She and Home: Wells



I’ve been wanting to write a new outfit post for a while but, as you might have noticed, the weather has not been favourable to bloggers (or anyone for that matter) of late! Thankfully, the sun made a brief appearance last week and so I grabbed my camera and headed out to the lovely city of Wells for a mooch around their market and to take a hasty snap or two of some new bits that I have been coveting.


Eugh, look at those clouds! I told you it was a brief appearance!

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She and Home: Blogclub


On Saturday we gathered with a bunch of fellow bloggers for the the very first Bristol Blogclub. Run by the wonderful Hayley from Bonjour Blogger and Ceriselle, the aim of Blogclub is to discuss, improve and share our various blogging experiences and tribulations. Whilst surrounded by cake. And sweets. And more cake. Sorry, you were saying something about blogging? I got distracted.


Looks pretty yum, right? Seriously, there was SO much scrumptious food on offer. The above treats were made by Hayley and Josephine (Style by Josephine) and we are hoping to spot some recipes on their blogs soon!

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