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Today we are overjoyed to introduce to you our first guest post, written by the wonderful  Ellie. You may remember her from our Lady V Special! Hopefully you will love her first post as much as we do and together we can twist her arm and get her to write more of them!



My boobs are big. I mean, not comedy colossal but they make their presence known, regardless of however desperately I try to hide them away. And believe me I’ve tried.

I won’t go into the various reasons why having big boobs isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’m just going to focus on one.  Clothes.  There are certain items of clothing that a woman with an ample bosom simply cannot respectably wear. With larger boobs come larger bras; thicker straps, higher cups and generally just a lot more bra. This of course is necessary to some extent – the point of a bra being support. However, it means a lot of clothes, particularly summer clothes, are out of the question unless you want to display large chunks of your hideously unflattering beige t-shirt bra to the world. Sad faces all round.


It’s not just the style of clothes that can be an issue. My biggest woe is the fit. This applies particularly to dresses (and shirts of course but I won’t open that can of worms).  I’m a size 12. My boobs are not a size 12. Go up to a 14 and the waist is shapeless and the sleeves baggy. Wear a 12 and suffer squashed-flat-boob syndrome. Great. On the high-street the big of boob are simply not catered for.

I’ve always bought my underwear from Bravissimo. Not only do they offer a great fit but also make a real effort to stay up to the minute with fashions, offering really pretty styles and prints. I’ve been aware of their clothing range for a while but never explored it. Until now! My mum recently offered to buy me a couple of dresses from Pepperberry (Bravissimo’s clothing line), claiming that I needed some ‘really well fitting clothes’. After the initial offence, I decided to take her up on the offer.


We trawled the website for a while but I quickly became overwhelmed by the choice. I’m not great at decision making. So I handed over responsibility to my mum. She has pretty excellent taste so I felt confident. A few days later, two dresses arrived…

The first dress was the black and white Spot Dress. As soon as I put it on I was in love. There’s definitely something of the Audrey Hepburn about this dress – such classic colours and cut. A full skirt, cinched waist, a subtle V-neck but best of all ROOM FOR BOOBS! The website walks you through the sizing guide (clothes are available from sizes 8 -18) – very simple. I came out as a ’12 curvy’ and I must say it was spot on. Not a flat boob to be seen!

ellie2The second dress was the Broderie Stitch Detail Dress, and if possible I loved it even more than the first. I immediately texted my mum declaring that I was going to wear it every day for the rest of the summer. It’s just so unbelievably comfortable and easy to wear! This might sound like a bit of an inane comment, but honestly, I spend such a lot of time adjusting and readjusting my clothes –making sure there’s not too much boob or bra on show. I’m always so conscious of my bust. But in these dresses I just feel normal. It’s amazing.

Yes, they are pricy (dresses ranging from £45 – £79). But when I think about all the cheap dresses I’ve bought over the years that neither fit nor flatter me properly, I really wish I hadn’t bothered.


Pepperberry offer a huge range of dresses to suit every style and occasion. I will definitely be returning to purchase some work wear for the Autumn – I’m really keen to try their tops and shirts.

Even if it means spending a little more than I’m used to, the quality, choice and amazing fit are well worth it!

Ellie x

3 Replies to “Guest Post: Ellie’s Double Feature”

  1. I too am well endowed and have never embraced this aspect of myself until after 2 babies it’s too late!! However, I also turned to Bravissimo to help me with a bra size 30E which, at the time was very difficult to find in ‘pretty’ designs on the high street. I was always very pleased with the comfort of thier bras and even bikinis when I was feeling brave! Well done, Ellie, you beautiful lady, for your honesty and recommendations which I hope will encourage and help many uniquely shaped beautiful women out there and, by finding clothes that fit and flatter, will give them confidence to love their bodies again before it’s too late to truly appreciate their beauty and celebrate their femininity. I have already had a look at Pepperberry (I actually had a dream lastnight that my husband bought me the entire range of dresses!!) and have my eye on one or two that I would enjoy wearing to work or social events which would make me feel, as you put it so well, normal! Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Rachael! How wonderful to get such positive feedback, you’ve made my day! You should definitely try out a Pepperberry dress. They have some great stuff in the sale at the moment. X

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