Accessories to Murder #3

Welcome to the third installment of Accessories to Murder. We’ve got an eclectic bunch for you this week, so let’s crack on!

cat shoes
Embroidered Kitty Flats, £16.39, Em and Sprout, via Etsy.

Paws for a minute! These are not your average mary janes. These Em and Sprout cat flats are cute and fun, without being too childish. Wearing a fun shoe (or two) is a mega easy way to add some personality to an outfit and leave you feline great. I could probably get away with these at work, whereas a cat dress would be a big no no… my boss would get really catty! They look super soft and I’m a big fan of the buckles. If you already own too many black shoes, they also come in red.

Cat Face Socks, £10, Urban Outfitters.

So we wouldn’t recommend you wear these cat items together, but we’d certainly want to be your friend if you did. I imagine it’s quite hard to make enemies when you have a curious cat on each knee cap. These grey knee high socks from Urban Outfitters are pretty special, and are an affordable £10, or £9 if you have an NUS card. If you are adventurous enough to try patterned knee highs, I think these would be a good place to start.

Personalised Instagram Camera Necklace, £11.80, Tyndall’s Polymerclay.
Personalised Instagram Camera Necklace, £11.80, Tyndall’s Polymerclay.

Time to expose an awesome necklace. We are big fans of Instagram (check us out here), and love the idea of having one of our Instagram pictures incorporated into a necklace. If you’re feeling a little  negative and don’t fancy having a personalised version, they also make an Instagram necklace without a picture for £8.52. You have to love Etsy with their crazy pricing, great for snapping a bargain. I think this would make a thoughtful unique gift for a instagramming  friend, especially as it comes in a lovely gift box. You could always ask for a photo of a cat or Ryan Gosling instead…

Animal Farm Earrings, £10.49, Designs By Annette

Designs By Annette make some fantastic earrings, and even though I don’t wear earrings and Animal Farm has caused me A LOT of stress over the years, I picked these to feature because they are pretty darn cool. Also, I love jewellery that’s different and you know that nobody else will be wearing. So much effort has gone into designing and creating every pair of earrings on Annette’s Etsy site, that it would be a crime not show you a few more. If you don’t like these, I promise you there will be something you do like.

Cake and Tea Earrings, £13.11, Designs By Annette.
Vintage Record Player Earrings, £11.14, Designs By Annette.

Perfect to wear to The Bristol Balloon Fiesta, this hot air balloon pendant below will have you floating on air. A friend wore this recently and I thought the balloon’s  pastel colours looked simple, yet summery. The ASOS necklace has an adjustable gold-tone chain, which is fantastic as you can change the length of the necklace depending on what you are wearing.

Pieces Gania Balloon Pendant Necklace, £12, ASOS.
Pieces Gania Balloon Pendant Necklace, £12, ASOS.

That’s all for now accessory fans,

V x


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