She and Home: PJs and Dunkin


Ah, there’s nothing like a girly sleepover to warm the cockles and over the weekend we were lucky enough to spend some quality time in our finest sleepwear for an evening of hot chocolate, sweets, games and Jude Law films. How indulgent!



It’s not really a slumber party if you aren’t stuffing your face, so lucky for us the folks over at Viking* were kind enough to supply us with a lifetime supply (1kg) of Cadbury hot chocolate and Cadbury favourites! Teeny but tasty! We like to think we are somewhat connoisseurs when it comes to hot choc so you know it’s good when it gets the triple thumbs up from us! Continue reading She and Home: PJs and Dunkin

Double Thumbs Dresses #25

Hello dress fans! It’s time once again for a gander at the frocks deemed worthy of the highly commended Double Thumbs seal of approval. Only one more week until pay day! THANK GOD.

Sewing Machine Shift Dress £69.95 by Get Cutie from Thunder Egg

If you’re a regular Double Thumbs reader you will know that I’m never one to shy away from a brilliant novelty print and, just in case you hadn’t noticed, this particular a-line dress from Get Cutie is covered in beautiful sewing machines! It’s sew great! Just like my jokes, which obviously leave you in stitches.

Lucky Cat Dress £37.50 by Rum & Fly from Thunder Egg

Looking at this Rum & Fly dress just makes me so happy. Look at all those waving cats! I like to think they are waving good bye to the money I’ve just spent on dresses.

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Birdcage Print Chiffon Tea Dress £45.00 from M&S

It has been a little while since we’ve featured a dress from M&S! Welcome back, guys. I am a big big fan of this very lovely birdcage print tea dress. The colours and style are super pretty and the birdcages are rather beautiful. Plus look at those sleeves! Fabulous. The only bad news is that this is the first dress I have ever wanted from M&S that isn’t part of their Limited Collection. I think this means I’m a real grown up now.

Jacquard-weave dress £34.99 from H&M

I find H&M are very good at sneaking incredible dresses onto their website with little to no fanfare. I could have quite easily missed this rather wonderful frock had it not been for my impressive dress detection methods (Google). Isn’t it great? I love the shape and those blue poka-dots. It just needs a belt and a beret. You heard it here first. Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #25

She and Home: Blogclub


On Saturday we gathered with a bunch of fellow bloggers for the the very first Bristol Blogclub. Run by the wonderful Hayley from Bonjour Blogger and Ceriselle, the aim of Blogclub is to discuss, improve and share our various blogging experiences and tribulations. Whilst surrounded by cake. And sweets. And more cake. Sorry, you were saying something about blogging? I got distracted.


Looks pretty yum, right? Seriously, there was SO much scrumptious food on offer. The above treats were made by Hayley and Josephine (Style by Josephine) and we are hoping to spot some recipes on their blogs soon!

blogclub7 blogclub8 Continue reading She and Home: Blogclub

Double Thumbs Dresses #24

Oh hello Friday night, where have you been all week? What better way to celebrate the arrival of the weekend than with a cursory glance at this week’s round-up of dresses deemed worthy of the highly coveted Double Thumbs seal of approval? Perhaps accompanied by a big glass of wine. Treat yourself!

Bike Stripe Smock Dress £50 from Sugarhill Boutique

Perpetual She and Hem favourites, Sugarhill Boutique, have come up trumps once again with this beautiful illustrated bike print dress. The smock style should flatter all frames! In fact, you might say they’ve wheelie hit the nail on the head with this bespoke frock. (I think I’ve actually used that bespoke joke before but when you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll)

In the Key of Chic Dress in Tea Time, #ModCloth
In the Key of Chic Dress in Tea Time $124.99 by Bea and Dot from Modcloth

This Modcloth dress is covered in tea bags. I repeat. THIS MODCLOTH DRESS IS COVERED IN TEA BAGS. I’ll admit that from here they look a bit like luggage tags but I assure you, on closer inspection, it contains some pre-tea great illustrations. Sadly, your tea will need to be rich in order to bag this beauty as it doesn’t come cheap at $124.99. Modcloth are currently offering free international shipping when you spend $150 though, if that makes things more tempting.

