Down tools, it’s Poppy time!

She and Hem | Poppy

A couple of months ago we received a very exciting invitation from one of our favourite brands, Poppy, inviting us to London for a day of frolicking about in front of the camera whilst wearing a selection of their frocks! Errr, who could refuse that? We are both longtime Poppy fans thanks to their winning combination of adorable storybook inspired prints on big swooshy dresses so this was a bit of a dream come true for us! The only snag was, and this may come as a massive shock, but the two of us aren’t models (shut the front door) but we decided to throw our inhibitions out of the window, channeled our inner Cara and Karlie and set to work.

She and Hem | Poppy She and Hem | PoppyShe and Hem | PoppyShe and Hem | PoppyShe and Hem | PoppyShe and Hem | Poppy

And, as you can see, setting to work was exactly what was required as we successfully (we hope) negotiated all manner of props, real or otherwise, whilst wearing the glorious Hardware Store dress! It was so much fun and we loved being able to embrace the playfulness of the print, which is covered in wonderful illustrations including saws, brushes, pans and screwdrivers! It sure wasn’t hardware-ing these!

She and Hem | PoppyShe and Hem | Poppy

Aside from helping us to quite literally brush up on our modelling skills, we both had such a surreal and fantastic time with the whole Poppy team! They were beyond lovely and made us both feel so at ease during what could have been quite an awkward experience. They were so encouraging and supportive as we faffed about in front of the camera and we are so thrilled with the results! It was also fantastic to meet the super talented Bryony who is the lady behind all of the Poppy adventures! She has even added some incredible illustrations to our photos which we love so much! We think she’s totally hit the nail on the head.

She and Hem | PoppyShe and Hem | Poppy

How amazing is that tree?! Incredible.

The good news is that if you love the Hardware print as much as we do, Poppy are currently having a sale! The Hardware Store dress is going to be reduced for three whole days so screw whatever else it is you have to do and get wrenching that cash from your purse!

Look out for a special snowy Poppy post coming soon……


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