Double Thumbs Dresses #39

Hello hello! It’s Double Thumbs time again! Your weekly roundup of the top frocks we have deemed worthy of our seal of approval. Before we continue, I believe there’s time for one final shameless plea for any Company Style Blogger Awards votes. If you like our thumbs, please do take a moment to check out the website. We are on page 4! Voting closes on Friday. ONWARDS.

Pineapple Dress £55
Pineapple Dress £55 from There’s Only One Amy Laws

Ha! You thought you’d seen the last of my pineapples but here we are again, in what I am now calling the fashion world’s ‘pineapple agenda’, with another from There’s Only One Amy Laws. But WHAT a pretty 50’s style pineapple frock this is. I love everything about it.

Pineapple Print Cami Dress £22
Pineapple Print Cami Dress £22 from River Island

Ha! You thought you’d seen the last of my pinea….yeah, it’s kind of getting a bit silly now isn’t it? I can’t help it though. I’m just drawn to the tropical. This lovely cami is from River Island.

Sunglasses Print Midi Dress £49.50
Sunglasses Print Midi Dress £49.50 from Marks and Spencer

People can tell me all they want about how Marks and Spencer have lost their way when it comes to women’s fashion. I’m not listening. I have always been an M&S girl and from where I am sitting, they are consistently brilliant. Look at this sunglasses print dress? It’s marvelous! It’s on trend! It’s under £50! I will defend them UNTIL THE END! (bit of poetry for you there). Although I’m still waiting for a Percy Pig print dress. Sort it out, guys.

*update* currently showing as out of stock

Lemon Print Fit-and-Flare Dress £85
Lemon Print Fit-and-Flare Dress £85 from Banana Republic

Screw you, pineapples! There’s a massive lemon print on the block and it’s brilliant. I often overlook Banana Republic but they have got some fantastic pieces in at the moment!

Bonnie Sun Dress £66 from Weekend Doll
Bonnie Sun Dress £66 from Weekend Doll

Ah, we love a bit of Weekend Doll here at She and Hem so I was very excited to see their new collection pop up this week. This yellow puppy (!) dress, with it’s super cute print, is my favourite. It’s also got a whacking great bow on the back. Winner.

1950s Red Stripe Shirt Dress £98
1950s Red Stripe Shirt Dress £98 from 20th Century Foxy

One of my favourite ever Double Thumbs Dresses is from 20th Century Foxy, so it’s nice to see them back with this bangin’ red stripe shirt dress. It’s even got hidden pockets. Dreamy.

 Floral Print Sun Dress £10
Floral Print Sun Dress £10 from Matalan

My goodness, Matalan can be totally amazing. This perfect pastel pink floral shift dress is a tenner! A tenner!

Womens Tea Dress £16 from Peacocks
Womens Tea Dress £16 from Peacocks

Last up this week is this lovely floral tea dress from Peacocks. I love the shape and the pattern but the thing that truly seals the deal for me is that adorable Peter-Pan collar. You can’t really argue with that price-tag either.

That’s your lot!


Boombastic, Elephantastic

Mark my words folks, elephants are going to be massive! It’s a good job then that I’ve got a trunk full of unforgettable fashion for you to browse. Go forth!

Ellie Love Top Coral £34 from Sugarhill Boutique

First up we have the Sugarhill Boutique Ellie range which currently includes a top and a dress, both of which are available in either vibrant coral or retro aqua. I simply love the cut out heart in the top, it’s so unusual but yet completely wearable. The all over elephant print is just adorable and if you look closely the elephants trunks are even making little hearts to compliment the biggun’ at the top.  Marvelous.

Scarf in Elephant Print £8 (was £20) from Oasis

For practically peanuts you can keep your neck stylish with this glorious elephant print scarf from Oasis. At the risk of starting a stampede, it’s currently on sale.

Smock Dress In Elephant Jacquard £38 by ASOS

I do love a good smock, they are just so versatile and easy to wear. This super duper Kelly green ( AKA the best member of the Green family since Rachel) dress from ASOS features a veritable herd of elephants to keep you company and despite being a loose fit, will flatter any figure.

Brown Elephant Print Leather Satchel £109 from Zatchels

I think we all know by now that satchels are pretty popular around here and this gorgeous elephant print Zatchel is next on my ever increasing wishlist. The bags in this range are made  from a textured leather that is designed to perfectly emulate the look of elephant skin (notice how I say emulates? no real skins here please, cheers). The effect is beautiful, especially in the classic brown, but if you fancy something brighter the elephant range is also available in pink, blue and green.

Milly Collection Elephant Print Short £39.50 from Banana Republic

These shorts form part of Michelle Smith’s highly lusted after Milly Collection for Banana Republic and, much like the rest of the line, are super fun. The print on these shorts would look fab paired with a bright top and wedges.

Monochrome Elephant Print Slim Leg Trousers £16.99 from New Look

I have to admit I am a little bit afraid of patterned trousers but whenever I see them on other people they look so good! These snazzy elephant print trousers from New Look might just be the ones to make me take the plunge as even if I end up looking a dumbo, I’ll only be down £16.99.

NW3 Elephants Canvas Totes £15 from Hobbs

Totes amaze! How delightful are those laughing elephants? I am a big fan of this sturdy looking shopper from Hobbs and for £15 it ticks the practical yet fantastical box. Well done, everyone.

Elephant Print Bubble Hem Top £16 from Next

This pretty elephant print top from Next comes in a variety of colours but I’m rather partial to this pretty pink. It looks wonderfully soft and would look lovely thrown on with jeans or shorts. It’s a casual top but it has lots of lovely little details, like the little buttons and the turn up hems on the sleeves. I also adore the arm length and the bubble style hem means it will nicely disguise any unwanted junk in your trunk.