All hail the sale

Merry Friday everyone!

As we near the end of sale season, a number of our favourites are currently reducing items even further, rejoice! We’ve rounded up our current picks from Yumi, Sugarhill Boutique, Oliver Bonas, Lashes of London, Ollie & Nic, Joy and Oasis. Let’s have a look at those all important discounts!

Neckline Detail Knit Tunic Dress £20 (was £45) from Yumi
Colourful House Print Dress £22.50 (was £45) from Yumi
Brighton Rock Blouse £25 (was £36) from Sugarhill Boutique
Vintage Butterfly Earrings £8 (was £16) from Oliver Bonas
Elwick Silk Butterly Blouse £14.40 (was £48) from Lashes of London
Suki Cat Print Purse £10 (was £28) from Ollie & Nic
Fuchsia Giraffe Scarf £18 (was £28) from Ollie & Nic
Leanna Spot Collar Dress £30 (was £59) by Louche from Joy
Silhouette Butterfly Scarf £6 (was £20) from Oasis

That’s all for now! Have you spotted any bargains? or will you just be pleased to be able to walk into a shop without tripping over sale rails? Gets a bit messy, doesn’t it?


Accessories to Murder #4

Good evening everyone! Victoria is usually the Queen of  the to die for accessories but sadly for us she has had to don the ultimate accessory, her marigolds. Good luck with the big clean, V! Instead, for one week and one week only, I am the one to take you down this dangerous (for your bank balance) path towards Accessories to Murder.

Tropical Butterfly Feather Hair Clip £3.50 (each) from Beauxoxo

First up we have these absolutely beautiful, and rather realistic, butterfly hair accessories from Beauxoxo. I think there’s something rather magical about them and I love how the model is wearing a veritable *looks up collective noun for butterflies* rabble of them in her hair, producing a rather ethereal effect.  They come in a range of different styles, sizes and colours to suit your taste and are sold individually. I’m think they would make a super pretty addition to a summer wedding outfit!

Cat Face Locket by Bonbi Forest £5.70 (was £19) at Soma Gallery

Bonbi Forest make some pretty darn awesome stuff and this original illustration locket is no exception. The gold necklace contrasting with the cat’s face is absolutely stunning and I love the little bow. It’s currently on sale at the wonderful Bristol based Soma Gallery which makes it a must for all cat loving necklace enthusiasts.

Owl Wooden Collar Clips £12 from Ladybirdlikes

I am lucky enough to own these head turning collar clips from Ladybirdlikes and I can’t tell you the amount of compliments they receive! I was slightly scpetical of collar clips as they aren’t something I had ever really considered as ‘being me’ but now that I’ve started I can’t stop! They really do jazz up a shirt and given my love for all things collar related,  it only makes sense that I would enjoy adorning them with novelty animals.

Blue Milkshake Ankle Socks £3.50 from Topshop

Topshop sure know their fun hosiery and I have a serious crusha on these milkshake print socks. I dairy you to find a better pair to keep your lac-toes warm. Well, I think it’s safe to say I’ve milked that for all it’s worth. In summary: great socks.

Icelolly Necklace £2.50 from Kukee

Time for something refreshing in the form of these rather cool icelolly necklaces from Kukee. I love the amount of detail they have included, especially those little bites. I think the yellow one is my favourite but it’s a close run thing! One things for certain, these necklaces might be as sweet as candy but they sure are as cheap as chips.

I Like You More Than Cheese on Toast Badge £9 by Alice Shields from Objets de Desir

And last but not least is this wonderful brooch from Alice Shields (check her out – she’s incredible!) who thinks it’s totally OK to prefer people to cheese on toast, which it isn’t Alice. It isn’t. Beans on toast maybe but cheese? No way. The brooch is great though so I will let you off this time. You can get your hands on one by visiting the Objets de Désir website which we just so happened to blog about last week! Neat!

I’m off to eat some cheese on toast now.


