Accessories to Murder #25 Easter Special

Hello and welcome to the 24th Accessories to Murder! Are you ready to delve into the world of amazing Easter accessories? Excellent. Without further ado, here are the accessories that have made it onto this week’s She and Hem’s Most Wanted.

Accessories to Murder #25 Easter Special | Bunny Shirt | She and Hem
Oversized Bunny T-Shirt | £14.00 | ASOS

This is the best Bunny T-Shirt I’ve seen all day. Perfect for your Easter #ootd, because that’s a thing, right? I’m not usually a fan of a slogan tee, but the super cute ‘Some Bunny Loves Me’ is so subtle and adorable, I’m hopping mad about it! Boing!

Accessories to Murder #25 Easter Special | Bunny Trainers | She and Hem
Minna Parikka Bunny Ears & Tail Trainers | £195.00 | ASOS

Ever worn trainers with ears and a pink fluffy tail? What am I thinking, of course you have! Well, why not buy another pair just in time for Easter? You may think they are expensive, but compared to how much money I usually spend on chocolate over Easter, these are an absolute bargain.

Accessories to Murder #25 Easter Special | Bunny Leggings | She and Hem
Easter Bunny Printed Leggings | £18.00 | ASOS

Love a bit of hare-obics? Then be the most hip hop gal at your eggs-ercize class next week in these bunny leggings from ASOS. Fun, yet practical enough to climb out of any rabbit hole.

Accessories to Murder #25 Easter Special | Bunny Earrings | She and Hem
Eve & Fox Gold Rabbit Studs | £49.00 | Joy

Abracadabra! If I was a magician I would pull these super studs straight outta my hat. Handmade in Britain with 22ct Matt Gold, remember these studs are for life, not just for Easter. Jog on down to Joy to check out their jazzy jewellery collection!

Accessories to Murder #25 Easter Special | Pug Topshop Socks | She and Hem
Easter Pug Socks | £3.50 | Topshop

Now it’s time for some pretty egg-ceptional socks. What’s not to love about a perplexed pug wearing bunny ears surrounded by floating eggs? It’s time to treat your feet, and don’t forget about Topshop’s three pairs for £8 deal. Chicks and fluffy lamb versions also available, but I’m all about those pugs.

Accessories to Murder #25 Easter Special | Rabbit Bag | She and Hem
Kissing Rabbits Medium Toiletry Bag | £12.00 | Anorak

Banish those bad hare days by keeping all of your carrots essentials in this kissing rabbit toiletry Bag. I’m not sure how I came across Anorak, but they have some really great novelty prints. I may have just treated myself to this fantastic squirrel bag for a ridiculous £3.20. Call me nutty, but I can’t resist a bargain that great.

Until next week, keep accessorizing!