Vogue Festival: Harrods Live

Harrods LiveHarrods Live

We have just returned home from a fantastic weekend at the 2014 Vogue Festival in London, courtesy of the lovely people at Boden. We attended so many interesting and inspirational talks, took advantage of the plethora of activities on offer and just generally soaked up the atmosphere of the festival. It was excellent! We will of course be blogging about the talks we attended over the coming days but we would firstly like to tell you about the Harrods Live experience, a competition which offered guests the opportunity to strut their stuff down the catwalk! We couldn’t resist!

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She and Home: Harvey Nichols SS14


Earlier this week, we had the privilege of attending the Harvey Nichols Spring/Summer fashion show. So, as you do, we chanel-led our inner fashionistas, pretended our Primark was Prada and drank the free-flowing Perriet Jouet until we felt like we could afford everything in the store. A dangerous combination but thankfully one which didn’t come to fruition.

DSC_1002DSC_0905DSC_0908DSC_0925DSC_0975After a welcome (and a quick catch up with some lovely fellow bloggers!) at their Bristol store, the show itself was held at Cutlers Hall (which for Bristolian’s is above Brasserie Blanc) in a room festooned with flowers and great long benches lining the path for the runway. The models sashayed their way down one side of the room and then back up the other, giving everyone ample opportunity to see the pieces. As you would expect from a high end store like Harvey Nichols, the presentation was beautiful and we did a lot of pointing and cooing. We were also very impressed to see Jade from Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model on the runway because that, my friend, is our level right there. It must be said that the models were all fabulous and injected a nice bit of personality into proceedings. Continue reading She and Home: Harvey Nichols SS14

Double Thumbs Dresses #32

Hi! It’s DT time again! Your weekly round-up of the dresses we have deemed worthy of the highly coveted Double Thumbs seal of approval. I can tell you folks, this week’s list has been an easy peasy one to put together! No multi-tab browsing break down for me this week! No siree!

Balloon Me up Dress (8)
Balloon Me Up Dress £65.80 from Miss Patina

We begin with this floaty little number from Miss Patina. I love a good hot air balloon print and this, dear friends, is a GREAT hot air balloon print! It looks like it would be perfect for summer and I’m quite a fan of the skirt/top style (there’s probably a better description than that but it escapes me right now). Excellent work.

Grace Dress in Black and White Cats £98 from Poppy
Grace  in Black and White Cat Dress £98 from Poppy

We haven’t had a cat dress for a while, have we? Hopefully not as I’ve got two for you this week! First up is this delightful monochrome number from Poppy. I love their signature 50s shape, truly perfect for twirling, and those black cats are nice and BIG. Declaring yourself as a cat lover should never be done subtly.

Map Happy Dress $92.99 by Nice Things from Modcloth
Map Happy Dress $92.99 by Nice Things from Modcloth

Whenever I fall for a dress on our beloved Modcloth (which is often), I always check that it isn’t actually from a UK based company before spending $$$$ on shipping (and tax! don’t forget the tax!). They stock a lot of  great international brands and I’m betting I’d be pretty annoyed if I accidentally imported an Emily & Fin dress. Anyhoo, this map print dress isn’t from a UK company but it is from a Spanish one and, although my translation skills aren’t that awesome, I reckon people on this side of the Atlantic would find it cheaper to order directly from them. Nice Things has the dress for 75 euros (about £60).

Eggs and Shakin' Dress $84.99 from Modcoth
Eggs and Shakin’ Dress $84.99 from Modcoth

This Modcloth dress, however, appears to be all American and proud. It’s also completely incrEDIBLE and covered in all of my favourite things! Eggs, bacon, PANCAKES, coffee, doughnuts and pears. Yes, pears! What of it? I am basically all about this dress. I don’t even care about the shipping (and the tax! don’t forget the tax!). Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #32

Hem and Away: The Zetter Townhouse London


Last weekend I was a very lucky lady indeed as I was whisked away for a sumptuous weekend in (the UK’s second best city) London, and I just had to share a glimpse into the blooming marvelous boutique wonder that is The Zetter Townhouse. I think I may have found my dream hotel!



The attention to detail at the townhouse is spectacular, which made our room so charming that I never wanted to leave. Each room has an abundance of personality, full of re-claimed furniture, cosy knitted hot water bottles and all the Ren toiletries a girl could desire. Oh, and not to mention a bunch of classic novels chosen especially for the guests and the most adorable telephone you will ever find in a hotel room! Continue reading Hem and Away: The Zetter Townhouse London

Double Thumbs Dresses #31

Hello dress fans! It’s time once again for a gander at the frocks deemed worthy of the highly commended Double Thumbs seal of approval. And the sun is shining, which makes buying new dresses all the more essential. Obviously.

Waterfront Button Front Dress £65 from Cath Kidston
Waterfront Button Front Dress £65 from Cath Kidston

Oh my! I only discovered last week my love of deckchairs on dresses so imagine my delight when this chair festooned wonder frock appear online. It’s also got pockets and a nice bow. All this leads me to believe that Cath Kidston are still purposely trying to bankrupt me.

