Double Thumbs Dresses #18

Hey Hemsters!

I’m back to brighten up your Monday with a selection of the frocks deemed worthy of the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. Onwards!

Amalee Floral Skater Dress - Sale |
Amalee Floral Skater Dress £10 (was £55) from Lashes of London

Last night, whilst researching this post, I ended up browsing the Lashes of London sale section. Turns out those guys really know how to do a reduction as I managed to pick up the above dress AND a playsuit for £15. WHAT MADNESS IS THIS? I pretty much spat out my tea when I saw this little stunner for such a thrifty price. The print is simply beautiful and as I don’t own anything off the shoulder, I figured this was as good a time as any to try the look out. And how fun is that neckline? Ridiculous. Three things to note: 1) At the time of writing, the dress is in stock in all sizes so mega soz if they have all sold out by lunch time 2) A previous Double Thumbs favourite, the rainbow dress, is also in the sale! and 3) Use the promotion code BLOGGER25 to get a further 25% off your purchase.

Red Floral Jersey Dress £26 from Next

Well this is a rather dreamy purse pleasing Autumnal number from Next. I know I keep banging on about my unwillingness to embrace the tartan trend but throw in some florals and it would seem I’m fully prepared to get on board.

Cheshire Dress #anthropologie
Cheshire Dress £178 from Anthropologie

I most certainly had a humongous Cheshire cat grin when I spied this Cheshire cat print dress from Anthropologie, who by the by are going to be opening up in Bath *pops party poppers*. Pretty colours, lovely sleeves but a slightly scary price tag. Ho hum.

Martha Denim Smock Dress
Martha Denim Smock Dress £21 from Olive and Frank

I keep seeing pretty ladies in pretty smocks looking all pretty and stuff. However, according to my OH a smock is more of a sack and should be avoided by me at all costs. Naturally, this makes me want to own nothing but smocks! I’ve been eyeing up this pretty denim one from Olive and Frank. It seems like a bit of a winner.

Jacquard Skater Dress £14 from George

This lovely green jacquard dress from George at Asda is incredibly detailed, incorporating a woven pattern of wonder. I can just see it with white tights, brogues and a chunky cardigan. Perhaps even a bobble hat. I think I may have just talked myself into a purchase.

Polka Party Dress £64 from Sugarhill Boutique

I think I’d quite happily dress exclusively in Sugarhill Boutique. They constantly seem to produce dresses straight out of my dreams. I love this khaki and black polka-dot number! It’s full skirted, fun and fabulous. I want to go dancing.

Printed Shirt Dress £32.00 from River Island at ASOS
Velvet Floral Bardot Skater Dress £55 from ASOS

And to finish us off, two great dresses from ASOS. The first is actually a River Island frock and ticks all my usual long sleeve and fun collar boxes. The pattern is very VERY pretty and the fit looks to be extremely flattering. Top work, River Island. The second is one of ASOS’ own and pretty much screams Christmas party. I’m going through a bit of a velvet phase (and an off the shoulder one too, apparently) and if there’s a time to be wearing velvet, it’s Christmas. This dress is so luxurious but might be a bit saucy for your average work partaay.




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