Hem and Away: Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

Last Friday, whilst sitting on the train from Bristol to London, we came across #MJDaisyChain on Twitter. Never ones to ignore a good hashtag, we were quick to discover that our trip to the capital had fortuitously coincided with a Marc Jacobs Pop-Up event in Covent Garden!

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

The Tweet Shop was promoting the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance, which just happens to be a favourite of ours (and of everyone else, really) and worked using a cashless system where customers were instead encouraged to exchange tweets for products! See how Victoria cleverly demonstrates tweeting.

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

We began by tweeting in exchange for a sample of perfume and both plumped for the newest Daisy scent, Daisy Dream. We decided that if it smelt as pretty as it looked, we were onto a winner! We then began checking out all of the other products on offer which included keyrings, manicures or a man with an excellent beard serving you hot drinks and macarons! Delightful. There was also a very exciting wall of goodies! If you were really lucky your tweet could win you sunglasses, a handbag or even a puppy perfume!

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop
Victoria is wearing a floral dress from Primark and a spotty bangle from Cath Kidston. She was probably wearing shoes too.

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop
Jo is wearing an ice lolly print dress from Emily and Fin (bought from Thundegg), black flats from M&S and a watch from Olivia Burton

Rather marvelously, thanks to the lovely Amelia (xameliax), we were really lucky and were both able to upgrade our sample sizes of Daisy Dream for 50ml bottles! We celebrated by playing with the giant perfume bottle props that were so heavy our arms still ached the next day!


Hem and Away: Swinging London Town

We went on a wee jaunt to London recently to celebrate Jo’s birthday and while we were there we took the opportunity to pay a visit to some of our favourite shops, with plenty of pancake breaks along the way! On the train journey into London we were treated to a fantastic display by the Red Arrows (which I had so kindly arranged for Jo’s birthday of course….!!)


It was a positively scorching day in London, so after a cheeky iced latte we found ourselves cooled off and ready to face the day ahead. Our first port of call was The Breakfast Club in Hoxton, where we had…er…breakfast!  Pancake stacks to be precise, with added berries for Jo and bacon for myself. As you can see below, they were towering conglomerations of awesome! We will definitely be going back next time we are in town.




There’s only one place to go when you are full of pancakes, iced tea and good vibes and that is the marvelous Covent Garden. We had a blast checking out what Covent Garden had to offer and were notably impressed with Pop Boutique, Rokit, Cath Kidston, Tatty Devine and Cambridge Satchel Company.





We are both big Tatty Devine fans, and I am exceptionally fond of their Eyelash Sunglasses, found here, and who can resist the burger collection, here.






As the weather was very favorable to us I chose to wear the most lightweight dress I could find in my wardrobe, which was this super stripey number from Primark. My most comfortable shoes were in order as we have a bit of a habit of getting a little lost when we are let out of Bristol, so I wore my Clarks sandals. My Cath Kidston train print rucksack, which I blogged about in my Croatia post, came in very handy to store my sale bargains in. I also wore my name necklace from Tatty Devine and my amazing spotty manicure (as seen above) was done by the lovely ladies at WAH Nails.

Jo – Like Victoria, I also wanted something extremely lightweight so I went for a navy polkadot dress from Instant Vintage. I love anything that’s easy to wear and this dress is my go to ‘look like I’ve made an effort without having made any’ number, which is exactly what you need when the it’s super hot!  It has a lovely Peter Pan collar too, making it suitably jazzy birthday attire. Anyone who reads this blog regularly won’t need telling that my white shoes are from Topshop. I really am guilty of wearing the same shoes everyday and for that I am very sorry. I promise to try harder in the footwear department.





After a long hard day shopping we were ready for a quick snack before heading home, so Jo introduced me to the delights of Shake Shack, which she had previously visited in New York. I had the mouthwateringly good Shack-cago Dog and was not disappointed.

Jo – It’s often said that I look like I could use a good burger so it made sense to have one on my birthday! I am a bit of a Shake Shack obsessive and I was overjoyed when they announced earlier in the year that they would be opening their first UK branch in London. This was my first chance to go and I was not disappointed. The frozen chocolate ice cream was once of the nicest things I’ve ever eaten, seriously.





V & J x