All hail the sale

Hey Hemsters!

There are sales everywhere this week, from Topshop to Oasis and Schuh to Tatty Devine, which can only mean one thing; a new installment of All hail the sale! We’ve spent several hours searching (and purchasing!) the best sale bargains for you lovely lot to feast your eyes on, but please let us know if we’ve missed anything spectacular in the comment section below. So, take your laptop out into the garden and enjoy our top sale picks below.

oasis dress
Mexicana Shift Dress £25 (was £55) from Oasis
Ditsy Swing Dress £20 (was £40) Lady V London
Hush Puppies Philippa Heels £39.99 (was £60) Schuh
Initial Necklace £5!! (was £15) Tatty Devine

Delicate Organza Dress £25 (£48) Topshop
Bouquet Floral Flippy Dress £10 (was £26) Topshop

ASOS ‘Shhh’ Clutch Bag £19.50 (was £28) ASOS

It’s been Hemazing guys,

V x


She and Home: Objets De Désir


Last Wednesday we hopped on down to the opening of Objets De Désir, a new pop up shop in Bristol, that will be selling its wares until July 18th. This lovely new boutique is the brain child of Rachel Drake, who has lovingly selected new and established designers in order to create a collection of unique, fun and beautiful lifestyle products. The shop is a virtual Aladdin’s Cave of delightful jewellery, adorable accessories and homeware and some of the best darn owls you will ever see! Despite being a Bristol based pop-up shop, Objets De Désir is a new online boutique allowing you all to enjoy their handpicked selection of emerging designers and artists.

DSC_0165 DSC_0172 DSC_0177 DSC_0182

On arrival we were greeted by the lovely Rachel, who was super enthusiastic about her new venture and very kindly presented us each with a glass of bubbly and a delightful goody bag (more on that later!). We then had a little browse and fell in love with everything! To our surprise we also bumped into the lovely Pandora, from Petit Dora, who we had previously met at the Crafty Blogger Meet. It was lovely to see her again, and to make a new friend in Bristol based blogger Michelle from Eclectic Threads. Check out their blogs to see their thoughts on Objets De Désir.


Victoria: After work on Wednesday I rushed home excitedly and pulled out this peach and tan Primark dress from my overflowing wardrobe. It was a warm evening, so I wanted something to wear that I didn’t need a coat with, and this fitted the bill perfectly. I love the clash of colours on this dress, the long statement zip on the back, and I’m a big fan of any dress with which has sleeves. My stripy brown tights are from M&S, and the amazing nail varnish featured in the second picture is from Nails Inc. I’ve never worn a nail varnish which has had so many compliments, it is such a versatile shade.


Jo: In typical Workwear Wednesday style, I headed down into town straight from work. This outfit is slightly jazzier than my usual efforts but as I knew I was going to be schmoozing and boozing I decided to push the boundaries. I love this shirt dress from M&S Limited Collection, I think the design is really unusual and I love the 60’s influences. I accessorised it with collar clips from Ever Ours, which were actually a free gift when I bought something else! I also decided it was the day to break our my new giraffe tights from Topshop! Turns out if you wear giraffes on your legs the world and his wife will stop you to talk about them! They are pretty great though. My boots are from Urban Outfitters.




So! After all that hard shopping, chatting and a couple of glasses of bubbly, we decided the night was still young and went for a cheeky G&T at The Big Chill. Here, we delved into our awesome goody bags which came in the form of a wonderful Deborah Ballinger tote bag. Each bag contained a few of the lovely items on sale in the shop, which was a lovely touch. We were both over the moon to discover that we each had been given the Rachel Loves Bob necklace that we had been eyeing up earlier, a Little Seeds owl magnet, an Alice Shields Brooch and some beautiful cards.

DSC_0239 DSC_0234 DSC_0227 DSC_0240

Thank you to Rachel for such a wonderful evening and such a generous bag of delights. Good luck with your new venture. We will no doubt be back very soon, as we have our eye on many an owl.

