Workwear Wednesday #2


It has been a little while since the first Workwear Wednesday post but now that summer has arrived (yes, I consider 17 degrees to be summer) so too has my desire to go for after work drinks. Funny that. This hot weather (yes, I consider 17 degrees to be hot) raises the age old question of what to wear to work that will keep a girl cool but at the same time not look too casual. I’ll admit this probably doesn’t sound too tricky, but I really do struggle with the summer months. I remember going to an interview on one of the hottest days of the year to which I wore trousers, boots, a blouse AND a cardigan because I was so worried about looking too casual. 

When the sun appeared at the start of the week, I had a little raid of my wardrobe and dismissed a variety of dresses for either having the right hem line but for being too low cut/strappy or for having a nice conservative top half but being an inappropriate length. Hurummph. Now, obviously different work places have different expectations of your appearance but, for the record, I don’t have to be ‘business smart’ but a strappy top or bare legs would certainly be frowned upon and a general degree of smartness is certainly expected and encouraged.

Yesterday I settled on a yellow and white stripy dress that I picked up at an Oasis sale. It’s lovely and summery and keeps me cool all day but I can happily stroll around work without my blazer on and the length is nicely conservative. Most importantly however, I would also happily wear this out of work. I hate (HATE) buying things that are only for work. It pretty much sucks the joy out of shopping and is something I rarely do; in fact the last time was probably for the dreaded smart grey trousers that I wore to the aforementioned interview.

DSC_0064 (1)


My navy blazer is from Topshop and, as I came to completely rely on it last summer, I actually own it in two colours.  I am hoping that they bring out something similar this year (although I’ve heard Primark have them). The jersey material and arm length make it perfect for summery work days and as well as going with pretty much everything, they also make every outfit look instantly smarter. I also wore my new M&S nude polka dot tights which I am very excited about as there’s just something about plain old nude tights that irritates me, they just seem a bit pointless. Polka dots, however, are certainly not pointless. I love you, polka dots. The shiny shiny shoes are from New Look



Victoria and I went to St Nick’s Night Market in Bristol and sampled a lot of food and not nearly enough gin. It was a lovely way to spend a summers evening and we got to try some wonderful cuisine. Victoria looked super lovely in her dress from Boohoo, a Miss Selfridge jacket and brogues from Clarks.



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