Double Thumbs Dresses #11

Hey there dress fans! Long time no see! Apologies for my long absence but I am hoping that this super novelty print special edition of Double Thumbs Dresses will placate you somewhat. There are a ridiclous amount of fabulous frocks around at the moment! It’s really playing havoc with my bank balance – and my thumbs! Anyhoo, I’ve rounded up my personal favourites for you! Enjoy! x

Sweetie Print Tea Dress 46 from Topshop
Sweetie Print Tea Dress 46 from Topshop

This sweet little number has been doing the rounds on a lot of blogs and it’s not hard to see why! Topshop have really been having fun with their prints this season but this is one of the first times I have seen them use those fun prints on a dress! I literally applauded when it appeared on my desktop and ordered it straight away. I can confirm that it’s brilliant, although perhaps a little low cut for daytime wear.

Mushroom Dress £65 from Cath Kidson

Speaking of fun, you don’t get much more fun than a giant colorful mushroom! As usual, Cath Kidston have knocked it out the park with this playful print.  Does it make anyone else think of Super Mario? That’s definitely a good thing, FYI.   I love the shape and length of these dresses as they are just perfect for work and play.

Woody Woodland Tunic £65 by Louche from Joy
Julita-Country Dress £59.00 by Louche from Joy

Next up are these two exceptionally lovely dresses from Louche, both of which are available from Joy. I absolutely adore the woodland scene on the tunic dress! Very Animals of Farthing Wood chic! I’m not usually a tunic wearer myself but I can really see it looking lovely with black tights and some chunky boots come A/W.  It has gone straight to the top of my lust list. The second print is what we’ve come to expect from Louche, a brilliant, barmy and cutesy print featuring cows, cats, houses, plants, dogs, frogs….I could go on. It’s a beautiful colour and shape. I’m digging the full skirt.

Bambi Shift Dress £50 from Sugarhill Boutique
Music To My Ears Dress £55 from Sugarhill Boutique

Another two dresses, this time from the beautiful Sugarhill Boutique. I have been waiting with great anticipation for their new season stock to come in and I have not been left disappointed! They really are wonderful at making elegant, girly clothes and just like me, they love to throw in a novelty print! The Bambi dress is just gorgeous. I love the colour and the sleeves! It has a fun 60s vibe about it. I’m also a big fan of those gramophones, the beautiful illustrations really make this dress special. Again, it has great sleeves, and is the perfect dress to get me through the weird transitional weather.

Lucy Dress Teal Umbrella Print £59 by Emily and Fin from Kiki's Boutique
Lucy Dress Teal Umbrella Print £59 by Emily and Fin from Kiki’s Boutique

Show your appreciation for British weather with this lovely umbrella print dress from Emily and Fin, who have really nailed the super flattering 50s shape with their Lucy dress. This style has been around before in a few wonderful incarnations and it’s great to see it back with a new lease of life. Kiki’s boutique are currently taking pre-orders for this one. Now is the time to raid that rainy day fund.

Smock Dress In Digital Cat £35 from ASOS

I know what you’re thinking. This ASOS dress would really benefit from a few more cats. It’s the subtle, understated nature of this smock that makes it such a sensible buy……..Yeah, whatever. LOOK AT ALL THOSE BRILLIANT CATS. It’s amazing. I’m not sure I would have the guts to pull this off but if you do, then I implore you to buy it. Heck, I might just have to buy it anyway. It is pretty much purr-fect.


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  1. I love the fourth dress, it’s so cute!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Check my latest blog post for the details and questions 🙂 x


  2. Loving all of these dresses! Also love your blog name as i am a big fan of She & Him…and I’m guessing that that’s how you came up with your blog name? (sorry if that’s not the case, i just LOVE she&him!) x


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