Swindon Designer Outlet Part 2

Swindon Designer Outlet | McArthurGlen | Christmas Shopping

If you have read Swindon Designer Outlet Part 1, you will know that a couple of Saturday’s ago, myself and Jo went wild in the aisles and shopped until we dropped at McArthurGlen Swindon. And by dropped I mean, we both spent far too much money and promptly fell asleep on the train home. Our mission as part of The Gift Hunter Challenge was to find Christmas presents for three of our nearest and dearest. With the promise of The Cadbury Store, blogger (and personal!) favourite Yankee Candle and Ed’s Diner, and an eggnog latte or two, it sounded less like a challenge, and more like the perfectly indulgent girly afternoon out!

To fully embrace the Christmas spirit, I wore my snowflake jumper from Matalan* and subtly festive beret from Gallic Rooster*.

Swindon Designer Outlet | McArthurGlen | Christmas ShoppingSwindon Designer Outlet | McArthurGlen | Christmas ShoppingSwindon Designer Outlet | McArthurGlen | Christmas Shopping

After a few hours browsing and admiring all of the lovely things, we made the difficult executive decision to head to Wagamama to have an in-depth discussion about Strictly Come Dancing what we wanted to purchase. Here are the items that are now patiently waiting under the tree.

Swindon Designer Outlet | McArthurGlen | Christmas Shopping

The store I spent the most time and money in, and I’m not ashamed to say this, was Hornby. I am so ridiculously pleased with what I bought from the store and also, with the incredible customer service I received whilst there. Following advice from the very knowledgeable manager, James, I decided on what I wanted to buy for my dad, a life long model train fan. He often gets somewhat forgotten about at Christmas, his annual gift of a box of Liquorice Allsorts from every member of the family being hilarious to everyone but him, so I wanted to give the old boy something special this year. As soppy as it sounds, being able to give my dad the above gifts will be the highlight of my Christmas Day, especially as I am back to work on Boxing Day! I did blow over half of my budget in Hornby, but I don’t think any of the other recipients will mind.

Swindon Designer Outlet | McArthurGlen | Christmas ShoppingSwindon Designer Outlet | McArthurGlen | Christmas Shopping

My favourite auntie really loves Christmas and makes the whole family a small stocking every year full to the brim with small but uniquely personal gifts, which we open just before our Christmas dinner. It’s probably my favourite of our family traditions. To say thank you, I decided to put together a rather special stocking of treats just for her, including a gorgeous Bobbi Brown set from Cosmetic Company Store.

Swindon Designer Outlet | McArthurGlen | Christmas Shopping Swindon Designer Outlet | McArthurGlen | Christmas Shopping

These two gifts are for one of my BFF’s. Although there are several specialist bag shops at the outlet, including Osprey London, Antler, Radley and Fiorelli, it was this gorgeous blue French Connection bag that caught my eye. I think it will make a perfectly casual but fun day bag. My friend has been super supportive this year, and as she is a fellow Yankee Candle obsessive, I couldn’t leave without popping in to purchase my last perfect present! I spent far too long choosing the most festive Yankee Candle from their vast selection, and I really hope I made the right choice. Just another 23 days to find out!

If all these goodies have got you in the mood for a little festive shopping, as a little Christmas gift from me to you, to get an extra 10% off during your trip to McArthurGlen, just click here!


Company Style Blogger Awards 2014

Photo by Joseph Kent
Photograph by Joseph Kent

Thanks to you lovely lot, last week we had the pleasure of attending the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards as nominees in their Best Blogging Duo category! In true She and Hem style, we were extremely overexcited and spent a large portion of the past month discussing just HOW MUCH FUN it was going to be to attend an actual awards do! Thankfully, the evening lived up to expectations which was thanks in no small part to all of the lovely people we met along the way. Go team blogger!

Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards 2014
Jo wears a Lace Top Playsuit and Vanity Bag both from M&S with ASOS Show and Tell Heels  |  Victoria wears a Spot Collar Playsuit from Topshop with an Orange Clutch* and Silver Block Heels both from New Look.