Cath Kidston Grove Rose Dress with Collar
Grove Rose Dress with Collar £70 from Cath Kidston

I warned you last week that the Cath Kidston SS14 pieces were set to take over Double Thumbs and I am nothing if not a woman of my word. This week features this gorgeous floral relaxed fit dress, which also has pockets! Wondrous.

Heart Dress £39 by Kimberley for Very

Well hey there Kimberley! As a fan of Girls Aloud (and proud!), I was pretty excited about Kimber’s foray into fashion and I have not been left disappointed. I love this long sleeved heart print dress. The colours are fab and the little white heart detailing helps make this print stand out from the crowd. You can grab the full range from Very! Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #24

Outfit of the Day: Winter Pastels


Last weekend I popped back to my old stomping ground of Bath for a January pick-me-up day. Bath is extremely good for the soul, it’s so beautiful and charming and spending a day there never fails to put me in a good mood. James and I spent the day doing a few of my favourite Bath related activities which nicely recreated many of the days we spent whilst I was living there. This involved a cream tea, a stroll along the beautiful canal path and then more food and drink from some of the various delicious eateries dotted around the fair city. I said it was good for the soul, not the waistline! Yum!

Bath6 Bath7 Bath8

Despite saying that I didn’t want to visit any of the shops, I did end up having a cheeky gander in Topshop. I have been after a new pastel coat (I’m so trendy) and was really keen to see the mint one that I wrote about here. On passing the sale rail I caught sight of a coat which I had previously tried (and failed) to buy  both online and instore and couldn’t believe that it was my size! I did a very embarrassing clap/jump/squeal thing which I reserve especially for such triumphant moments. It is the perfect coat AND it was half price. I did end up trying on the mint one too, for comparisons sake obviously, and it was no contest. It’s much more fitted and the colour is beautiful. My family actually had a great debate about the colour. It’s mauve, right? Continue reading Outfit of the Day: Winter Pastels

Outfit of the Day: A Vintage Pink Coat

pink coat 1

I believe there is something positively magical about taking a piece of clothing that already has it’s own history, and maybe a few more miles on the clock than yourself, and restyling it to give it a whole new lease of life!

While I have a tenderness for trends and am particularly prone to pastels, when it comes to fashion it is nice and novel to have an item that nobody else has. So when I found this vintage pink coat recently I was truly tickled pink and had to shout it from the mountain tops! Unfortunately we don’t have many mountains in Bristol, so I made do with the nearest hill…

pink coat 4 Continue reading Outfit of the Day: A Vintage Pink Coat

Double Thumbs Dresses #23

Howdy Hemsters!

It’s Double Thumbs time! Our round up of the dresses we have deemed worthy of the highly coveted Double Thumbs Dresses seal of approval. If you’re a fan of a good collar then this, dear reader, is the post for you as not since Usher has one person popped so many in one place.

Teatime Dress with Collar
Teatime Dress with Collar £70 from Cath Kidston
Teacups Jersey Dress with Loop Detail Collar
Teacups Jersey Dress with Loop Detail Collar £55 from Cath Kidston

I have a feeling Cath Kidston and I are going to fall out. I mean, seriously, how is one person supposed to afford all of the pretty, all of the time? I can’t cope. They have been on an absolute novelty print roll over the past year with the trains, horses, mushrooms and cottages all taking up She and Hem wardrobe space. SS14 looks set to be even better with the safari and brighten up prints already looking dreamy. However, I’m going to kick off the CK loving with these two tea cup print frocks. The top one being my absolute dress crush of the week. I love the colour, the length, the print and the pockets. It’s an all round winner really. The second dress took me by surprise as I simply wasn’t expecting a dress like this to appear this season. It’s really rather lovely though, with another great print and a very pretty collar. I’m really looking forward to seeing both dresses in store. My bank balance, less so.

Retro Print Dress £23.00 from Ever Ours

If you haven’t already checked out Ever Ours then you are in for a treat. This site always has wonderfully interesting pieces, especially when it comes to dresses. This retro print dress is slightly bonkers in the best possible way. It’s like looking at your Grandma’s carpet through a kaleidoscope. I don’t think I can give a higher compliment than that really.

