Round the Talacre Twist

Round the twist | Talacre | Boden Round the twist | Talacre | BodenRound the twist | Talacre | Boden

I hope you all like looking at photos of lighthouses! A few weeks ago, along with a group of chums, I attended the Stewart Lee ATP Festival in a gloriously sunny Prestatyn North Wales. This is a part of the World I had never been. Before we set off on our Welsh adventure I spent some time, as I always do, on good ol’ Instagram checking to see if there was anything I should try and see or consume whilst I was in the local area. It wasn’t long before I came across Point of Ayre lighthouse at Talacre which looked too good to miss! Built in 1776, the lighthouse fell into disuse in 1884 and has no shortage of spooky ghost stories attached to it. SOLD.

Round the twist | Talacre | Boden

It proved a big hit and we spent quite some time photographing it from every angle available and marveling at its very existence. I didn’t really set out to write a blog post about my time there but I thought the photos were so lovely and colourful that I would share them. Shout out to our beautiful friend Ellie (whose blog you should seriously check out) for placing herself in the most picture perfect position whilst surveying the scene. I love the photo of her above so much!

Round the twist | Talacre | BodenRound the twist | Talacre | BodenRound the twist | Talacre | BodenRound the twist | Talacre | Boden

I decided to match the sunshine in this beautiful yellow Dolly frock form Boden*. It’s such a lovely comfortable dress to wear thanks to the super light material and stretchy waistband (wahey more icecream for ME). I also flippin’ love the sleeves which are my dream length with a nice loose fit. One thing to note however is the wrap front design does mean there is a bit of a flap which meant I had quite a lot of fun retaining my modesty in the wind (and it was real windy) – thankfully I was wearing trusty black tights at the time so it wasn’t too much of an issue! I’ve worn it plenty of times since though and no flap flapping has been required, much to my relief and those close to me. I teamed the dress with matching yellow sunglasses from Boden* (similar here), my trusty Dusty Rose Superga* sneakers (perfect for attacking the mountainous sand dunes) and my pink festival wristband because I’m so hip like that.

Round the twist | Talacre | BodenRound the twist | Talacre | BodenRound the twist | Talacre | Boden

Have you visited any nice lighthouses recently?


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