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After a hard week of work there isn’t much that will drag either of us out of bed on a Sunday morning, but last weekend was an exception as we were lucky enough to attend the Crafty Bloggers Meet. It was hosted by the friendly, helpful AND super stylish Sammy from The Cookie Button and Paige from Paige Joanna. The girls had obviously been working very hard and provided a fantastic selection of crafty goodies for us to use. We were particularly fond of the teeny bonnets and the vintage buttons, which we used to make fabulous hair clips. It was our first meet up with other bloggers, and although neither of us have ever excelled at craft in the past, we gave it a good go and were pleasantly surprised with our handywork. So much so, we skipped all the way home wearing our new floral headbands!




The meet up was held at The Birdcage, a delightful venue in the centre of Bristol. The atmosphere is inviting, the music is great and it manages to perfectly combine retro shopping, craft beer and delicious tea and cake all under one chic roof. We will certainly be visiting again.




It was a real treat to get to meet so many other friendly bloggers! We were lucky enough to be sat crafting with another new blogger, the delightful Pandora, as well as Gina, who runs the very successful South West Bloggers Network. This was the perfect dynamic for us, as both were lovely to chat to and it made us both comfortable with our newness to the scene and also completely inspired. We all had a great time getting covered in glue and admiring each others creations. Paige and Sammy were also wonderful at coming around and spurring us on.







We were definitely both feeling the pressure to pick out good outfits for the day, which was just as well as we were certainty in very beautiful and stylish company.

Jo: I wore a Primark dress which, despite owning for less than a week, has already become my most complimented piece of clothing of all time.  I’ve had more than one person asking if it’s vintage which only adds to the joy of declaring where it’s really from. A woman actually gasped when I told her, gasped! It really is my dream dress! It’s bright yellow with polka dots, it has a lovely full skirt and a beautiful collar detail. It goes to show that when Primark get it right they can produce some of the most wonderful (and cheap at £22!) items. I don’t get to go in store very often so I am naturally excited about their newly announced venture with ASOS. My bank balance, less so. I wore it with white hounds-tooth tights from Accessorize, my neverseenwithout Topshop shoes and my Zatchel.

Victoria: My dress was a little purple and black deco colourblock number from Dorothy Perkins. I think we both find DorothyPerkins can be a little hit or miss sometimes, but I was a big fan of their deco collection and found it tough to choose between the purple and their gorgeous turquoise dress. Unfortunately, both dresses are now out of stock online but you could always try your luck instore. I kept my outfit simple with black tights from M&S, my new Clarks brogues and my faithful light brown Zatchel.




See, we really did skip home! This might possibly have had something do with our very first goody bags which we had earlier gratefully received alongside a complimentary cup of tea and slice of delicious cake! We had been patiently waiting until we got home to dig in!


OH MY! Fantastic! Bravo! It was filled with lovely illustrations, jewellery, perfume, cute hair bows and scrunchies, and even a tea towel! We can’t wait for the next Crafty Meet. Thanks again Paige and Sammy!

J & V x

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