Getting ready was obviously no mean feat and we aren’t ashamed to say we had several outfit meltdowns. This may or may not have culminated with one of us standing in a Travelodge 20 minutes before the awards began shouting at an iron. Regardless, we made it there in one piece and would like to send a special thank you to Bath based salon No.3 Hairdressing (separate post to come!) for making our hair and nails look so spiffing and to The Body Shop in the Stratford Westfield for making our faces photograph friendly!

She and Hem | Company Style Blogger AwardsShe and Hem | Company Style Blogger AwardsShe and Hem | Company Style Blogger AwardsShe and Hem | Company Style Blogger Awards

The awards themselves were held in the Oval Space in Bethnal Green, a lovely blank canvas which benefited beautifully from the gorgeous sunny evening we were treated to (even if our limited photography skills weren’t so thrilled about the conditions). The outside area was packed with familiar fashionable faces who were all eagerly chowing down on free sausages (obviously!) and ice cream whilst having a good old catch up. Thankfully, we had our own familiar face in the form of the ever wonderful Joseph Kent who, as well as slaying on the dance floor, also took some rather lovely photos of us! What a guy.

She and Hem | Company Style Blogger Awards
Photograph by Joseph Kent
She and Hem | Company Style Blogger Awards
Photograph by Joseph Kent

And, although we didn’t win, we had a great time watching the awards getting dished out by Becca Dudley. There’s just so much love and support within the blogging community that it’s hard not to get swept up with the joy, even when it isn’t your own! Besides, we were definitely in fantastic company in not winning! Chatting with nominees Unlimited by JK, scottnothingtodowithyou, Scottish Tea and fellow dynamic duo Pretty, Posh, Oh My Gosh! totally made our evening.  You can read the full list of winners here!

She and Hem | Company Style Blogger Awards

She and Hem | Company Style Blogger Awards

The other silver lining to not winning was that we got to hit the pink vodka laden free bar with gusto and, quelle suprise, we were then straight to the dance floor. It was pretty great to see FunForLouis briefly throwing some shapes with us! He’s only got a million subscribers! Let’s hope our dance moves make an appearance in a vlog sometime soon.

She and Hem | Company Style Blogger Awards

She and Hem | Company Style Blogger Awards

And, with that, it was all over and we headed back to the Travelodge with our outrageously large goody bags in hand! Same time next year?


Tooty Scrutiny: Beauty Bounty

Hello! It isn’t often that I foray into the world of beauty as, despite caking myself in makeup and cementing my hair in place most days, I just feel a little out of my depth when it comes to talking beautification. But, you know what? I LOVE reading about what other people have been using so, with that in mind, here’s what I’ve been buying, trying and loving of late.

The New 

Rimmel Scandaleyes | Urban Decay Naked 3 | Bourjois Liner Featre & Bourjois Liner Stylo | Dove Style + Care | Rimmel Fix & Protect | Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick in Berry Me

I think part of the reason I am writing this post is (a poor attempt) to justify my recent splurge on beauty products. I had been reading so many rave reviews about the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette that when I saw Debenhams had it for 20% off I had a moment of weakness. Oops! I’ve only had it since Saturday but I already love it so much. The gorgeous neutral tones are perfect for me and I can see that I will be using it on a daily basis. I also made the mistake of popping into Boots during 3 for 2 season. I’ve been after a new eyeliner and couldn’t decide between the two Bourjois ones (felt tip! exciting!) so decided to buy them both (obviously) along with the much-lauded Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara. The Dove Heat Protection Spray, Rimmel Fix & Protect primer and Body Shop lipstick are all new versions of old favourites.

PicMonkey Collage

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She and Home: House of Fraser Christmas Party


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Bristol, especially at House of Fraser in Cabot Circus, who held their glitzy press Christmas Party last week. Welcomed by a glass of pink fizz, the mood was merry, the staff were splendid and the decor was adorned with all things CHRISTMAS!

HOF6 HOF2The chic event was held on the top floor of House of Fraser in the luxurious Zest Bistro, which had been suitably spruced up for the occasion. Fairy lights glimmered, cute Christmas characters contested for our attention and bright baubles embellished the trees. A particular highlight was sampling Zest’s salmon canapes, spicy chicken skewers and mini mince pies. Delicious! Not to mention our first glass of mulled wine this festive season!  Continue reading She and Home: House of Fraser Christmas Party