She and Home: Candy Kittens


It takes a lot to get the two of us out of bed on a Bank Holiday Monday but, bleary eyed and a little dazed, we found ourselves doing  just that this week as we were up at the crack of dawn and heading towards Cabot Circus for the launch of the Candy Kittens Pop Up shop. Yeah boi!


For the uninitiated, Candy Kittens is a confectionery company, pioneered by Jamie Laing of BAFTA winning Made In Chelsea fame. Jamie definitely fancies himself as a bit of a modern day Willy Wonka and wants to make candy cool again by marketing it towards young people. Although it primarily markets itself as a confectionery business, Candy Kittens also has a flourishing fashion line and judging by the shoppers we witnessed, it’s very popular! You can also find such things as iPhone cases, beach balls and pencils nestled among the sweeties! All of which are all emblazoned with the Candy Kittens logo or one of Jamie’s often spoken catch phrases from Made in Chelsea. There is such a great variety on offer that it’s actually a bit of a one stop candy-cane pink lifestyle shop and it works perfectly with Jamie’s energetic personality.



Victoria: Much like the recent Bella Sorella event that we attended, where Jo wasn’t sure if a clothing range associated with TOWIE would be her thing,  when asked if I fancied heading along to Made in Chelsea’s  Jamie Laing’s Candy Kittens pop up launch, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect! Having never seen the show, I had a quick Google and discovered that Candy Kittens is less about kittens and much more about candy, though unfortunately not shaped like kittens. I can deal with that…just! I knew the brand would be fun and bright, so I thought this sunshine yellow River Island woollen dress would be quite fitting. I wore some brown M&S tights and my brogues are from my go to sensible shoe shop, Clarks. My gorgeous bicycle necklace is from Oliver Bonas and my super cute blue floral day bag is from Cath Kidston.

CK8CK10Jo: OK OK, I admit it. Made in Chelsea is my guilty pleasure. Nothing makes me happier than a big old mug of tea and an hour of watching my favourite rich people squabble their way around the finer parts of London. I was therefore pretty excited to hear that the Candy Kittens were Bristol bound! Never one to pass up the opportunity to match my dress to the occasion, I wore my lollipop necklace from Tatty Devine (candy) with my cat print t-shirt from BDG at Outiffters (kittens). An A+ for effort I think you’ll agree. I wore the shirt underneath my navy polkadot dress from Instant Vintage.


It was great to meet Amie from Credit Crunch Chic, who looked as lovely in real life as she does on her blog. How anyone can look that glam at 9am Bank Holiday Monday is beyond us!


We were lucky enough to get a few minutes to chat to Jamie about Candy Kittens and he bounded in to meet us with a huge great smile on his face, along with a nasty looking scratch for which he apologised profusely!

Hi Jamie! Welcome to Bristol! Have you managed to explore our great city?

Jamie: I’ve been to Bristol a few times before! Lots of friends came here for uni. I love Bristol! It’s great and definitely one of the places in England I could live in. Bath is another one, I love Bath. We had a Pop-Up there recently.

How did you come up with the idea for Candy Kittens?

Jamie: I had been to New York a few times and seen Dylan’s Candy Bar, a sweetshop owned by Ralph Lauren’s daughter’s, and I wanted to replicate it for the UK. I also wanted to change it a bit so that it was more about fashion and fun, with young girls as the face of the company. I knew that if I wanted to go into business it would only succeed if I loved it, so I thought what do I love? I love sweets, I love fashion and I love girls!  

Well, we know you love sweets but which is your favourite?

Jamie: Apart from my Candy Kittens sweets of course!? Our new range is out in September and I can’t wait! Other than those, my favourite sweets in the whole world are these ones that look like surfboards that you can only get  in France. They are just unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable. I still don’t know what they are called to this day! (Jo – I’ve been Googling and I still don’t know. Could he mean these? Does anyone know?)

We really love all of the clothes and how much fun they are! 

Jamie: It’s all about bright neon colours. You’ve got to keep everything bright! It’s what I love. The jumper with the neon sleeves is my favourite. 

Do you have any plans to open a permanent Candy Kittens shop?

Jamie: At the moment I just love the romance and the theatre of Pop-Ups. In the future, who knows? 


The Bristol Pop-Up is there until this Sunday (September 1st) and is on the top floor of Cabot Circus.



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