Let it Rain Tie-Waist Dress £27.50 (was £55) from Great Plains

If you’re tired of forgetting your umbrella then perhaps wearing 700 of them on your frock will help jog your memory. This lovely (and on sale!) dress from Great Plains is  the perfect shirt dress shape. I adore those long sleeves and the flattering tie belt. You can thank @dinoprincesschr (who may well be my dress soul mate) for this one as I must admit to not being familiar with Great Plains before they popped up on her Twitter feed. Turns out the Great in their name is well deserved. Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #23

Accessories to Murder #11: New Look Handbag Special

Hey Hemsters,

There’s something about the New Year that always makes us want to buy a new handbag. Perhaps it’s something to do with wanting a fresh start, a de-clutter and a sense of organisation. OR it might just be that we really love buying stuff. Either way, when those nice folk over at New Look* contacted us to ask if we would put together our own Wish List of their lovely bags, we couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Mint Green (Green) Mint Green Colour Block Structured Clutch  | 302241937 | New Look
Mint Green Colour Block Structured Clutch £15.99

First up is this rather mint, mint clutch. We are really feeling the minty love at the moment as not only is it a lovely colour but it’s also a great way to get into the pretty pastel trend without going down the saccharine sweet road. This great clutch, with twist lock, also has an optional chain for those who like to hang not hold.

Cream (Cream) Cream Bow Lock Snakeskin Bag | 298689113 | New Look
Cream Bow Lock Snakeskin Bag £12.99

We can’t resist a bow so this little box bag was always going to make the cut. That little handle is way cute. Not usually ones to go for snakeskin, this bag does it right with a subtle pattern. For those of a brighter disposition, it is also available in hot pink.

Black Pattern (Black) Stone Colour Block Structured Bag | 295471909 | New Look
Stone Colour Block Structured Bag £15.99

Continue reading Accessories to Murder #11: New Look Handbag Special

Putting the Win in Winter: Coats

Floody hell it’s cold…and wet…and really really grim outside. I’ve decided that the best thing to do is hibernate and look at pretty coats on the Internet (and eat my body weight in chocolate but that’s by the by). Here are my current coat crushes.

Pink Fit and Flare Coat £40 by F&F

PINK COAT! PINK COAT! Remember ages ago when we were all shoving each other over in the street in order to get hold of a pink coat? Well, so do F&F who have cunningly brought out this stunning fit and flare number. It has lots of lovely details, such as that vintage inspired Peter Pan collar, and the price is very nice too.

Textured Swing Coat £89 from Topshop

This is my current top coat crush and comes courtesy of the ever bank balance raiding, Topshop. My only concern is that it won’t be fitted enough but, hey, after all that chocolate I’m eating perhaps it’ll do me a few favours.

London Checked Double-Breasted Coat £156 (was £195) from French Connection

As with most French Connection coats this one leaves me dribbling over my keyboard. How cute is this? I love everything about it and if it – by some miracle – comes under the £100 mark, might cause me some spending issues.

Flocked Woollen Cloth Coat £49.99 (was £59.99) from Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear is a brand that’s fairly new to me but I’m constantly impressed by the quality and affordability of their pieces. This coat is lovely and would go with pretty much anything. It also has huge pockets. Absolutely huge. Continue reading Putting the Win in Winter: Coats

All Hail the Sale


We are only two days in to January and I am already struggling to contain my willpower when it comes to the sales. After indulging so much over Christmas, it always seems crazy to splurge on new things in the New Year but with so many massive discounts around it can be very hard to resist. I’ve rounded up my current wish-list and will be keeping a beady eye out for further reductions. Those of you who follow us on Instagram will know that I have already caved and bought the Topshop shoes! So shiny.

Cooperative Velvet Trim Doll Coat £30 (was £125) from Urban Outfitters
MARTIE T Bar Geek Shoes £10 (was £32) from Topshop
Granny's attic mini bag WAS £42 NOW £21
Granny’s attic mini bag £21 (was £42) from Aspire Style
Louche Hender Fluffy Jumper £25 (was £45) from Joy

Continue reading All Hail the Sale