Box of delights

I received a very exciting parcel over the weekend in the shape of not one but two lucky dip boxes from the ever brilliant Tatty Devine.

For the uninitiated, the lucky dip boxes are available for a very limited time and contain a random selection of Tatty Devine pieces made up from their past 12 years worth of collections. The premise of the lucky dip box is perfect for someone like me who a) loves Tatty Devine b) loves Tatty Devine so much they can’t ever decide what to buy and c) loves Tatty Devine so much that they can’t ever decide what to buy and can’t really afford to buy more than one piece at a time.

It was with great joy then that I received the news that there was to be a lucky dip box sale held over the bank holiday weekend to coincide with their Brick Lane store’s sample sale (insert jealousy here). The prices were set at £35 for a big box and £15 for a small box and after some tough consideration (about 15 seconds) I decided to plump for one of each. This is, admittedly, a little excessive but like Christmas this happy occasion comes but once a year so cut me some slack, jeez.

Like any sane person, after purchasing my boxes I then spent the next week panicking that I would receive a box of items that I didn’t really like (this does seem unlikely but you never know) or , slightly more likely, things that I already owned. As it happens neither of those scenarios would have been a total disaster as clever old Tatty Devine had the foresight to set up a Facebook forum where lucky dip box recipients are currently swapping their items with a degree of politeness that may never be rivalled.

But enough about them! What did I find? 


In my small box (£15) I received: a pair of mirror hexagon earrings, a perroit the clown necklace and a ring.

In the large box (£35) I received: A moustache necklace, a banana necklace, a charm necklace and a pom pom brooch.


Do I think it was worth it? Hand on heart I do. I know it’s a lot of money to gamble with but I really enjoyed the level of excitement I got from opening the boxes and, thankfully, I am thrilled with what I received*. I’ve had a little Google to try and estimate how much each box was worth and have discovered the banana necklace on its own would have set me back £46! This is definitely a great way to quickly stock up on your pieces without breaking the bank (unless you buy LOADS of boxes, that is) and gives new and seasoned lovers the chance to get hold of some hidden gems, sought after samples and Tatty treasures.


*despite being thrilled I am still trying to swap the pom pom brooch on the Facebook forum. I can’t resist the fun!

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