x

The height of fashion


I might be sticking my neck out here but I think giraffes are the next big thing in fashion. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at some of these.

I would obviously recommend viewing this post using Safari.

Giraffe Print Scarf £6 from ASOS

First up we have this lovely ASOS scarf. It’s an absolutely gorgeous colour and has great big giraffe silhouettes roaming all over it. What’s not to love? The news just keeps getting better though as it’s currently in the sale for £6. Your neck will thank you.

Kissing Giraffe Pleated Skirt £38 from Topshop

Topshop appear to have the monopoly on giraffe prints (seriously, go type ‘giraffe’ into their search) but I think this skirt is the pick of the bunch. I mean, the giraffes are kissing (insert necking joke here)! on your skirt! THAT’S SO CUTE. It does look quite short but you could just throw it on over leggings and head out on your merry way.

Giraffe Print Top £25.99 from Zara

I am a big fan of this giraffe top from Zara. It looks lovely and light, so perfect for summer wear,  it looks super flattering and the different colours and prints on the giraffes make it that bit more unusual.  A perfect top to throw on with jeans and head to the pub in.

Bronti Giraffe Print Shirt £70 from Tommy Hilfiger

Now this is what you call a Fun Shirt. I was pretty much sold on the yellow giraffes alone but then I noticed that the collar and cuffs have their own jazzy giraffe print! That’s almost too fun. Put your feet up Tommy Hillfiger, you’ve earned it.

Black Sheer Giraffe Tights £8.50 from Topshop

See what I mean about Topshop? How great are these tights?!! I am currently stuck in a polka dot tight rut and I think these might just be the tights to break the habit. I haven’t managed to track them down in store just yet but I’m off to London this week so it’s really only a matter of time. In my head they will go with absolutely everything I own. Fingers crossed the reality meets up to the expectation.

Afternoon Safari Pencil Skirt £98 from Anthropologie

Here’s Anthropologie showing us how to do the ‘sensible giraffe’. This skirt has a great shape that will really flatter. It’s a tad pricey but you could get away with wearing it all year round and would lend itself to work and play. And did I mention it has pockets? It has pockets.

Safari As I Know It Dress $49.99 (£34) from Modcloth

Goodness me Modcloth really do have something to suit every occasion don’t they? I constantly find myself completely overwhelmed by how many brilliant things they have. If only they weren’t so far away! This bubblegum pink dress is just another thing to add to my ever growing wishlist and just screams adorable.  I am loving the length, the belted waist and the choice of colours used for the giraffes, some of them even have little polka-dots!  The only down side is the keyhole design used on the back which means I would definitely be resort to wearing it with a cardigan most of the time.

Beatrice Dress London in Mustard £125.99 from Poppy

I am surely not the only person who often feels burning rage that they don’t make little girls clothes in adult sizes.  They always get the cutest stuff! Well, I shall be frustrated no more as I have now discovered possibly the great place on earth in Poppy. They make their own original storybook inspired outfits for children AND adults. In your face, pesky children. I literally squealed looking through all the adorable clothes on offer. All of the designs are based on the adventures of ‘Poppy’ who in this particular dress is seeing the sights of London whilst riding a giraffe (I know, right?). I really love it in mustard  but it does comes in other colours and is extremely versatile as you can wear it with the v neck at the front or back. Swoon.


Double Thumbs Dresses #3

Hooray! It’s time for our weekly round up of all those lovely dresses that receive the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs Up seal of approval.

 First up we have these two beauties from Lady V London!

Hot Air Balloon Tea Dress £45 from Lady V London
Orange, Lemon & Cherry Fruit Print Tea Dress £50 from Lady V London

We are big fans of Lady V London here at She and Hem. In fact, if you are so inclined, you can currently give Victoria a literal thumb up over in their Facebook Hall of Fame competition. Speaking of Victoria, whilst she has been in Croatia – for what feels like actually forever – the only dresses she has been so hyped about, she had to send me have been the two above. I’m too ashamed to show you the actual transcription that took place but sufficed to say it went a little like this ‘OMG BALLOON DRESS’ ‘OMG I NEED IT’ ‘OMG ME TOO’ ‘OMG FRUITS!!!’. We both have degrees you know. Anyway, they will look simply marvellous with a great swooshing petticoat underneath and would make fabulous wedding outfits to boot.  Both of the dresses above are Lady V’s tea dress collection which I find to be a very flattering shape. However, if you aren’t a fan of a high neck then you can also try their super pretty swing dresses

Pendant Embroidered Skater £60 from Topshop

Topshop have done it again with their lovely sleeved dresses. It’s so purdy. I love the scalloped hem and the dainty cut out detail. I want to wear a big hat and stroll barefoot along the beach in this one. 

