Head2Toe Bedminster Project

We were recently invited by Bedminster BID to come and spend some quality shopping time in good ol’ Bemmie as part of their #Head2Toe challenge, which celebrates all things thrifty. As a couple of potential future Bargain Hunt contestants, we are always very happy to rummage for hidden treasures which is fortunate as Bedminster is a haven of quirky second hand shops, cool vintage shops, and of course, your humble charity shops. We jumped at the chance to spend some time in an area of Bristol that we don’t often get to explore, especially when set the challenge of pulling together an outfit each.

We waved farewell to our toddlers at Windmill City Farm (we didn’t leave them to their own devices, the Dads were there too) and set off with our money bags to North St, West St and East St.

As vintage lovers, we headed straight to two favourites on North St, Rhubard Jumble and Patina Vintage (conveniently they are pretty much opposite each other). They are both such lovely shops and we spent a very long time admiring their wares and trying on all sorts of wonderful things. We even spotted some Able Mabel headbands in Rhubarb Jumble, a place where we both found success! Victoria left with with an exceptionally jazzy animal print shirt, whereas I found the perfect pink jumpsuit!

We then hit A LOT of charity shops which was excellent fun. We naturally got sidetracked by all the fun toys and books for the girls but we also had a lot of success in the clothes department too. We both hit the jackpot in St Peter’s Hospice where Victoria found the perfect pair of M&S trousers, to go with her funky shirt, for the princely sum of £5.99! I (Jo) was on a complete roll and managed to bag an entire second outfit for £5.98. The poppy print dress and red belt go perfectly together and yes I am aware how smug I look about it! I must say, as a pregnant lady, I find charity & vintage shopping especially rewarding. It’s really hard when most of your wardrobe doesn’t fit anymore but nobody wants to spend a fortune on clothes that they might not want to wear post baby!

So, what do you think? Did we do well with our outfits?


This post was written in collaboration with Bedminster BID, who kindly paid for our new outfits.

She and Home: The Burger Joint, Bristol

She and Home: The Burger Joint, Bristol | She and Hem | Food She and Home: The Burger Joint, Bristol | She and Hem | Food

It’s fair to say that maternity leave is being kind to us as far as eating our way around the West Country is concerned. Kind to us that is, but perhaps less so to the old waistline! It’s been lovely going for nice long lunches whilst the babies sleep (or don’t sleep) and gives us a chance to have a catch up and talk about how much sleep (or no sleep) we’ve had the previous night. Now, we aren’t exactly famed for our cutting edge restaurant reviews around here but, seeing as we are now chowing down on a more regular basis, we thought it was about time we upped our game and you will be seeing quite a few over the coming weeks! First up, The Burger Joint!

We should probably begin with a full disclaimer: we are massive fans of The Burger Joint. We’ve been visiting this tasty establishment for years – before even She and Hem was a thing, if you can imagine such a terrible time! So dedicated are we to the burger cause that until recently our faces graced the banner photo of their website and Jo even had them cater her wedding in 2013. See, massive fans of massive delicious burgers. So, you won’t be surprised to learn that we were more than happy to try out their new menu options at their branch on Whiteladies Road in Bristol!

She and Home: The Burger Joint, Bristol | She and Hem | FoodShe and Home: The Burger Joint, Bristol | She and Hem | FoodShe and Home: The Burger Joint, Bristol | She and Hem | FoodShe and Home: The Burger Joint, Bristol | She and Hem | Food

We really love the unique the ordering system at Burger Joint, it kinda feels a little bit like playing a really tasty lottery, but everyone’s a winner (especially if you choose the sweet potato fries!). Everything from starters to sides is broken down into tick boxes so you can build your perfect meal. As well as sampling their new offerings, we must admit that we did add a few long time favourites to our order – their sweet potato fries are seriously the best in Bristol! Although the menu was already super extensive, they have recently tried to broaden their appeal to the Vegan’s and Vegetarian’s of Bristol and beyond, by introducing The Vegan Joint and The Beetroot and Feta Joint. Nice.

I (Victoria) can highly recommend The Vegan Joint. Although admittedly I did add a bunch of not-so-vegan meat and cheese options to my burger, the patty itself was delicious. Owner Dan explained how labour intensive the Vegan Joint is to create, with a heroic veg chopping effort taking place behind the scenes. I also had the sweet potato fries, which I can’t imagine comes as much of a sweet potato surprise!

Jo is a creature of habit (just check out her Deliveroo history for proof) so went for her usual combo of the grilled chicken burger with smokey streaked bacon and brie, but threw in an extra cheesy curve ball by opting for the newly added, smoked applewood cheddar. DOUBLE CHEESE! It was delightful! As were the parmesan and truffle fries (MAKE THAT TRIPLE CHEESE), another new addition, which were so scrummy that I may have pinched a few when Jo wasn’t looking. Anything is improved by cheese, in our dairy-fueled opinion.

She and Home: The Burger Joint, Bristol | She and Hem | Food

We’ve actually been back since with visiting friends, so have managed to sample even more of the new menu. We really wanted to mention The Beetroot and Feta Joint as a standout. It’s as delicious as it is colourful! We’ll definitely be ordering it again next time we go. If you fancy getting your hands on any of the above, Burger Joint has branches in Clifton, Fishponds and Bedminster in Bristol. See you there!

V&J x

*Burger Joint very kindly provided our lunch to review but all opinions are our own.