Vogue Festival: Harrods Live

Harrods LiveHarrods Live

We have just returned home from a fantastic weekend at the 2014 Vogue Festival in London, courtesy of the lovely people at Boden. We attended so many interesting and inspirational talks, took advantage of the plethora of activities on offer and just generally soaked up the atmosphere of the festival. It was excellent! We will of course be blogging about the talks we attended over the coming days but we would firstly like to tell you about the Harrods Live experience, a competition which offered guests the opportunity to strut their stuff down the catwalk! We couldn’t resist!

Harrods LiveHarrods LiveHarrods LiveHarrods Live

Having spontaneously decided to do it, along with lovely fellow blogger Kristabel from I Want You To Know, we didn’t really think about how serious it would be! And we certainly didn’t expect an audience! Once we had signed up we headed backstage, where we found the sort of hustle and bustle that we assume you would find at a fashion show. This included a lot of panicking, people in headsets giving orders, people dragging ‘models’ into place and Bobbi Brown makeup artists furiously applying lipstick up to the very final second before people stepped onto the catwalk! Yikes!

Harrods Live
Jo (L) wears a jumper, skirt and shoes all from Topshop. Victoria (R) wears a Zara dress and Next shoes.

We got quite nervous whilst awaiting our turn and it was only when turning the corner onto the catwalk that we realised just how many people were waiting for us to strut our stuff. It was extremely surreal! Thankfully, we all managed to walk in a straight line and strike a pose successfully without falling over. No catwalk catastrophes here!

Harrods Live
Victoria (L) wears a Boden Broderie dress* and Topshop shoes. Jo (R) wears a Boden Nancy dress*, belt from ASOS and Topshop shoes.

Harrods Live

And, as you can see, we had such a great time we decided to do it again the next day! We even managed to walk down the catwalk together, complete with matching Boden outfits. I don’t think we’ll be giving up the day jobs anytime soon but it was certainty a great experience! Thanks Harrods Live!


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