She and Home: PJs and Dunkin


Ah, there’s nothing like a girly sleepover to warm the cockles and over the weekend we were lucky enough to spend some quality time in our finest sleepwear for an evening of hot chocolate, sweets, games and Jude Law films. How indulgent!



It’s not really a slumber party if you aren’t stuffing your face, so lucky for us the folks over at Viking* were kind enough to supply us with a lifetime supply (1kg) of Cadbury hot chocolate and Cadbury favourites! Teeny but tasty! We like to think we are somewhat connoisseurs when it comes to hot choc so you know it’s good when it gets the triple thumbs up from us! Continue reading She and Home: PJs and Dunkin

Accessories to Murder #3

Welcome to the third installment of Accessories to Murder. We’ve got an eclectic bunch for you this week, so let’s crack on!

cat shoes
Embroidered Kitty Flats, £16.39, Em and Sprout, via Etsy.

Paws for a minute! These are not your average mary janes. These Em and Sprout cat flats are cute and fun, without being too childish. Wearing a fun shoe (or two) is a mega easy way to add some personality to an outfit and leave you feline great. I could probably get away with these at work, whereas a cat dress would be a big no no… my boss would get really catty! They look super soft and I’m a big fan of the buckles. If you already own too many black shoes, they also come in red.

Cat Face Socks, £10, Urban Outfitters.

So we wouldn’t recommend you wear these cat items together, but we’d certainly want to be your friend if you did. I imagine it’s quite hard to make enemies when you have a curious cat on each knee cap. These grey knee high socks from Urban Outfitters are pretty special, and are an affordable £10, or £9 if you have an NUS card. If you are adventurous enough to try patterned knee highs, I think these would be a good place to start.

Personalised Instagram Camera Necklace, £11.80, Tyndall’s Polymerclay.
Personalised Instagram Camera Necklace, £11.80, Tyndall’s Polymerclay.

Time to expose an awesome necklace. We are big fans of Instagram (check us out here), and love the idea of having one of our Instagram pictures incorporated into a necklace. If you’re feeling a little  negative and don’t fancy having a personalised version, they also make an Instagram necklace without a picture for £8.52. You have to love Etsy with their crazy pricing, great for snapping a bargain. I think this would make a thoughtful unique gift for a instagramming  friend, especially as it comes in a lovely gift box. You could always ask for a photo of a cat or Ryan Gosling instead…

Animal Farm Earrings, £10.49, Designs By Annette

Designs By Annette make some fantastic earrings, and even though I don’t wear earrings and Animal Farm has caused me A LOT of stress over the years, I picked these to feature because they are pretty darn cool. Also, I love jewellery that’s different and you know that nobody else will be wearing. So much effort has gone into designing and creating every pair of earrings on Annette’s Etsy site, that it would be a crime not show you a few more. If you don’t like these, I promise you there will be something you do like.

Cake and Tea Earrings, £13.11, Designs By Annette.
Vintage Record Player Earrings, £11.14, Designs By Annette.

Perfect to wear to The Bristol Balloon Fiesta, this hot air balloon pendant below will have you floating on air. A friend wore this recently and I thought the balloon’s  pastel colours looked simple, yet summery. The ASOS necklace has an adjustable gold-tone chain, which is fantastic as you can change the length of the necklace depending on what you are wearing.

Pieces Gania Balloon Pendant Necklace, £12, ASOS.
Pieces Gania Balloon Pendant Necklace, £12, ASOS.

That’s all for now accessory fans,

V x


Accessories to Murder #2

I love a good frock, kittens and swooning over Ryan Gosling, but I’m no girly girl! Oh no, I steer clear of butterflies, manicures and high heels, and according to my medical records, I’m (literally!) allergic to pink. Pink food colouring that is, but you get the idea. So imagine my surprise when I fell for a sugar-sweet candy pink satchel this week. This satchel was made for me – it’s even called Victoria. It’s part of the glorious ‘London Calling’ collection by Tom Brown’s Satchels, and if you ask nicely, it’s also available as a backpack.

Victoria, Tom Brown’s Satchels, £70.

While browsing the satchels on offer, I came across the metallic silver Buchanan, which is part of the trendy ‘Gatsby’ collection. I certainly recommend investing in a good quality satchel. They are so handy and look great with most outfits, smart or casual. I think I’ll embrace my inner Daisy and take them both please Tom!

