Beets ‘n Roots | Bristol

Beets 'n Roots Cafe Bristol | She and Hem

Well what a tip top start to the week I (Victoria) have had! Spring has very much sprung in Bristol, and with the new season come the new cafe menus! One venue putting away their winter coats is Beets ‘n Roots Cafe on Cotham Hill, to which I was invited to try out their new Spring menu. And oh my, what a colourful culinary treat it was!

On arrival, I was greeted on their spacious sundeck with a selection of smoothies to try. Appetite suitably whetted, I was handed a brunch menu from which to order whatever I fancied. That’s my kind of menu. After some deliberation I chose the buckwheat pancakes with banana, Nutella and maple syrup. They were an absolute treat. So much so that I seriously cannot wait to get back to Beets ‘n Roots fast enough, or get the OH to up his buckwheat game. Gimme.

The event then saw nutritionist Rosie Letts tell us all about the healthy juices, before we mixed up some rather aesthetically pleasing rainbow smoothie bowls with fresh fruit, granola, berries and seeds, all of which you can see in my Instagram stories video below.

Tasty food aside, there was one other thing that I was super impressed (and quite surprised) with, and that was how child friendly the venue was. Fellow local mums have asked Jo and I for recommendations for places to take their babies and toddlers in Bristol, and this is going straight on our list. My little one was a big fan of the magnetic boards, children’s books and being able to wander around the decking in the sunshine. She also absolutely loved all of the colourful food and drink, much to the delight of the staff who made her feel very special – thanks guys!

See you VERY soon Beets ‘n Roots!


People of Bristol

People of Bristol | She and Hem

Last week I (Victoria) woke up to the lovely surprise that I had been featured on People of Bristol, an awesome Instagram account that we follow. It was fellow Bristol blogger Lily from Lily Doughball who recognised me, presumably by my oh so subtle Peanut Butter jumper, and I was pretty chuffed about it. Thanks for the tip Lily!

People of Bristol is an account that posts illustrations of those who catch the eye of children’s and commercial illustrator Nicola Colton, and I was spotted waiting for my husband outside Cafe Kino, one of our favourite spots in Bristol. As it was a sunny, busy Saturday afternoon, he had popped into see if there was enough space to take the buggy in. Nicola captured me so well considering I must have been there, rocking my little one to and fro, for less than a minute or so. What a professional! Jo and I are hoping she might venture into blog illustrations…

Alongside my Peanut Butter jumper, I was also wearing my swimmers print ankle grazers (posted about here) from Laura Ashley with my faithful yellow Superga’s. Comfy, colourful and fun all round. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Nicola’s wonderful illustrations and to find out if anyone else spots themselves. Keep your eyes peeled, people of Bristol!

People of Bristol | She and Hem

People of Bristol | She and Hem

Check out the People of Bristol Instagram here and Nicola’s Instagram page here,