Double Thumbs Dresses #1

Double Thumbs
Two thumbs up to Victoria who is off to Croatia for two weeks tomorrow to do some good quality nursing. Good luck V! x

Here is our weekly round up of all the lovely dresses we have spotted that receive the much coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs Up seal of approval.

Printed Cotton Shirt Dress – Sailboat Grey £145 from Lowie

First up is this rather fetching find from Lowie. This dress ticks a lot of boxes! It has proper sleeves, a fabulous collar, it’s nipped in nicely at the waist and has an exciting boat print. I really love the colours too.

Martha’s Air of Adorable dress from Modcloth

After Monday’s post about hot air balloons the lovely @HangingwithHawlie tweeted us this little beauty from Modcloth. The balloons are SMILING AT US! It’s ridiculous and I need it. It’s yours (and mine) for $74.99/£49ish.

Bass Pandemonium Dress from Modcloth

Who says we like a novelty print huh? Check out this fish print dress also from Modcloth. What fabulous fish! You’ll be reeling in the compliments with this one. And it has pockets! I strongly believe all dresses should be required to have pockets. You can hook yourself this beauty for $79.99/£52ish.

Sicilian Knight Dress £55 from Oasis
Toby Sicilian Skater Dress £70 from Oasis

It appears to be that time of year again when Oasis just go completely crazy with the pretty dresses. I actually can’t bring myself to go on their website at the moment for fear of buying everything.  The Sicilian inspired collection is particularly swoon worthy with the two dresses above currently at the top of my wish list. I find that Oasis are usually very good at running 20% off promotions so I will be keeping a close eye on my inbox.

50s Prom Dress from Miss Selfridge

Now take a look at how pretty this Miss Selfridge dress with its full skirt and big bow. I can just imagine feeling  like a big pastel princess in it, swooshing around at a party.  My only concern is the back of the dress which looks very low and call me old fashioned but I’m quite attached to my underwear. The idea of having to go without or faff around with some new-fangled modesty covering device makes me a little uneasy about splashing out £49. Those swooshing dreams might have to hold on for now.

Colourful House Print Dress £45 from Yumi

Last but not least is this super colourful house print dress from Yumi. It’s so cheerful and fun! It could be dressed up or down and although it’s perfect for the summer, I think you could get away with teaming it with tights and a cardigan later in the year.

Now, where did I put my bank card?


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