Hem and Away: Cup North

Hem and Away : Cup North

As a coffee lover, pun appreciator and willing frequenter of The North, I was pretty excited when a Kickstarter page for the spectacularly named Cup North was put under my nose a few months ago. A two day extravaganza of coffee you say? I’m IN. Thankfully I wasn’t alone in this caffeinated enthusiasm and so it was that last weekend that I went on a pilgrimage up the M6 to indulge in the very best the coffee industry has to offer (and visit the family but they don’t get their own blog post. Soz guys).

Hem and Away : Cup NorthHem and Away : Cup NorthHem and Away : Cup NorthHem and Away : Cup North

This party for the fully awake was held at ArtWork, a fantastic arts production hub which was the perfect space to host the individual coffee stands. It was amazing, and slightly weird, to see so many of my fellow Bristolians in attendance with the wonderful Extract Coffee, Full Court Press and Clifton Coffee all flying the flag. GO TEAM! Naturally I homed straight in on them, firstly because I am a hideous creature of habit and, because seriously, that’s some damn good Bristol coffee. Observe how happy I am!

Hem and Away : Cup NorthHem and Away : Cup North Hem and Away : Cup NorthHem and Away : Cup NorthHem and Away : Cup NorthHem and Away : Cup North Hem and Away : Cup North

I did manage to break out of my comfort zone and ventured to nearly all of the stands for a chat,  sample and the occasional cheeky purchase. It was all excellent fun and I may have even ended up with something that isn’t coffee (SOUND THE ALARM) in the form of the dreamiest hot chocolate I have ever tasted from Kokoa Collection!

Hem and Away : Cup North Hem and Away : Cup North

The highlight for me was probably watching Howey Gill of Counter Roastery demonstrate how to make their experimental “pearled coffee”. He gave such a fascinating talk and watching him create his little jelly balls of coffee was pretty darn cool. The result was described as a deconstructed latte and tasted incredible! He also showed us how to make our own coffee filled balloons. PARTAY.


2 Replies to “Hem and Away: Cup North”

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  2. Nice write-up. It was good to see so many Bristol/South West coffee roasters and coffee shops making the trip up the M5 to support Cup North.

    Looking forward to next year’s already. In the meantime, Cup South West, anyone? (Yes, I know the pun doesn’t work any more, but you have to start somewhere…).



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