V & J

Accessories to Murder #3

Welcome to the third installment of Accessories to Murder. We’ve got an eclectic bunch for you this week, so let’s crack on!

cat shoes
Embroidered Kitty Flats, £16.39, Em and Sprout, via Etsy.

Paws for a minute! These are not your average mary janes. These Em and Sprout cat flats are cute and fun, without being too childish. Wearing a fun shoe (or two) is a mega easy way to add some personality to an outfit and leave you feline great. I could probably get away with these at work, whereas a cat dress would be a big no no… my boss would get really catty! They look super soft and I’m a big fan of the buckles. If you already own too many black shoes, they also come in red.

Cat Face Socks, £10, Urban Outfitters.

So we wouldn’t recommend you wear these cat items together, but we’d certainly want to be your friend if you did. I imagine it’s quite hard to make enemies when you have a curious cat on each knee cap. These grey knee high socks from Urban Outfitters are pretty special, and are an affordable £10, or £9 if you have an NUS card. If you are adventurous enough to try patterned knee highs, I think these would be a good place to start.

Personalised Instagram Camera Necklace, £11.80, Tyndall’s Polymerclay.
Personalised Instagram Camera Necklace, £11.80, Tyndall’s Polymerclay.

Time to expose an awesome necklace. We are big fans of Instagram (check us out here), and love the idea of having one of our Instagram pictures incorporated into a necklace. If you’re feeling a little  negative and don’t fancy having a personalised version, they also make an Instagram necklace without a picture for £8.52. You have to love Etsy with their crazy pricing, great for snapping a bargain. I think this would make a thoughtful unique gift for a instagramming  friend, especially as it comes in a lovely gift box. You could always ask for a photo of a cat or Ryan Gosling instead…

Animal Farm Earrings, £10.49, Designs By Annette

Designs By Annette make some fantastic earrings, and even though I don’t wear earrings and Animal Farm has caused me A LOT of stress over the years, I picked these to feature because they are pretty darn cool. Also, I love jewellery that’s different and you know that nobody else will be wearing. So much effort has gone into designing and creating every pair of earrings on Annette’s Etsy site, that it would be a crime not show you a few more. If you don’t like these, I promise you there will be something you do like.

Cake and Tea Earrings, £13.11, Designs By Annette.
Vintage Record Player Earrings, £11.14, Designs By Annette.

Perfect to wear to The Bristol Balloon Fiesta, this hot air balloon pendant below will have you floating on air. A friend wore this recently and I thought the balloon’s  pastel colours looked simple, yet summery. The ASOS necklace has an adjustable gold-tone chain, which is fantastic as you can change the length of the necklace depending on what you are wearing.

Pieces Gania Balloon Pendant Necklace, £12, ASOS.
Pieces Gania Balloon Pendant Necklace, £12, ASOS.

That’s all for now accessory fans,

V x


Accessories to Murder #2

I love a good frock, kittens and swooning over Ryan Gosling, but I’m no girly girl! Oh no, I steer clear of butterflies, manicures and high heels, and according to my medical records, I’m (literally!) allergic to pink. Pink food colouring that is, but you get the idea. So imagine my surprise when I fell for a sugar-sweet candy pink satchel this week. This satchel was made for me – it’s even called Victoria. It’s part of the glorious ‘London Calling’ collection by Tom Brown’s Satchels, and if you ask nicely, it’s also available as a backpack.

Victoria, Tom Brown’s Satchels, £70.

While browsing the satchels on offer, I came across the metallic silver Buchanan, which is part of the trendy ‘Gatsby’ collection. I certainly recommend investing in a good quality satchel. They are so handy and look great with most outfits, smart or casual. I think I’ll embrace my inner Daisy and take them both please Tom!

Front Buchanan
Buchanan, Tom Brown’s Satchels, £95

Next up, two vintage style lovelies from cloth-ears, a family business from my favourite part of Kent, Whitstable. Here’s one for you crafty types out there. This quirky needle and thread bracelet features a teeny sewing machine, thimble and scissor charms, and it’s a real snip for £16.99.

