Special Feature: F&F Let it Rain!


The only fun part of the rainy season is shopping for clothes that might actually stand a chance of keeping you dry. Raincoats are not the most aesthetically pleasing, flattering or fun items to wear when the liquid sunshine starts. So, I’ve taken on the mission to prove how you don’t have to sacrifice style when dressing for a downpour. Fo’Drizzle!



Although perhaps more suited to a light drizzle than a thunderstorm, this charming spotty pac-a-parka* from Clothing at Tesco (also known as F&F) meets my style criteria and pocket-sized budget at a very reasonable £12!


The parka is very lightweight, so will fit in your bag for easy access to tackle the unpredictable weather. This also means it dries super quick, so you won’t be left trying to wriggle into a soggy jacket after between wears. I choose the classic blue and white polka-dot pattern as it satisfies my weakness for twee but isn’t too OTT, and can be worn to work or play.


I can’t seem to stop talking, dreaming and blogging about umbrellas at the moment. I love prancing around with them, embracing my inner Gene Kelly. So when I saw this incredible colour wheel umbrella from Mocha abandoned in my dad’s shed I squawked with delight, and filed for umbrella adoption. Is there superior umbrella out there there right now? I really drought it!


I jazzed up my rainy day outfit with a monochrome dress from Primark, opaque black tights from Pretty Polly and super shiny comfy pumps from F&F, which are so low-priced at £7, you can afford to buy them in all the colours of the rainbow!



Rain supreme, Hemsters!

V x


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