Limited Collection Tea Cup Print Dress £39.50 from Marks and Spencer

I am a not so secret lover of Marks and Spencers’ Limited Collection. I have been known to walk around stroking the clothes and muttering “lovely, just lovely” for hours on end. I also find a lot of their stuff to be perfect for work without being boring. This makes me happier than one might say is normal. One of my favourite and most complimented Limited Collection pieces (yes, I did just say piece) is an owl print dress (this owl print dress to be precise). Well recently M&S brought out another near identical dress which had simply swapped the owls for telephones (this telephone dress to be precise), I was intrigued. Could I really buy my beloved dress again? Eventually I decided that no, no, I couldn’t do this. People would talk. So what on earth do I do now that they have brought out the same  identical dress again but covered in teacups? This one is even more identical than the telephones! You are making a crockery of me M&S! I actually can’t not have this dress! It’s covered in tea cups for goodness sake! But please, PLEASE, just change the colours next time? Ta. 

Rebecca Fluro Stripe Skater Dress £80 from Oasis

Remember last week when I promised that this week would have more bank balance friendly dresses? Well I lied. Soz. I’m afraid we are just going to have to sit and pine together as there are just a lot of expensive pretty things around at the moment. This Oasis dress reminds me of a Habitat bedspread I once owned and if that’s not a reason to love it I don’t know what is. The colours are saccharine sweet and the cut outs are unusual in a good way, dontchathink? You can get 20% off dresses at the moment using the code 20MayDress so you could save yourself some £££ if you so choose.

Limited Edition Daisy Lace Shift Dress £28 from Florence & Fred

Oh I do love this 60’s inspired dress from Tesco’s Florence & Fred. I love the colour (although if you aren’t so keen it also comes in pink) and the giant daisies. It also has my beloved peter pan collar! You could just throw it on with some sandals in the day and then really go for it in the evening with fun tights and 60’s style accessories. 

That’s all for now!


Brace yourself

‘Sup, guys! The 90’s called, they want their fashions back. And quite frankly who can blame them with trend-setters like these.


Clarissa, Cher, Alex Mack (!), Blossom, Topanga, Kelly Kapalski…..mega babes the lot of them. Man I loved those girls growing up  (heck, I still love them now) but I can honestly say that I don’t look back on the fashions of the 90’s and think “Oh wow, we looked all that and a bag of chips, I wish Hypercolor t-shirts and dungarees would make a comeback“. But it shows what I know as the high-street is currently bursting with 90’s inspired get-up. Pinafores, dungarees, jazzy prints and headache inducing accessories are whipping up a storm. The surprising news is that when done properly it can look really good, even on people over the age of 25! I’ve seen plenty of ladies ACTUALLY PULLING OFF DUNGAREES, and not in the literal sense. I think the key here is to not take it too far; I’m looking at you Little Mix. Boo ya.

I decided my first foray into this 90’s renaissance would be the pinafore. I’ve noticed some really lovely ones around recently and they seem slightly less intimidating than dungarees and, dare I mention, crop tops.


The pinafore is from Miss Selfridge, the shirt is from Gap and the tights are from M&S.


Pretty slammin’ right guys? I’m not so sure. I really like it but I think I would feel a little self-concious out in public! I really want to embrace this trend so if anyone has any good tips as to how to wear the pinafore publicly then please leave a comment. One could say this isn’t my pina-forte

Once you’ve gotten over that terrible terrible pun, you will be pleased to learn that I’ve had a little look around for some other tip top pinafores.

Black Floral Pinafore Dress £19.99 from New Look
Navy heart print pinafore dress £35 from Henry Holland at Debenhams
Maria Denim Look Jersey Pinafore Dress £25 from Boohoo.com

Ta ta for now. I’m off to watch Clueless. On repeat.