Allover Polka Dot Collar Prom Dress £130 by Nishe from ASOS
Allover Polka Dot Collar Prom Dress £130 by Nishe from ASOS
Umbrella Print Sweetheart Dress £50 by Nishe from ASOS
Umbrella Print Sweetheart Dress £50 by Nishe from ASOS

The new Nishe collection is really rather special! With pretty shapes, novelty prints and adorable frocks a plenty. Thankfully, quite a few of the collection have appeared on ASOS and I would quite happily own it all. The two above are my current favourites although, be warned, there is a sweet print yet to come.

Blue Scalloped Collar Tea Dress £35 from River Island
Blue Scalloped Collar Tea Dress £35 from River Island

This lovely River Island dress is so simple and pretty, it’s a real wardrobe classic. I love the colour and the collar detail. I can just see myself wearing my heart shaped sunglasses and basking in the sunshine in this one.  Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #31

Tooty Scrutiny: Beauty Bounty

Hello! It isn’t often that I foray into the world of beauty as, despite caking myself in makeup and cementing my hair in place most days, I just feel a little out of my depth when it comes to talking beautification. But, you know what? I LOVE reading about what other people have been using so, with that in mind, here’s what I’ve been buying, trying and loving of late.

The New 

Rimmel Scandaleyes | Urban Decay Naked 3 | Bourjois Liner Featre & Bourjois Liner Stylo | Dove Style + Care | Rimmel Fix & Protect | Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick in Berry Me

I think part of the reason I am writing this post is (a poor attempt) to justify my recent splurge on beauty products. I had been reading so many rave reviews about the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette that when I saw Debenhams had it for 20% off I had a moment of weakness. Oops! I’ve only had it since Saturday but I already love it so much. The gorgeous neutral tones are perfect for me and I can see that I will be using it on a daily basis. I also made the mistake of popping into Boots during 3 for 2 season. I’ve been after a new eyeliner and couldn’t decide between the two Bourjois ones (felt tip! exciting!) so decided to buy them both (obviously) along with the much-lauded Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara. The Dove Heat Protection Spray, Rimmel Fix & Protect primer and Body Shop lipstick are all new versions of old favourites.

PicMonkey Collage

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Double Thumbs Dresses #30

Hello again! Can you believe we are already at Double Thumbs #30? My how time has flown. But let’s not dwell on past dress success, let’s move forward with this week’s selection of dresses deemed worthy of the highly coveted Double Thumbs seal of approval. Seamless.

Nancy Dress in Blue Riviera £89 from Boden
Nancy Dress in Yellow Sunshine £89 from Boden

First up we have two corkers from Boden, both in their lovely 50’s Nancy shape. I love both dresses (my bank balance less so) but my overwhelming desire for all things novelty has mean’t that the charming riveria print, complete with little deckchairs, has pipped the gorgeous sunshine print dress to the top spot.

Premium Midi Skater Dress With Pretty Embroidery £68 from ASOS

I nearly included this gorgeous embroidered ASOS dress in last week’s Double Thumbs but then took it out at the last minute. A riveting insight into my writing process for you there. Anyway, I’ve not really stopped thinking about it all week so, as I obviously made a mistake in omitting it before, here it is. You’re welcome.

Freda Lace Dress £75 by Poem from Oliver Bonas

Behold! It’s the yellow dress of my dreams! Oh, Oliver Bonas, you do spoil me. Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #30

London Fashion Week AW14: Hema Kaul


The star of the show on the Hema Kaul A/W14 catwalk at London Fashion Week was this absolutely beautiful 1950’s dress, with it’s stunning chiffon full skirt and it’s glorious long sleeved fitted silk top. We both fell head over heels in love with it and have been swooning over it ever since!


Hema Kaul travels the world to source materials for her designs, to create a very unique, delicate and feminine style – which we hope our photographs from the show reflect. The collection is crammed full of clinched in waists (a She and Hem favourite), which created such pretty silhouettes along the catwalk.


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She and Home: Ship-Shape and Cath Kidston Fashion

1Regular readers will know of our deep, deep love for Bristol so when those floral folk at Cath Kidston got in touch to ask if we would represent our favourite city in their ‘Brighten Up Your Town’ competition, we were pretty darn excited. Bristol would totally lend itself to CK’s pretty, vintage aesthetic. But don’t just take our word for it, let’s examine the evidence.

695 7

We’ve got one heck of a fine bridge, colourful houses ago-go and more balloons than you can shake a stick at. If those three things alone don’t scream Cath Kidston, we don’t know what does! Also, it makes us unequivocally sad that Cath Kidston have yet to bring out a hot air balloon print so what better opportunity to rectify that than with a Bristol print? Balloons grace our skies all year round floating their way across the city looking perfectly picturesque. Once a year the city goes completely ballooning bonkers with our very own International Balloon Fiesta at which over 150 balloons (including special funny shapes) take off en masse. It’s honestly one of the most spectacular sights you will ever see. Continue reading She and Home: Ship-Shape and Cath Kidston Fashion