Double Thumbs Dresses #21

Happy Wednesday, one and all. I’m back once again with a round-up of dresses considered worthy enough to receive the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. It’s a slightly shorter installment this week but, hey, it’s quality not quantity!

Buy Almari Contrast Dress, Black/White Online at
Contrast Dress £65 by Almari from John Lewis

This dress from Almari (available at John Lewis), with its lovely cinched waistline and full skirt, looks pretty great at first glance. Plus, we all like a hounds-tooth right? But wait, what’s that? It’s actually hundreds and hundred of cats? Fetch my purse.

Knitted Woven Skirt Dress £70.00 from Topshop

Heck yes! I love a lazy outfit and this Topshop one ticks all manner of boxes for me. Especially the big one that says ‘can be dressed for work in under 60 seconds’. I love that box. Seriously though, this is a beautiful dress for A/W.

 Roll Sleeve Textured Dress
Roll Sleeve Textured Dress £20.00 from Matalan

I’m really smitten with this simple dress from Matalan. I can’t really figure out why it is that I love it so much but I think it might have something to do with how comfy it looks. I love the little roll sleeve detail and the pockets, oh the pockets! It comes in a variety of colours but I’ve plumped for brown. Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #21

Whisky Business: Stir-up Sunday Christmas Pudding


Today is Stir-up Sunday, the traditional day to make your Christmas pudding! For many, this wooden spooned affair marks the beginning of the festive season and, as we sure do like an excuse to get festive, we decided we would don our Christmas jumpers and get mixing.


Having scoured the internet for the perfect pudding recipe, we didn’t find one that exactly worked for us, despite the fact that they are all essentially the same.  Awkward, us? Eventually we decided to adapt Delia Smith’s tried and tested recipe (which can be found here). We had a lot of the ingredients, such as the flour, sugar and spices already and we substituted some of Delia’s items for things we had to hand rather than spend the extra money. A quick trip to Sainsbury’s to stock up on the extras and we were ready to go!


Ingredients Continue reading Whisky Business: Stir-up Sunday Christmas Pudding

Hem and Away: South West Bloggers Meet

South West Bloggers Meet 2013! Photo by Kerry Dyer

Last Saturday we attended the South West Bloggers Meet in Exeter, which was organised and hosted by gorgeous bloggers Liza Pardeux and Kerry Dyer. We had been looking forward to this meet-up for what feels like forever so it was with great excitement that we boarded our train from Bristol!

Ex3The event was held upstairs at John Gandy’s cocktail bar, a lovely venue tucked away on a charming cobbled street located a mere few seconds from the hustle and bustle of the main high-street. On arrival we were greeted by a huge table of Lush goodies! Heaven! We promptly dropped our bags and began sampling the sumptuous smellies! The lovely Lush ladies were on hand to demonstrate how to apply the Snow Fairy massage bar, which smells divine, and to show off their Christmas wares. We were slightly dismayed to learn that our favourite seasonal Lush product, Ruby Red Slippers, won’t be making a return this Christmas. You can’t be truly festive unless you’re bathing in red glitter. An online campaign might be in order.

Ex6However we soon got over this news after a swift perusal of the cocktail menu! We settled on the strawberry daiquiri, pictured above, which was rather dreamy!Ex7

As well as Lush, Pearlys were also on hand to demonstrate their teeth whitening products. There’s nothing quite like watching a bunch of bloggers stand around scrubbing their teeth with a tiny finger mit! We couldn’t resist trying it out and were surprised at just how instantaneous the results were. We also got a little over excited by the above lip gloss which has a fully functioning light within the lid and a mirror on the side. Genius. Continue reading Hem and Away: South West Bloggers Meet

Double Thumbs Dresses #20

Good morning one and all and congratulations, you’ve made it to Wednesday! Why not reward yourself with a cursory glance at this week’s list of dresses that receive the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. It would almost be rude not to.

Cream Jacquard Necklace Skater Dress £45 from River Island

This looks like a lovely wintery dress doesn’t it? I can imagine doing all manner of pretty wintery activities wearing this number. It would most probably be totally impractical to go ice-skating in but gosh darn it, you’d look nice wouldn’t you? Until you fall over that is. Lovely stuff, River Island, lovely stuff.

Printed Dress with Crossover Back £49.99 from Zara

I love this very pretty navy dress from Zara. The floral print is all sorts of lovely and I find that shape and style of dress to be extremely flattering. The cut out detail on the back makes it stand out from all the other millions of floral dresses I love and, thus, gives me the perfect excuse to buy it. Well played.

Winter Audrey Dress £79.00 from Boden

When it comes to modern vintage, Boden are just superb. I simply love this 60s inspired Aubrey dress from their new collection. Giant polka-dots for the win! The good news is Boden have kindly knocked 30% off the price of dresses (at the time of writing that is), the bad news is you might have a job on your hands obtaining your size.

Darling Bow A-Line Dress £18.75 from Forver 21

Winter pastels is a trend I would dearly love to tap into but sadly, due to limited funds, it just hasn’t happened for me. This lovely little sugary pink dress from Forever 21 could well be the answer to my cheapskate prayers as I would no doubt happily cavort about in it come spring but in the meantime I can happily team it with white woolly tights and my bobble hat. Trendy! Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #20

She and Home: House of Fraser Christmas Party


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Bristol, especially at House of Fraser in Cabot Circus, who held their glitzy press Christmas Party last week. Welcomed by a glass of pink fizz, the mood was merry, the staff were splendid and the decor was adorned with all things CHRISTMAS!