Hem and Away: Manchester & Knutsford

This weekend the boy and I ventured North in order to see The Postal Service at Manchester Academy. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to break out my beloved Nishe hot air balloon dress from ASOS. I don’t really need much encouragement as it’s so much fun and I absolutely love wearing it.  There was no attempt at blending into the crowd for me as I teamed it with a bright yellow cardigan from Gap, spotty tights from M&S and my new Topshop shoes (yes I know, who wears new white shoes to a gig? I’m an idiot).

photo (6)

photophoto (2)

P1030042 P1030040


On the Sunday we went to Knutsford for a family roast dinner. We were slightly early so decided to take this opportunity to have a little explore. Little did we know that we were about to discover the holy grail for penny-farthing enthusiasts in the form of The Courtyard Coffee House and Restaurant, also known as the home of the largest collection of penny-farthings. How could we resist such an opportunity? We didn’t have much time left but decided to take a seat in the courtyard and order a hot drink. It was very difficult to abstain from eating the many delicious cakes on offer but we knew our hosts wouldn’t be thrilled if we turned up with no appetite left!


photo (5)

photo (1)

photo (3)

photo (4)

It was a jolly great and unexpected way to spend our Sunday morning! It was such a charming place and I absolutely cannot wait to go back and try out the menu properly. I wore my umbrella print blouse from Ever Ours and my jeans are from Topshop.

Roll on the Bank Holiday weekend!


Double Thumbs Dresses #2

Well look at that! It’s time for our weekly round up of all those lovely dresses that receive the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs Up seal of approval.

Floral Painting Peter Pan Collar Whole Lace Dress $59.42 (£38.62) from Chicwish

First up is this darling dress from Chicwish! It combines so many of my favourite things!  I’m always a sucker for a Peter Pan collar, it’s got a fab floral retro print and it’s all lacy and lovely.  Oh so pretty.

Tie Back Paris Print Dress £95 from Original Penguin

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this little beauty from Original Penguin, as I don’t believe I have ever frequented their website before, but by Jove I’m glad I did as it’s just marvellous. It is a lovely cut and colour, with a beautiful Parisian print. We have established in the past that I am not one to put up with a faffy back situation and, although this dress does fall under that curse, it looks as though you could still wear your underwear! No risk of people copping  an Eiffel there etc.

Skater Dress in Floral Embroidery £95 from ASOS

This floaty floral effort from ASOS has been featured in Vogue no less. It really is a joy to behold with its floral print and lovely full skirt. I’m thinking garden parties, Pimms, a light summer breeze and perhaps some skipping. All this could be achieved whilst wearing this dress. Lovely stuff.

Moda Floral Print Jacquard Dress £20 from George at Asda

Oh George, you sure do come up trumps sometimes. This 1950’s inspired dress is practically screaming “HEY YOU, YES YOU, THROW A MAD MEN PARTY AND LOOK ALL AMAZING IN IS THIS FOR £20”. Or you could just wear it to stroll around town in, the choice is yours.

Embroidered Hem Flippy Dress £46 from Topshop

Cornflower blue is a beautiful colour. Sleeves are a beautiful thing.. Therefore this dress from Topshop is already on its way to becoming a wardrobe staple. I just wish it was a tiny bit longer as then I could wear it to work.  I guess you can’t have everything.

Flo Rose Print Dress £75 from Hedonia

MASSIVE BOW KLAXON. What a super cute dress from Hedonia. The print is gorgeous and I love the puff ball skirt. I can already hear you shouting “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE UNDERWEAR SITUATION??” and I don’t have an answer for you. I’m too busy staring at the bow.

China Blue Embroidered Dress £65 from Miss Selfridge

It would appear that embroidery is set to be a big trend this summer, if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m in favour of anything that means flouncing around in something this pretty. The bad news is that this stunning Miss Selfridge dress has sold out online! I’m crossing my fingers that it will return but if you can’t wait there is a handy tool on the website to see if it’s available in a store near you. The good news is that whilst I was frantically trying to find the link to this dress, I discovered that this little stunner from last week’s Double Thumbs Dresses post is now in the sale. Praise be!

That’s it for this week! Apologies for the fact that most of these dresses aren’t bank balance friendly. Which is your pick of the bunch? Not that I am in any way going to decide which one to invest in based on your comments. No siree Bob.


Box of delights

I received a very exciting parcel over the weekend in the shape of not one but two lucky dip boxes from the ever brilliant Tatty Devine.

For the uninitiated, the lucky dip boxes are available for a very limited time and contain a random selection of Tatty Devine pieces made up from their past 12 years worth of collections. The premise of the lucky dip box is perfect for someone like me who a) loves Tatty Devine b) loves Tatty Devine so much they can’t ever decide what to buy and c) loves Tatty Devine so much that they can’t ever decide what to buy and can’t really afford to buy more than one piece at a time.

