Accessories to Murder #36

Hello and welcome to the 36th Accessories to Murder. Are you ready to delve into the world of amazing accessories? Excellent! Without further ado, here are the accessories that have made it onto this week’s She and Hem’s Most Wanted.

Accessories to Murder #36 | She and Hem
Game Over Crossbody Bag | £28.00 | Skinnydip Via Topshop
Accessories to Murder #36 | She and Hem
Secretly A Mermaid Cross Bag | £25.00 | Skinnydip Via Topshop

We start with a terrific twosome from Topshop. Both the Game Over bag and Mermaid Bag are made by Skinnydip and are a heck of a lot of fun. Being a lady of a certain vintage, I remember loving playing on my GameBoy when I was growing up, so I’m a big fan of the first bag. The second is dedicated to all of our aquatically minded followers, and I know we have a good few! What a catch.

Accessories to Murder #36 | She and Hem
Transparent Frame Sunglasses | £12.99 | Zara

It’s finally bright enough to wear sunglasses out without looking a bit odd. That’s never stopped us here at She and Hem, but hooray for the sun, and let’s hope it lasts! I spotted these whilst browsing the Zara website and while they aren’t as colourful as the sunglasses we usually feature, they look chic without being too sensible.

Accessories to Murder #36 | She and Hem
Multi-Coloured Satchel | £35 | La Redoute

I’m really excited to have spotted this fab satchel from La Redoute, which also comes in a wonderful yellow version. I usually go straight for anything that comes in yellow, but I’m a big fan of the grey and pale blue combo on this beauty. It looks a lot like the more expensive brands, but comes in at about half the price at £35! Thanks La Redoute!

Accessories to Murder #36 | She and Hem
Life in the Splash Lane Swimsuit in Chevron | $99.99 | Modcloth

I haven’t featured anything from Modcloth in a while, so this week they are back with a bang with this incredible chevron swimming costume. It’s so pretty! The yellow piping looks so flattering, especially around the waist. Gosh, if I was going on a summer holiday this year, this would go straight into my basket.

Accessories to Murder #36 | She and Hem
Red Apple Snow White Bag | £10 | Primark

Keep the doctor away with this fruity little number. Whether you have a fancy dress party coming up or you just love novelty bags, this apple bag from Primark is a right old bargain. This is the first time I’ve featured anything from Primark on Accessories to Murder because I have to admit, I do struggle with their website! Does anyone else feel a bit frustrated with it?

That’s all for now folks. Until next week, keep accessorising!


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  1. Ooh, there’s so much to love here! The Life In The Splash Lane swimsuit is really gorgeous – as is it’s fun name!


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