HOF6 HOF2The chic event was held on the top floor of House of Fraser in the luxurious Zest Bistro, which had been suitably spruced up for the occasion. Fairy lights glimmered, cute Christmas characters contested for our attention and bright baubles embellished the trees. A particular highlight was sampling Zest’s salmon canapes, spicy chicken skewers and mini mince pies. Delicious! Not to mention our first glass of mulled wine this festive season!  Continue reading She and Home: House of Fraser Christmas Party

She and Home: Fashion Bloodhound

Francis Hotel

Last night we hopped, skipped and jumped over to Bath for Fashion Bloodhound, a designer shopping event at the Francis Hotel. Fashion Bloodhound specialise in buying and selling pre-owned designer clothes and this, their ‘Winter Showcase’, aimed to provide high-end fashion fans with the opportunity to browse a selection of their pieces whilst quaffing champagne and eating yummy sweeties from Cakey Couture. How refined.

DSC_0088 DSC_0095

DSC_0103 DSC_0128 DSC_0130DSC_0107

We are both label lovers but sadly our budget is usually more Primark than Prada. This doesn’t stop us from dreaming though and it was an extremely pleasant experience to peruse the usually unobtainable juggernauts of fashion in such a relaxed atmosphere. The prices were good too, although even with such huge markdowns we still couldn’t afford a lot of it *insert tiny violins*. However, the glamorous fashionistas in attendance were certainly having a ball with Marc Jacobs, Prada and Burberry all piled high in the dressing room. Continue reading She and Home: Fashion Bloodhound

Double Thumbs Dresses #19

Well, it’s Monday again (boo) but that means it’s time for Double Thumbs Dresses (yay!). That’s right, I’m back once again with a round-up of dresses considered worthy enough to receive the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. It really is highly coveted, you know. This week is a bit of an odd one in that I seem to have been attracted to very similar dresses. We begin with three rosy numbers, continue with three sparkly affairs and finish off with something completely different. Just to keep you on your toes…

Hearts & Bows Floral Romario Smock Dress £26.99 from Ark
Hearts & Bows Floral Romario Smock Dress £26.99 from Ark

Rosy frock #1 comes courtesy of Ark. It’s a gorgeous smock shape with beautifully detailed roses, which I find rather Alice in Wonderlandesque. Off with her head! As always, I’m a big fan of the Peter-Pan collar and those lovely short sleeves.

50s Prom Dress £20 from Peacocks
50s Prom Dress £20 from Peacocks

Rosy frock #2 is this dapper 50s number from Peacocks, who have consistently been producing wonderful dresses in this shape for a while now.I bought this one from Double Thumbs #13 and it gets no end of compliments whenever I wear it. Thumbs firmly in the upward trajectory.

Elise Party £85 from People Tree
Elise Party £85 from People Tree

And rosy dress #3 is this twirly wonder from People Tree. A bit more expensive than the other two but surely a dress worthy of a special occasion. Plus, it has a big bow. I’ll spend anything on a big bow.

Sleeveless Spangle Dress Gold - THE WHITEPEPPER
Sleeveless Spangle Dress £58 from The Whitepepper

Time to glisten now with sparkly dress #1 Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #19

Victoria’s Christmas Wish List

Victoria's Christmas Wishlist

Hark the fashionable herald angels blog! Christmas is coming and I am feeling all santamental. I LOVE Christmas and I am exceptionally excited about the festive period this year as I’m currently having quite an abominable time at work. So hopefully Santa will pop something from my wish list above under my tree. If one of yule could point him in the direction of this post, that would be ho ho hokay with me!

I guess that wraps it up,

V x


Tooty Scrutiny: Save the Blow Dry Review

IMG_5125It has finally arrived! A shower cap that I can wear to keep my hair dry without looking like a doddering old lady in the rain. Not only does this one look cute but it also has a hidden secret! An internal layer of toweling which protects your hair from the humidity and condensation which usually destroys any attempt at pre-shower styling. It really does Save the Blow Dry!

IMG_5128I straightened my hair yesterday so decided to test the cap today to see how well the styling held after a shower. I love a long shower, so I really did put this to the test. I am pleased to report that it was very simple to use, as you would hope! All my hair fit snugly inside, the cap felt comfortable and didn’t push ill-fittingly against my face, which is my issue with the Cath Kidston shower cap that I have been using.

IMG_5124Another perk of Save the Blow Dry which I didn’t know until it arrived was how it has two uses. If you turn the cap inside out, so the toweling is on the outside, you can pop the cap on over a hair treatment. This lets the treatment work more effectively, as well as allowing you to potter around and make a cup of tea while you wait, without leaving a soggy puddle behind!


A slight negative about the Save the Blow Dry cap is that it does take quite a while to dry naturally. The morning after I tested the cap and went to use it again, it was still a little damp. So, I would recommend popping it near a window to speed up the process. Apart from this slight hitch, I think it’s a solid gold invention and would thoroughly recommend it to those of you who just don’t have the time (or the patience!) to style your hair everyday.

V x

Whisky Business: Pumpkin Pie


Last Saturday rain delayed play when it scuppered our plans to go and see some fireworks. Boo hiss etc. We were feeling a little glum as we sat inside looking out at the gloomy weather and decided that we would our swap soggy sparklers for soggy bottoms and attempt to bake ourselves a feelgood pie. A tasty Hummingbird Bakery pumpkin pie to be precise! It was also a nice excuse for us to try out a different style of blog post. The sort where we make stuff! Good heavens.


peter filter


Basic Pie Crust dough, unbaked

1 egg

425g tin pumpkin puree

235ml evaporated milk

220g caster sugar

1/4 teaspoon ground cloves

1 teaspoon salt

3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon, plus extra to decorate (or tonnes if you are Victoria!)

1/4 teaspoon ground ginger

1 tablespoon plain flour

Lightly wipped cream to serve

Method Continue reading Whisky Business: Pumpkin Pie