Pregnancy Beauty Survival Kit

Pregnancy Beauty Survival Kit

There are an abundance of products on the market for mums to be which claim to sooth all kinds of pregnancy woes. Although we are definitely not beauty experts, we thought it would be fun to give a few products a try in the hopes of a little bit of rejuvenation and nourishment. Which is very much needed, as being heavily pregnant can be quite tiring. Who knew!

Our favourites were from Natural Spa Factory from our fancy neighbour, Bath. Firstly, we tried the Organic Facial Mask with bergamot and rose petals, which helps to “calm, uplift and replenish the skin”. Then, it was the turn of the Boutique Cream Mask. This mask is particularly good for blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. We’ve got all of those (hooray!) so you could say it was perfect for us! We both really loved the alpine smell of this mask and thought it smelt good enough to eat, which was probably due to the lemon balm, cowslip and peppermint ingredients.

Pregnancy Beauty Survival Kit

Pregnancy Beauty Survival Kit

Big news! We’ve finally found something that we disagree on and oddly, it’s stretch mark cream. I (Victoria) prefer the Pregnacare cream whereas Jo is more of a Palmer’s Cocoa Butter kinda girl. Either way, unless we are just both super lucky, they have worked, so both receive the coveted She & Hem seal of approval. The Pregnacare is particularly good if, like me, you are allergic to the Palmer’s products. It also smells great, which is a bonus.

As for the Botanics eye roll on (seen below), although we’re not entirely convinced it makes a big difference to those pesky under eye areas, it feels refreshing and definitely helps you wake up in the morning. As someone not noted for an “up and at them” approach to the start of the day, this was certainly a bonus for me! This is a product I shall be repurchasing post pregnancy.

Thanks so much to The Bump Company for gifting us the super cupcake socks.They are almost too cute unravel, and make these products look even more alluring. Expect to see them on little She & Hem sometime soon!

Pregnancy Beauty Survival Kit Pregnancy Beauty Survival Kit


Tooty Scrutiny: Beauty Bounty

Hello! It isn’t often that I foray into the world of beauty as, despite caking myself in makeup and cementing my hair in place most days, I just feel a little out of my depth when it comes to talking beautification. But, you know what? I LOVE reading about what other people have been using so, with that in mind, here’s what I’ve been buying, trying and loving of late.

The New 

Rimmel Scandaleyes | Urban Decay Naked 3 | Bourjois Liner Featre & Bourjois Liner Stylo | Dove Style + Care | Rimmel Fix & Protect | Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick in Berry Me

I think part of the reason I am writing this post is (a poor attempt) to justify my recent splurge on beauty products. I had been reading so many rave reviews about the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette that when I saw Debenhams had it for 20% off I had a moment of weakness. Oops! I’ve only had it since Saturday but I already love it so much. The gorgeous neutral tones are perfect for me and I can see that I will be using it on a daily basis. I also made the mistake of popping into Boots during 3 for 2 season. I’ve been after a new eyeliner and couldn’t decide between the two Bourjois ones (felt tip! exciting!) so decided to buy them both (obviously) along with the much-lauded Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara. The Dove Heat Protection Spray, Rimmel Fix & Protect primer and Body Shop lipstick are all new versions of old favourites.

PicMonkey Collage

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She and Home: Cirque de la Nuit

boots 6

The lovely folk at the Southgate Bath branch of Boots invited us to a ‘Cirque de la Nuit’ themed bash to celebrate the opening of their four new beauty counters: Smashbox, Liz Earle, Bumble and bumble and Ojon. Never ones to turn down the opportunity to rack up some Advantage Points, we duly went along.


We’ve admitted before that we aren’t exactly beauty buffs, so please don’t treat us as an authority on the subject! However, it was wonderful to go around the new counters and get some advice from the pros.


Jo: Makeup should really be my area of expertise as all the things that make me self conscious about my appearance also happen to be on my face. GO TEAM. My puffy eyes and dark circles are the absolute bane of my life and have been for about 15 years now. No amount of sleep or water has ever improved them and I actually dread to think of the money I’ve chucked at ‘miracle’ creams and concealers. Nevertheless, I’m glutton for punishment and so I shall continue my quest for the perfect remedy.

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She and Home: Aldo


After a lovely sunny day spent browsing the Vintage Kilo Sale at Paintworks in Bristol. We headed to a small shopping party held at Aldo in Cabot Circus, to take advantage of their 15% discount on all shoes and accessories while quaffing some champers and devouring some battenberg cake. We are totally crushing on all of the ankle boots and brogues, so we will be crossing all of our fingers and toes that we win the raffle!



Aldo’s vision is to make people feel good through the products they provide. We would certainly feel good if we owned some of these amazing shoes. I was a big fan of the Nogoya red brogues, while Jo found true love with these Alcidine ankle boots. We popped them on our Christmas lists, which are now the size of a giraffe’s scarf!


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