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It’s beginning to look a lot like late November Christmas which means I am beginning to stock up on as many gold sparkly things that I can lay my glittery mitts on! (Note to self: buy glittery mitts) After all, this is the season to wear sequins and I for one am all for a bit of bling! I had already begun digging out my seasonal wears when the lovely folk at Fever London invited me (and Victoria too but unfortunately you only get to look at my festive mug as she has fled the country) to take part in their #STYLEMYNIGHT challenge to create the perfect evening look from their occasion collection.

She and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHTShe and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHTShe and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHTShe and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHTShe and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHT

As a fan of Fever London’s vintage style, I knew picking a dress was going to be easy! I wasn’t wrong and as soon as I saw the Barberella Prom Dress* I was in love! It’s such a fun piece and the beautiful gold and blue circular pattern is a shimmery triumph! I decided to embrace the ice cool palette and teamed it with white tights from ASOS, gold glittery heels from Dune, a gold belt from Primark, my trusty Cara Camera bag from Accessorize and a tinsel bow headband from ASOS. I was sort of aiming for an Alice in Wonderland does NYE vibe!

She and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHTShe and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHTShe and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHTShe and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHT

One of the biggest things I struggle with when putting together occasion worthy outfits is what to do about keeping warm! I saw that Fever London had a great range of party appropriate cover-ups and decided on a Ursa Sparkly Cardigan* to complement my already quite glitzy outfit! I am so pleased with it and know it will be jazzing up my outfits from now on!

She and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHTShe and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHT

I completed my look with my gorgeous Eliza Coat from Boden* which will definitely keep me nice and warm when I am inevitably waiting for a taxi home. I think the pink looks lovely against the blue and gold tones of the dress.

Head over to the Fever London Facebook page where you can check out all the blogger looks from the #STYLEMYNIGHT challenge and vote for your favourite (*cough*). But what’s in it for ME I hear you cry! Well, the answer is potentially £200 worth of Fever London vouchers which one lucky voter will win! Good luck!


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