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She and Hem | Just My Look Make Up | #bbloggersmakeup3She and Hem | Just My Look Make Up | #bbloggers

Last week a little make up bundle popped through our respective letterboxes from Just My Look, how lovely! As super keen bloggers, we put it straight to the test and wore some of the pieces to shoot our Jo and Victoria Hit the Road post.

Now, we make no secret of the fact that we aren’t beauty aficionados (it’s all just so overwhelming) so Just My Look appear to be right up our street with their super affordable prices. We particularly rated the In The Buff eye-shadow palette from W7, with 12 shades of brown, nude and gold, at £4.99 it is an incredibly cheap alternative to palettes from other brands. The Technic Colour Max lipsticks in pretty pink and coral shades were also a hit thanks to their strong pigmentation and lasting power. Considering they are only £1.99 a pop they really are great value for money.  Finally, the OPI New Orleans Mini Pack of nail varnishes (£12.95) were another highlight! They are long lasting and as you can see in the above picture, really chip resistant. Who knew green nails could look so great?

We didn’t get on quite so well with the Contour Stix Contouring Crayons from Technic (£3.95), possibly due to our fear of creating a right old mess, but just didn’t seem to have much of an impact. We definitely need some cheekbone contouring tips from Kim K. Nevertheless, we did like the stick application, which always makes life so much easier.  Perhaps with some practice (and persistence) we can perfect the art? The Technic Mega Blush (£2.50) was also a bit of a miss as, despite containing four beautiful shades of pink to rosy up our pale faces, the pigment really wasn’t very strong at all and just left us looking as ghostly as ever. Boo!

She and Hem | Just My Look Make Up | #bbloggersShe and Hem | Just My Look Make Up | #bbloggers

Have you shopped at Just My Look before? We’d been keen to hear any recommendations if you’ve discovered any cheap gems!



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