Hem and Away: Gin Bop

Hem and Away : Gin Bop

Last Friday, after hanging out with some giant perfume bottles, we made our way to the real reason we were in London….Gin Bop! As big lovers of both gin AND bopping, we knew this going to be our sort of time! Held at the Rivington Grill in Greenwich, Gin Bop was a ticketed event which granted you access to an evening of live jazz, gin based games (!), a hog roast and, of course, gin!

Hem and Away : Gin BopHem and Away : Gin BopHem and Away : Gin BopHem and Away : Gin Bop

Experts from Hendrick’s, Beefeater, Tanqueray, Langley’s No.8 and Bombay Sapphire were all on hand to whisk up delicious cocktails from their respective bars (or buses, in Hendrick’s case). Being Hendrick’s girls at heart, we headed straight for their station which was parked up alongside the hog roast. A dream combination if ever there was one. Their delightful bartender served us two yummy Flora Doras in teacups which we then took onto their bus with us. Sadly the bus was candle lit and our already struggling camera simply couldn’t cope so you’ll have to take our word for it that it was pretty darn great.

Jo is wearing a dress from Topshop (bought in the January sales) with M&S shoes. Victoria is wearing a dress from Primark with a belt from New Look and Topshop shoes.

Hem and Away : Gin BopHem and Away : Gin BopHem and Away : Gin Bop

We then headed upstairs to Tanqueray who had a lovely sofa filled area all to themselves! We had a good chat with their bar men about the cocktails on offer (all the stations had a menu of three) but, in all honesty, we knew the moment we saw the slush machine what was going to happen! Behold, the Tanqueray Frozen Aviation, the most grown up slush puppie you will ever see. It was delicious!

Hem and Away : Gin BopHem and Away : Gin BopHem and Away : Gin Bop Hem and Away : Gin BopHem and Away : Gin Bop

We were already feeling a little bit squiffy after two cocktails but we persevered onwards to both Langley’s and Beefeater (Soz Bombay Sapphire). Unfortunately, neither of us were big fans of our Langley’s cocktails (a No.8 Fizz and a New Orleans G&T) so we decided to leave them (I know!) and instead headed to Beefeater who lured us in with talk of Earl Grey. Thankfully this cocktail more than made up for the disappointment of our previous drink and we ended the night on a high…and a hic.


A big thanks to Hendrick’s for the tickets! You delicious people.

2 Replies to “Hem and Away: Gin Bop”

  1. Would be interested to know if your review of the event would have been so positive if you had paid £40 for a ticket? Especially as that only got you three £7 cocktails and one £7 questionable quality hog roast! So £28 of value and I guess £12 for no bopping space and a band that finished at 10!

    As a free event amazing as a paid event

    • Hello!
      Thanks for your comment and sorry to hear that you didn’t rate Gin Bop.
      The answer to your question is yes! We may have won our tickets but we still had to pay for our train from Bristol plus our hotel so a freebie night out it certainly was not. We both really enjoyed it but I will admit I hadn’t really totted up whether the ticket represented value for money. It was just a nice opportunity to drink gin and chat to fellow gin lovers! Perhaps the organisers could look at the gin to bop ratio for next time?
      I should also add, even if we had been sent to this event as bloggers, we would never ever just write a positive post.


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