The Great Wall (and some china)

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Now for something slightly different. Here at She & Hem towers, our primary passion is blogging  about fashion. Writing, reading, oggling Cara Delevigne, you know the drill. However, if I’m honest, I’ve recently found that I like reading lifestyle posts just as much. I love hearing about holidays and weekends away, exciting events, and of course, admiring certain cakey creations. However, my absolute favourite kind of blog posts are all things interior inspiration and homeware hauls, because I just love STUFF. So I thought I’d give it a little go myself, one room at a time!

She and Hem | Lifestyle | Homeware

She and Hem | Lifestyle | Homeware

Buying a house can be a really moving experience…. I’ve been such a busy bee, that I haven’t even held a house swarming party yet! Sorry for those puns, they didn’t really bring down the house, did they? Anyway, a few months ago I moved into a new flat and ever since I’ve had lots of ideas about what I want it to look like. After learning how to put up shelves, prune the shrubbery and build a wall (!!), I thought it was about time to pop my overalls on and tackle wallpapering. Unfortunately, I’ve simply been too lazy busy, and as Handy Andy wasn’t available, I just asked (*cough*) the OH to do it.

She and Hem | Lifestyle | HomewareShe and Hem | Lifestyle | Homeware

Luckily for the both of us, you don’t need awesome DIY skills to do this job, as with Superfresco Easy wallpaper, you paste the wall and not the paper. This made for some hassle and mess free decorating. Pretty innovative stuff! After too much browsing I picked what I consider to be the best wallpaper ever, the 1970’s inspired Ponder by Graham and Brown from Superfresco Easy.* I am quite indecisive, so spent a good few days pondering (ha!) between Ponder and Tower. It’s a big, bold and rather jazzy pattern, making for quite the feature wall. I’d love to know if you think I have made the right choice!

She and Hem | Lifestyle | Homeware
China and tins from Orla Kiely, TK Maxx and Cath Kidston.


Up up and away…

One of the best things about living in Bristol is sitting back on a sunny evening and watching the hot air balloons float up over the skyline. It’s no surprise then that I am drawn to anything and everything that has balloons on it! Thankfully for me the high-street is currently full of lovely balloon prints for me to indulge in.

First up is this delightful dress from Sugarhill Boutique. Look how pretty and floaty it is! I can just see myself swanning around in this frock on nice summers day, ice cream in hand. Sadly at £58 it’s just a little bit too expensive but the current bank holiday 20% off offer they are running is making a purchase seem sadly inevitable. Fans of big girls blouses will be pleased to hear that Sugarhill boutique all have this print in blouse form. Marvellous.

Summer Skies Dress by Sugarhill Boutique

It has to be said that I am not a huge Dorothy Perkins fan.  In fact the last time I ventured into store was over a year ago to buy, wouldn’t you know it, a rather spectacular balloon print top! but hey, what’s this? they appear to have excelled themselves once again in the old balloon top department and have succeeded in tempting me back in with this little number. It has a super cute peter pan collar and looks smart enough to be worn to work! Winner. It’s £25 which does seem a little steep so lets all cross our fingers for a DP sale.

Cream balloon print top by Dorothy Perkins

Sometimes a girl just needs to buy herself a new novelty ring, right? and I can’t think of many things better to wear on my hand than a giant blue balloon. I think we can all agree that at £6 you could do a lot worse than invest in this gorgeous Louche ring available at Joy.

Hot Air Balloon ring by Louche

Holy moly there aren’t enough words for me to describe how much I love this dress. The colour! The print! THAT COLLAR. It’s a total dream of a dress and I have to admit that I bought it the moment I set eyes on it. Deep breaths everyone for at £70 from ASOS this is a bit of a balance breaker but Nishe have so many lovely dresses coming out at the moment that even if you miss out on this one another suitably divine dress will no doubt be on the horizon.

Balloon embroidered collar dress by Nishe

Hey look! This obsession doesn’t even have to limit itself to clothes! Check out these side plates from IKEA. At £3 each they are a bit of a bargain and I always love an excuse to go and claim a free cup of tea of an evening. My only complaint is why just the side plates IKEA? Someone needs to pull their socks up and give me dinner plates, cups and saucers and a maybe a nice vase. Is that too much to ask for?

Promenad side plate by IKEA

Until next time!