Accessories to Murder #19

Hello again and welcome to the 19th Accessories to Murder! Regular readers may have noticed that Accessories to Murder is now back on track, and you’ll have a lovely new post ready for you every Sunday. So pop it into your diary, or if you are just far too modern and fancy for a pen and paper, follow us on Bloglovin and never miss a post! So, are you ready to delve into the world of amazing accessories? Excellent! Without further ado, here are the accessories that have made it onto this week’s She and Hem’s Most Wanted.

Long Time Pointed Flats | ASOS | She and Hem | Accessories to Murder #19
Heart Shoes | ASOS | £22

Tired of wearing your heart on your sleeve? Well, wear it on your feet instead with these ASOS heart flats. Just in time for your Valentine’s Day outfit too! I’m thinking full on hearts this year, so these loooverly shoes are the perfect finishing touch to my hella twee look. Simple but just quirky enough to make it through the tough Accessories to Murder selection process.

Daniella Flats | Boden | £69.50

If those flats aren’t quite right for you, here’s another adorable option. This cute pair in ‘Poppy Red’ from Boden are blooming beautiful. We recently featured them on our Instagram and they got oh so much love. They have a pretty bow detail and are flat enough for the walk home after you’ve been wined and dined on Valentine’s Day…or for my walk to kitchen to get just one last biscuit.

Know an Eccentric or Two Swimsuit Top | Accessories to Murder #19 | She and Hem
Know an Eccentric or Two Swimsuit Top | $49.99 | Modcloth

I hadn’t really considered Modcloth when buying swimwear until about a year ago, when I spotted one of their incredible swimsuits online. I added this to my Pinterest ‘Wish List‘, causing a internet sensation mild murmuring, and the cossie to be repinned here, there and everywhere! I’ve kept a keen eye on their swimwear ever since, and it is always fun, flattering and fabulous. This swimsuit from Modcloth features cute cats and cupcakes floating around in space. Cats. In. Space. What else could you possibly want?

Cactus Cross Body Bag | Skinnydip Via ASOS | £30

I am a huge fan of all things Skinnydip, so I was pretty hyped when Jo sent me a link to this beauty. I predict the sales of this Skinnydip cactus bag, and matching luggage tag, are due to spike sometime soon, so hurry up and get your hands on this super succulent! Don’t put your hands on a real cactus, that would hurt and leave you feeling awful prickly.

We Now Present You Bag | Betsey Johnson via Modcloth | $68

This gorgeous Betsey Johnson bag might just be my perfect Valentine’s present right here. Can someone please point it in the direction of my husband? I’ve become quite the Betsey Johnson fan after featuring the incredible working phone in the recent January Sales post. I had so many messages from readers who loved the phone bag, hopefully this one will be just as popular. You may not be able to make calls with it, but it does have a really sparkly bow, so y’know, every cloud.

Kite Box Clutch | Kate Spade | £295.65

Yes, I know this is slightly more expensive than our usual Most Wanted novelty bags, but I’ve found it here via Nordstrom for much less than if buying direct from the Kate Spade website. How kind am I? Kate Spade has always been a high flyer in the world of whimsical clutch design, and my love for this kite bag is going up, up and away!

Yellow Tote Bag | New Look | She and Hem | Accessories to Murder #19
Yellow Structured Tote Bag | New Look | £24.99

I really recommend that everyone has at least one staple yellow handbag in their wardrobe. I use my yellow Boden Westminster handbag every single day and I absolutely love the pop of colour it adds to any outfit. New Look have just released this tote, their very own sunshiny dream, for a very affordable £24.99!

Pancake Socks | Topshop | She and Hem | Accessories to Murder #19
Stacked Pancake Socks | Topshop | £3.50

Stacked pancake socks.Sometimes, a picture really does say a thousand words. So instead of raving about these, I shall just give you my top stock sock tip. If I was going for the famous ‘3 for £8’ Topshop sock deal, I would also pick the Coffee and Donuts and I Loaf You pairs. Why? Because they are awesome.

See you next week,