Needle and Thread bracelet, cloth-ears, £16.99.

Continuing the vintage style, this Paper Plane Necklace is sure to make a dull day zooming by with its colourful stripey ribbon and cute bird charms.  Flying in at a very reasonable £9.99, this would make a really special present. Alternatively, I would buy it to wear on holiday, and then keep as a reminder of my time away.

Paper Plane Charm Necklace, cloth-ears, £9.99.

I’ve taken a real liking for brooches and badges recently, as they are such an easy and affordable way to make your outfit more fun and unique. As I mentioned above I’m not one for butterflies, but I can totally get on board with owls. They’re such a hoot! Especially little blue wooden owls. It would be very wise (like an owl…!!) to purchase one of these beauties from The Bristol Shop as soon as possible. You can find a discount code for 7% off of anything you buy here. I couldn’t tell you owl much the total will be, I just can’t do the owl-gebra…

Wooden Owl Badge Tweet, Moonbeatle, £9.00.

Owls about that then! I like to try and cover a bit of everything on Accessories to Murder, so last up it’s only fair I point you in the direction of this cheeky ring. You probably won’t be surprised to discover this but…it’s a cat!  I couldn’t resist this kitty’s confused little face. It’s pawsitively puurfect and makes me smile just by looking at it. I love Lazy Oaf, their items are SO lovable and fun. Catch up with their blog here.

Lazy Oaf Cat Ring, £16, Lazy Oaf.

I’m off to watch BBC Two’s The Secret Life of the Cat now.

Owl be seeing you!

V x


Box of delights

I received a very exciting parcel over the weekend in the shape of not one but two lucky dip boxes from the ever brilliant Tatty Devine.

For the uninitiated, the lucky dip boxes are available for a very limited time and contain a random selection of Tatty Devine pieces made up from their past 12 years worth of collections. The premise of the lucky dip box is perfect for someone like me who a) loves Tatty Devine b) loves Tatty Devine so much they can’t ever decide what to buy and c) loves Tatty Devine so much that they can’t ever decide what to buy and can’t really afford to buy more than one piece at a time.

It was with great joy then that I received the news that there was to be a lucky dip box sale held over the bank holiday weekend to coincide with their Brick Lane store’s sample sale (insert jealousy here). The prices were set at £35 for a big box and £15 for a small box and after some tough consideration (about 15 seconds) I decided to plump for one of each. This is, admittedly, a little excessive but like Christmas this happy occasion comes but once a year so cut me some slack, jeez.

Like any sane person, after purchasing my boxes I then spent the next week panicking that I would receive a box of items that I didn’t really like (this does seem unlikely but you never know) or , slightly more likely, things that I already owned. As it happens neither of those scenarios would have been a total disaster as clever old Tatty Devine had the foresight to set up a Facebook forum where lucky dip box recipients are currently swapping their items with a degree of politeness that may never be rivalled.

But enough about them! What did I find? 


In my small box (£15) I received: a pair of mirror hexagon earrings, a perroit the clown necklace and a ring.

In the large box (£35) I received: A moustache necklace, a banana necklace, a charm necklace and a pom pom brooch.


Do I think it was worth it? Hand on heart I do. I know it’s a lot of money to gamble with but I really enjoyed the level of excitement I got from opening the boxes and, thankfully, I am thrilled with what I received*. I’ve had a little Google to try and estimate how much each box was worth and have discovered the banana necklace on its own would have set me back £46! This is definitely a great way to quickly stock up on your pieces without breaking the bank (unless you buy LOADS of boxes, that is) and gives new and seasoned lovers the chance to get hold of some hidden gems, sought after samples and Tatty treasures.


*despite being thrilled I am still trying to swap the pom pom brooch on the Facebook forum. I can’t resist the fun!