Hem and Away: South West Bloggers Meet

South West Bloggers Meet 2013! Photo by Kerry Dyer

Last Saturday we attended the South West Bloggers Meet in Exeter, which was organised and hosted by gorgeous bloggers Liza Pardeux and Kerry Dyer. We had been looking forward to this meet-up for what feels like forever so it was with great excitement that we boarded our train from Bristol!

Ex3The event was held upstairs at John Gandy’s cocktail bar, a lovely venue tucked away on a charming cobbled street located a mere few seconds from the hustle and bustle of the main high-street. On arrival we were greeted by a huge table of Lush goodies! Heaven! We promptly dropped our bags and began sampling the sumptuous smellies! The lovely Lush ladies were on hand to demonstrate how to apply the Snow Fairy massage bar, which smells divine, and to show off their Christmas wares. We were slightly dismayed to learn that our favourite seasonal Lush product, Ruby Red Slippers, won’t be making a return this Christmas. You can’t be truly festive unless you’re bathing in red glitter. An online campaign might be in order.

Ex6However we soon got over this news after a swift perusal of the cocktail menu! We settled on the strawberry daiquiri, pictured above, which was rather dreamy!Ex7

As well as Lush, Pearlys were also on hand to demonstrate their teeth whitening products. There’s nothing quite like watching a bunch of bloggers stand around scrubbing their teeth with a tiny finger mit! We couldn’t resist trying it out and were surprised at just how instantaneous the results were. We also got a little over excited by the above lip gloss which has a fully functioning light within the lid and a mirror on the side. Genius. Ex8

Ex2Our camera struggled with the lighting at the venue, so apologies if everything is a trifle dark. Anyhoo, as always, one of the best parts of a meet-up is the part where you actually meet-up! We didn’t chat to nearly enough people (clearly should have had more than one strawberry daiquiri) but those we did speak to were absolutely lovely. We bumped into fellow Bristol blogger, Lily from Lily Doughball, shortly after we arrived and ended up going for dinner and travelling back together. It was also great to finally meet lovely Jess from Mismatched Knitwear! We are very much hoping to see more of those two in the near future!Ex1Jo: I felt like a bit of a poster girl for ASOS in this outfit as everything I am wearing is from them. The red velvet ASOS shorts were a bit of an impulse buy and, if I’m honest, I wasn’t sure I would actually have the guts to wear them. I needn’t have worried though as I now pretty much live in them! They are *quite* short but I like to think the shirt and jumper balances their length out nicely. I also really love this grey ASOS jumper as, despite its basic appearance, it has big heart elbow patches! I really love fun details on otherwise plain basics and I’m clearly not alone as ASOS now do a whole host of jumpers with heart festooned elbows.   swbm2

Victoria: As mentioned above the lighting was pretty poor for photographs, so we’ve tried hard to pick the best of the bunch. My amazing leg lengthening palazzo trousers are from Next. You can see them a little better on the photo of myself and Jo. I love a good palazzo trouser, as I’m quite a shorty, so anything that makes me look a little taller is A-OK! My blue silky vest was a steal at £4 from Primark. They have a range of colours, so I’ll be heading back over the weekend to pick up a few more as they go with pretty much anything and are fantastic for layering. My skinny fit black cardi above is from Marks and Spencer and is delightfully snug.

Ex4 Sow


A big thank you to Liza and Kerry for organising the meet-up, the spectacular raffle and for our incredible goodie bags! We can’t even begin to imagine how hard they must have worked and can’t wait to start working our way through our mountain of new products.


We shall leave you with this video Liza uploaded to her YouTube channel. Warning: contains us acting like lunatics.



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