Double Thumbs Dresses #25

Hello dress fans! It’s time once again for a gander at the frocks deemed worthy of the highly commended Double Thumbs seal of approval. Only one more week until pay day! THANK GOD.

Sewing Machine Shift Dress £69.95 by Get Cutie from Thunder Egg

If you’re a regular Double Thumbs reader you will know that I’m never one to shy away from a brilliant novelty print and, just in case you hadn’t noticed, this particular a-line dress from Get Cutie is covered in beautiful sewing machines! It’s sew great! Just like my jokes, which obviously leave you in stitches.

Lucky Cat Dress £37.50 by Rum & Fly from Thunder Egg

Looking at this Rum & Fly dress just makes me so happy. Look at all those waving cats! I like to think they are waving good bye to the money I’ve just spent on dresses.

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Birdcage Print Chiffon Tea Dress £45.00 from M&S

It has been a little while since we’ve featured a dress from M&S! Welcome back, guys. I am a big big fan of this very lovely birdcage print tea dress. The colours and style are super pretty and the birdcages are rather beautiful. Plus look at those sleeves! Fabulous. The only bad news is that this is the first dress I have ever wanted from M&S that isn’t part of their Limited Collection. I think this means I’m a real grown up now.

Jacquard-weave dress £34.99 from H&M

I find H&M are very good at sneaking incredible dresses onto their website with little to no fanfare. I could have quite easily missed this rather wonderful frock had it not been for my impressive dress detection methods (Google). Isn’t it great? I love the shape and those blue poka-dots. It just needs a belt and a beret. You heard it here first.

Embroideed Mombassa Skater Dress
Embroideed Mombassa Skater Dress £55.00 from Oasis

I must be weirdly drawn to this shape at the moment! Bonus points to Oasis for having the foresight to add in a belt. I’m all about a free accessory. The print is pretty rad too.

Dale Rabbit Dress £49 by Louche from Joy

Louche have pulled another great dress out of the metaphorical hat with this bunny print dress. It’s so good! Sadly they have already made the ‘hopping mad’ joke which has, quite frankly, left me feeling miffed. Is that really what you want Louche?

Jacqui Rose Print Dress £65 by Louche from Joy

I’ll forgive them though as they do have a knack for producing the dreamiest of dresses. This stunning 1950s inspired floral number is wonderful! I love the big bold floral print and it has pockets! Hoorah!

Limited Edition Chevron Print Prom Dress £35 from F&F

Last but not least is this motorway inspired dress from F&F. Just looking at it makes me want to visit my nearest service station. I jest – I love a good chevron print as much as the next person! However, I think it’s the colour that makes this dress stand out.  It’s pretty dreamy!

Ta ta!


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