Double Thumbs Dresses #46

Hello dress fans!

Welcome back to Double Thumbs Dresses, our selection of the top frocks on the block and, according to Rife Magazine, “the ultimate round-up of dresses to die for.” You can’t say fairer than that!

Double Thumbs Dresses | Hartland Dress in Porridge Squirrel £79
Hartland Dress in Porridge Squirrel £79 from Boden

We begin by going slightly nuts over this squirrel print dress from Boden. Oh, where to start with how perfect it is? Could it be that super flattering shape? Or the lovely long sleeves? Or perhaps it’s those front pockets? Or, just maybe, it’s all of the above plus the fact it’s COVERED IN SQUIRRELS (I mean it’s that one, obviously). Personally, I am rather partial to this ‘porridge’ colour scheme but there are two other options available, delightfully dubbed ‘navy squirrel’ and ‘faded fatigue squirrel’. I feel bad for not realising squirrels could get fatigued.

Double Thumbs Dresses | Squirrel Dress £55
Squirrel Dress £55 from There’s Only One Amy Laws

I hope you’ve, errrm, squirreled some money away as the cute critters are slowly taking over Double Thumbs! Just LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE! Amy Laws has done it again with this perfect print set against the most gorgeous full skirted emerald green frock.

Laura-May Dress £60 by Look Magazine for Little Mistress
Laura-May Dress £60 by Look Magazine for Little Mistress

Right, enough with the a-corny jokes. It’s time to get down to serious partaaay dress buisness courtesy of this little stonker from Little Mistress. Just look how super shiny it is! And the dogtooth herringbone print is a lovely touch too.

Double Thumbs Dresses | Off Shoulder Jewel Jacquard Bardot Prom Dress £85
Off Shoulder Jewel Jacquard Bardot Prom Dress £85 from ASOS

Sticking with the sparkles, how about this glitzy ASOS dress? I am still loving their off the shoulder bardot style frocks and the heavyweight jacquard material looks simply stunning. The whole look is set off by some pretty substantial looking jewel detailing, making it the *whispers* perfect Christmas party frock!

Double Thumbs Dresses | Juliette Cat Dress £90
Juliette Cat Dress £90 from People Tree at John Lewis

Meowsers tousers, I am really digging this cat print dress from People Tree! The teal colour is fab and I am really feline the size and simplicity of those sitting white kitties! Puuurfect.

Double Thumbs Dresses | Katnis £49.99
Katnis £49.99 from Voodoo Vixen

It’s raining cats and even more cats in this outrageously fun frock from Voodoo Vixen! The colour is wonderful and the black looks absolutely sublime against it! The scallop detailing on the neckline and pockets is the stuff my dress dreams are made of.

Double Thumbs Dresses | Susie Meow £49.95
Susie Meow £49.95 from Voodoo Vixen

And the Voodoo Vixen fun doesn’t stop there as they have also brought out the most perfect winter dress! Behold this vintage inspired wool frock which has the most marvelous butterfly collar. What a triumph!

Double Thumbs Dresses | Folk Bear Skater £55
Folk Bear Skater £55 from Sugarhill Boutique

Last but not least is this lovely folk bear print dress from Sugarhill Boutique. I can bear-ly contain my excitement for that super flattering square neckline! The stellar combination of those sleeves, that shape and the cuteness of the print makes this dress a bare wardrobe necessity!


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