Front Buchanan
Buchanan, Tom Brown’s Satchels, £95

Next up, two vintage style lovelies from cloth-ears, a family business from my favourite part of Kent, Whitstable. Here’s one for you crafty types out there. This quirky needle and thread bracelet features a teeny sewing machine, thimble and scissor charms, and it’s a real snip for £16.99.

Needle and Thread bracelet, cloth-ears, £16.99.

Continuing the vintage style, this Paper Plane Necklace is sure to make a dull day zooming by with its colourful stripey ribbon and cute bird charms.  Flying in at a very reasonable £9.99, this would make a really special present. Alternatively, I would buy it to wear on holiday, and then keep as a reminder of my time away.

Paper Plane Charm Necklace, cloth-ears, £9.99.

I’ve taken a real liking for brooches and badges recently, as they are such an easy and affordable way to make your outfit more fun and unique. As I mentioned above I’m not one for butterflies, but I can totally get on board with owls. They’re such a hoot! Especially little blue wooden owls. It would be very wise (like an owl…!!) to purchase one of these beauties from The Bristol Shop as soon as possible. You can find a discount code for 7% off of anything you buy here. I couldn’t tell you owl much the total will be, I just can’t do the owl-gebra…

Wooden Owl Badge Tweet, Moonbeatle, £9.00.

Owls about that then! I like to try and cover a bit of everything on Accessories to Murder, so last up it’s only fair I point you in the direction of this cheeky ring. You probably won’t be surprised to discover this but…it’s a cat!  I couldn’t resist this kitty’s confused little face. It’s pawsitively puurfect and makes me smile just by looking at it. I love Lazy Oaf, their items are SO lovable and fun. Catch up with their blog here.

Lazy Oaf Cat Ring, £16, Lazy Oaf.

I’m off to watch BBC Two’s The Secret Life of the Cat now.

Owl be seeing you!

V x


Accessories to Murder #1

Here is the very first Accessories to Murder, a new feature in which we will bring to your attention the accessories we believe to be a right steal. Be it bags, necklaces, shoes or rings, we’ll give you the leads and urge you to break out and browse these criminally tempting accessories.

Gilbert & George Gin Necklace £33.00 from Iota Bristol

Ever since Jo introduced me to the wonderjuice that is Gin, I’ve hardly sipped on anything else, apart from tea of course! This necklace was commissioned by She and Hem favourites Tatty Devine to celebrate the work of Gilbert & George. This necklace is sure to bring you many compliments, especially from fellow G&T lovers.

After spending several hours browsing for accessories that I thought were special enough to make it on this post, I was delighted to find the magical Jewellery by Jaymie. Jaymie has created beautiful collections, such as ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s‘, ‘Tea Party‘, and ‘Great Gatsby‘. She also designs special one off pieces that you will not be able to find on the high street. Jaymie treats each piece as a miniature work of art, and furthermore, each piece has been hand drawn, which means  all are unique and absolutely lovely. Who could resist? Not me!

Here are my favourite items.

Sparkly Hearts & Cat Collar Clips, £10, Jewellery by Jaymie.

Hearts! Cats! Sparkly Hearts and Cats! If anything will inspire me to get my ears pierced, it’s slightly mad but beautiful jewellery like these gorgeous collar clips which can also be worn as ear rings. At £10, not only do they have multiple purposes, but it’s an affordable way to jazz up an old outfit.

Dapper Cat Necklace, £11, Jewellery by Jaymie.

Ok ok, it’s another cat item. Although, I think I can use my get out of jail free card here, as this is not just any cat.  This is a Dapper Cat, it’s wearing a polka-dot bow tie and it wants you to take it home.

Holly Golightly and Cat Ring, £12, Jewellery by Jaymie.

Last, but by no means least, my personal favourite item. People need to be made aware of this ring. It’s a must for any Breakfast at Tiffany’s fan. It features the iconic Audrey Hepburn as ‘Holly Golightly’ and her precious cat, ‘Cat’ (the amazing acting cat, Orangey). If anyone wants to treat me, I’ll take this.

There I was thinking I had triumphed and found the ultimate undiscovered accessories online. Oh but wait! I’ve stumbled across Hannah Zakari and these accessories are really rather dreamy. Here are a few highlights from this marvelous website, where you can buy items from many designers, all under one roof. Hannah Zakari, I salute you!

Fab Retro Ice Lolly Necklace, £24, Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes.
sushi necklace
Sushi Necklace, £24, Petit Plat
Chicken Brooch, £12, Designosaur.
Chapstick Brooch, £8, Kate Rowland.

I hope you have enjoyed and have been inspired to do some investigative work of your own.

Have a great weekend!

V x

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