It was with great joy then that I received the news that there was to be a lucky dip box sale held over the bank holiday weekend to coincide with their Brick Lane store’s sample sale (insert jealousy here). The prices were set at £35 for a big box and £15 for a small box and after some tough consideration (about 15 seconds) I decided to plump for one of each. This is, admittedly, a little excessive but like Christmas this happy occasion comes but once a year so cut me some slack, jeez.

Like any sane person, after purchasing my boxes I then spent the next week panicking that I would receive a box of items that I didn’t really like (this does seem unlikely but you never know) or , slightly more likely, things that I already owned. As it happens neither of those scenarios would have been a total disaster as clever old Tatty Devine had the foresight to set up a Facebook forum where lucky dip box recipients are currently swapping their items with a degree of politeness that may never be rivalled.

But enough about them! What did I find? 


In my small box (£15) I received: a pair of mirror hexagon earrings, a perroit the clown necklace and a ring.

In the large box (£35) I received: A moustache necklace, a banana necklace, a charm necklace and a pom pom brooch.


Do I think it was worth it? Hand on heart I do. I know it’s a lot of money to gamble with but I really enjoyed the level of excitement I got from opening the boxes and, thankfully, I am thrilled with what I received*. I’ve had a little Google to try and estimate how much each box was worth and have discovered the banana necklace on its own would have set me back £46! This is definitely a great way to quickly stock up on your pieces without breaking the bank (unless you buy LOADS of boxes, that is) and gives new and seasoned lovers the chance to get hold of some hidden gems, sought after samples and Tatty treasures.


*despite being thrilled I am still trying to swap the pom pom brooch on the Facebook forum. I can’t resist the fun!

Toucan play that game

My heart is all of a flutter for the many  bird prints that are currently taking over the high street. Here are some of my current favourites!

Fiesta Flamingo Dress – Coral £48 from Sugarhill Boutique

First up is the zesty little flamingo number from Sugarhill Boutique. It will be fabulous fun to wear in the summer months (if and when they arrive) and would also be perfect for the current climate when teamed with tights and a denim jacket. The back also has a really unusual criss cross detailing which is an added bonus. 

Zatchel Flamingo Print Bag £120 available exclusively from Oliver Bonas

Sticking with flamingos, next we have this incredible Zatchel, which is an Oliver Bonas exclusive. I consider £120 a lot of money to be spending on a bag but I have heard such great things about Zatchel that I am definitely tempted. I can just imagine the looks of envy I would receive on parading around town with this bag. FlamingWOAH, ammiright?

Orla Kiely Love Bird Print Skirt £58 from People Tree

Orla Kiely can do no wrong in my eyes and her collection for People Tree is no exception. I have spent many hours of drooling over her website so it’s a nice change to be drooling over something which isn’t completely out of my budget. This love bird print skirt is top of my wish list.

Bird Song Print Dress £29 by Poem

Back to Oliver Bonas and this Bird Song dress by their  in house brand Poem. This dress looks so easy to wear! You could just throw it on and go. A perfect weekend dress. I really love the little bow belt too. Good work, Bonas.

Toucan Print Shorts from £30 Yumi

SHORTS! TOUCAN PRINT SHORTS! WITH A BOW! I got very excited when I saw these on the Yumi site and then I tried to imagine how the devil I would get away with wearing them. I’m not sure I can get away with them but I might have to go in and try them on – just to be sure. 

Peach Bamboo Bird Tights £10 from Topshop

I have really got to stop buying tights but it’s so difficult when presented with cuties like these! I find Topshop tights to be some of the best quality on the high street and these pretty bird print tights are like nothing I own.

Bryony Dress £55 from Monsoon

Here we have my perfect birdy work dress from Monsoon. It looks so lovely and light to wear! It’s a good length, it has sleeves (!), a tie waist and cute little buttons too.

Puffin Beach Skirt £22 from Vintage Style Me

Back to the fun stuff now and look at this puffin print skirt from Style Vintage Me. It’s just all kinds of adorable and makes me want to go on holiday right now.

White Birds Scarf Watch £52 from Olivia Burton

I have always been a bit useless about wearing watches, either forgetting to put them on in the morning or losing them, but since receiving an Olivia Burton watch for Christmas this is no more! I actually understand what it is to feel naked without a watch! This bird print scarf watch looks perfect for summer and I really enjoy the idea of being able to tie my strap in a bow.


