Putting the Win in Winter: Coats *Pink Special*

PINK COAT PINK COAT PINK COAT. All people keep banging on about at the moment is pink coats.  And now, well, so am I….because hubba bubba aren’t they lovely?  I have now officially spent the better part of my Tuesday wondering how I’ve ever lived without one before! So thank you, internet, for your pink pandering has resulted in some serious style crushing on a number of sickeningly sweet candy coloured creations. I have, therefore, put together my favourite sugar coat-ed offerings for your reading pleasure.

Vintage Style Cocoon Coat £110 from ASOS

This ASOS coat has been highly anticipated by the general coat buying public since it first appeared in their magazine a while back. It finally arrived online this week which sparked an internet frenzy, no really, which has resulted in a lot of the sizes going straight out of stock! In fairness it does look lovely and I am sure those nice folks at ASOS will be replenishing sizes so don’t be too down-hearted if it looks as though you’ve missed out.

Notch Lapel Oversized Duster Coat £85 from Marks and Spencers

Another pink coat getting a lot of attention is this pretty Marks & Spencers affair. So much attention in fact, that it also sold out the second it hit stores at the start of the month. Fear not though, pink lovers, as they restocked it today.

Short Woollen Overcoat £79.99 from Zara

Another pretty effort, this time from Zara who have gone for a lovely soft, shorter number. This one is unmistakably baby pink but could definitely be toughened up with some dark accessories. Maybe even some leather if you’re game.

Wool Boyfriend Coat £98 from Topshop

I do so enjoy the cut of a boyfriend coat! This lovely Topshop number looks super duper soft and girly but the masculine cut perfectly balances it out and makes it all rather fashionable, daaaahling.

Pale Pink Coat £32 from Primark

The race is on to find this budget-friendly-but-brilliant pink coat when it hits Primark stores (assuming it hasn’t already) Good luck, everyone. Elbows at the ready.

Glorious Wool Flared Coat £195 from French Connection

We are about to get slightly less budget friendly now but just LOOK at that gorgeous flared skirt. Divine. Surely for that alone this coat is worth a few extra pounds? Although, really, this French Connection beauty isn’t completely beyond the realms of possibility….

Single-breasted Crepe Coat £535 by RED Valeninto from Net-A-Porter

Hahahaha but this absolutely stunning RED Valentino one is! Dream on, kiddo. Dream on.

That’s your lot! Which one is your favourite?


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