She and Home: PJs and Dunkin


Ah, there’s nothing like a girly sleepover to warm the cockles and over the weekend we were lucky enough to spend some quality time in our finest sleepwear for an evening of hot chocolate, sweets, games and Jude Law films. How indulgent!



It’s not really a slumber party if you aren’t stuffing your face, so lucky for us the folks over at Viking* were kind enough to supply us with a lifetime supply (1kg) of Cadbury hot chocolate and Cadbury favourites! Teeny but tasty! We like to think we are somewhat connoisseurs when it comes to hot choc so you know it’s good when it gets the triple thumbs up from us!


They also unwittingly provided us with the perfect opportunity to play some of our old favourite games, including ‘guess which controversial pop singer is stuck to your forehead?’. It was excellent fun and has left us unanimous that any website that sells chocolate and post-its is OK by us.


All of the above pyjamas (with the exception of Ellie’s F&F pyjama bottoms and Accessorize slippers) are from Next. They were outrageously cosy, with the cat robe proving a particular favourite with us.

We had an excellent time snuggled up by the fire and chatting. It’s definitely what winter nights are made for! In fact, we enjoyed it so much we are going to do the same thing this Friday too!



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