Can we pull off the Athleisure trend?

Can we pull off the Athleisure trend? | She and Hem | Jack Wills

Since my daughter arrived last year, my style has taken a bit of a step towards quick and easy dressing, with the emphasis very much on comfort! Before motherhood, I would prefer to swish around in a novelty dress (as seen in pretty much all blog posts from 2013 to 2016!), than a more casual trousers/top combo. Although I do still really love dresses, I find myself saving them for special occasions or for times when I want to make a tiny bit more of an effort. Which, to be honest, as a busy working mum, really isn’t that often. Recently, I have been living in the classic ‘jeans and a nice top’, which has quickly become my go to soft play uniform. However, a new trend caught my eye at London Fashion Week last month and I want to get involved!

What is it? Why, Athleisurewear of course! It’s been popping up all over the high street and aims to combine fitness and fashion to create contemporary casual wear. Nice. What I am after in particular is something to swap my jeans for, for ultimate comfort. I’m off on a long flight with a toddler soon and I feel I need some something like the womens joggers seen above from Jack Wills, which will hopefully still come across as a stylish trouser, but feel oh so comfy. I think my family would much rather I rock up in these than my cat pyjamas, so I’m going to give them a whirl.

Can we pull off the Athleisure trend? | She and Hem | Jack Wills

Late to the party, as always, I’ve also gotten into wearing trainers. This is probably something to do with having lots of young family members obsessed with street wear. I’m more of a yellow Gazelle girl than a Yeezy Queen, but I appreciate that you can wear trainers with pretty much anything and not have to worry about running for the bus or in my case, pushing the buggy for miles around hilly Bristol while my daughter naps. The question is, can I pull off the jogger and trainer combo? There’s only one way to find out! Check our Instagram next month to see what I’ve bought for that plane ride and do let me know if you have embraced the athleisure trend!


*This post was written in collaboration with Jack Wills, but words and desire to be comfortable is all my own*


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