Accessories to Murder #5

It’s that time again Hemsters. I’ve poured myself a chocolate wine, grabbed a packet of bourbons, and now I’m ready to delve into the world of amazing accessories. We’ve got a right old mixture this week as I thought it would be nice to feature some accessories that are often missed from blogs. On that note, let’s start with Umbrellas!

Cumulus Cutie Umbrella, £19.90, ModCloth

Not usually classed as your average accessory I know, but hey consider this a treat. Now, the weatherman has promised that it’s going to be a glorious July with no rain, but I very much drought it. This is England, so we need to be prepared to get a little soggy. ModCloth do a great range of affordable brollies, with this cute cloud design being my personal favourite. It’s big and sturdy enough to keep you dry all day, but it doesn’t look bulky due to it’s brilliant bright blue print and tan curved wooden handle.  I’d certainly be singin’ in the rain with this beauty.

Raining Cats And Dogs Umbrella, £23.95, Hello Brolly.

When it rains, it really paws right? So keep yourself dry with this funbrella from umbrella queen Hello Brolly, who also stock square and heart shaped umbrellas and several beautiful wedding umbrellas. If I had this umbrella I would be praying for rain so I could embrace my inner Rihanna on the streets of Bristol.

Colourful House Print Scarf, £10, Yumi

Even if the weatherman was right, a colourful scarf could still come in handy for our chilly evenings. We’re are big fans of Yumi here at She and Hem, especially their House Print items, including the dress which we featured in Double Thumbs Dresses #1. This scarf has recently gone into the Yumi sale and is now an absolute bargain at £10! It’s bright, quirky and will go with pretty much anything.

Garden Birds Saddle Bag, £68, Cath Kidston.

Cath Kidston has just released their new range of bags featuring this delightful saddle bag. Reviews on their website say the picture does not do the bag justice, so pop in to your local branch, have a nosey and let me know what you find! I think the bag looks adorable. I’m a big fan of the cross body strap, which allows you to take it out and about. It also features a surprisingly generous five pockets, so it would be perfect for traveling or work, or if you are anything like me, for carrying emergency chocolate.

ASOS Rotating Globe Adventure Watch, £22, ASOS.

One for all of you adventurous readers out there, this thrilling ASOS watch not only has a vintage globe print but also a mind-blowing moving plane design. Will you have your own adventure in this watch? Only time will tell…

Afternoon Tea Earrings, £5.95, by Jodie Anna via

These earrings by Jodie Anna are just delightfully sweet and pretty. Inspired by childhood memories and nostalgia, she aims to create wearable memories for everyone to enjoy. Her collection is beautiful and features other She and Hem favourites, such as cupcakes and bunting. At £5.95, they would make lovely unique presents for friends or a small treat for keeping yourself out of the July rain!


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