#sheandhembristolkids / Bath Soft Cheese Farm

One of our go-to places is Bath Soft Cheese Farm Cafe and, honestly , you will find us there at least once a week! It’s a wonderful cafe, with delicious food on offer, but which happens to have the added bonus of being a total dream for small children! There are various seating areas on offer but the one directly above the cafe itself is very much geared up for kids. There are lots of toys to play with and a viewing area so you can watch the cheese being made. Poppy adores playing cafe there!
If it’s full, or if you want somewhere quieter, there’s also the option to walk just behind the main cafe to a separate seating area in the old dairy, which also has some toys, and a view of the cows! If that wasn’t enough, they’ve just opened up a new extension area that looks very nice indeed!
It’s great on a wet day as a place to take cover (with the option of puddle splashing after) but in the warmer weather there is a great outside seating area with a playground (and chickens 🐓 ) plus you are next to some lovely walks! It really does tick all the toddler boxes.
They also have a little shop selling local produce and a milk machine, which we have now started to use. For £1 a litre you can get their wonderful fresh milk dispensed in to your glass bottle