Double Thumbs Dresses #1

Double Thumbs
Two thumbs up to Victoria who is off to Croatia for two weeks tomorrow to do some good quality nursing. Good luck V! x

Here is our weekly round up of all the lovely dresses we have spotted that receive the much coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs Up seal of approval.

Printed Cotton Shirt Dress – Sailboat Grey £145 from Lowie

First up is this rather fetching find from Lowie. This dress ticks a lot of boxes! It has proper sleeves, a fabulous collar, it’s nipped in nicely at the waist and has an exciting boat print. I really love the colours too.

Martha’s Air of Adorable dress from Modcloth

After Monday’s post about hot air balloons the lovely @HangingwithHawlie tweeted us this little beauty from Modcloth. The balloons are SMILING AT US! It’s ridiculous and I need it. It’s yours (and mine) for $74.99/£49ish.

Bass Pandemonium Dress from Modcloth

Who says we like a novelty print huh? Check out this fish print dress also from Modcloth. What fabulous fish! You’ll be reeling in the compliments with this one. And it has pockets! I strongly believe all dresses should be required to have pockets. You can hook yourself this beauty for $79.99/£52ish.

Sicilian Knight Dress £55 from Oasis
Toby Sicilian Skater Dress £70 from Oasis

It appears to be that time of year again when Oasis just go completely crazy with the pretty dresses. I actually can’t bring myself to go on their website at the moment for fear of buying everything.  The Sicilian inspired collection is particularly swoon worthy with the two dresses above currently at the top of my wish list. I find that Oasis are usually very good at running 20% off promotions so I will be keeping a close eye on my inbox.

50s Prom Dress from Miss Selfridge

Now take a look at how pretty this Miss Selfridge dress with its full skirt and big bow. I can just imagine feeling  like a big pastel princess in it, swooshing around at a party.  My only concern is the back of the dress which looks very low and call me old fashioned but I’m quite attached to my underwear. The idea of having to go without or faff around with some new-fangled modesty covering device makes me a little uneasy about splashing out £49. Those swooshing dreams might have to hold on for now.

Colourful House Print Dress £45 from Yumi

Last but not least is this super colourful house print dress from Yumi. It’s so cheerful and fun! It could be dressed up or down and although it’s perfect for the summer, I think you could get away with teaming it with tights and a cardigan later in the year.

Now, where did I put my bank card?


Workwear Wednesday #1

You suck, Wednesday.

I surely can’t be the only person who totally hates Wednesdays? I am now completely ready for the weekend to begin and yet for some cruel reason we have another two whole days to go. How can I possibly get over this news? Well, with weekly 2-4-1 cocktails of course!

P1030023This boozy little arrangement was initiated just last week when the sun was out and everyone in the city simultaneously decided to get outside and pretend that they didn’t have to get up and go to work the next day. Myself, Victoria and some friends joined the masses in descending on the newly opened Caribbean restaurant, Turtle Bay, that offers a happy hour that actually lasts for 7 (SEVEN) hours in total.  Despite the sun pulling a fast one on us, our midweek drinking club carried on unperturbed, as we continued working our way working through the fabulous cocktail menu. The drinks we have tried so far have all been magnificent and the staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. If you live in Bristol you should definitely pay them a visit. 

P1030030 P1030026 P1030029 P1030034

I find dressing for work pretty difficult, especially in the summer months, and seem to resort to being quite lazy with my choices. I’m hoping that this blog (and the threat of seeing my friends straight after work!) will give me the boost I need to really think about what I am wearing and perhaps inspire me to try new things. Victoria and I are hoping to turn this into a weekly working wardrobe feature so fingers crossed the cocktails keep coming! 

P1030038 P1030036 P1030022

Today I wore a dress that I picked up in the Jaeger sale a few weeks ago. It was reduced to £45 from £160 and seeing as Jaeger is the sort of shop I usually stand outside of feeling poor, this was a small sale victory for me. At £45 it’s still a bit extravagant for a work dress but I know I will be able to wear it all year round and it’s such a great length. I can probably stop justifying it to you now.

I wore it with polka-dot tights from M&S, Topshop boots, my trusty old H&M cardigan and a satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company. I bought the necklace from The POD Company shop in Clifton during my lunch break as I absolutely adore anything which incorporates a good clock. I have seen (and own) many variations of clock necklaces but I think this one is especially beautiful and for £9.95 it was only ever destined for the till.

Have a lovely Thursday!