Double Thumbs Dresses #26

Howdy dress fans! Can you believe how fast the weeks are going at the moment? I can barely keep up! In fact, I’m actually still thinking about that Lucky Cat dress from last week. But, whatever, it’s totally time to move on and take a gander at this week’s selection of dresses deemed oh-so-worthy of the highly coveted Double Thumbs seal of approval. It’s a good job I’ve just been paid as this selection is not particularly budget friendly.

Strawberry Fields Sash Dress £65 by Great Plains

First up is this berry nice dress from Great Plains. It’s a lovely length, so perfect for wearing to work, and it ticks the very important sleeves and pockets boxes. It has a lovely big sash to nip your waist in, which is flattering but also means you can have a nice big fun bow. Woo! I’ve gone for the traditional red strawberry but if you’re a fruity renegade, it also comes in yellow.

Mae Cat Dress in Black £85 from People Tree
Elizabeth Dress in Bow Print £78 from People Tree
Elizabeth Dress in Bow Print £78 from People Tree

People Tree have done the double this week with two fabulous dresses. I think we’ve established that I like anything with a cat on so it’s no surprise that the vintage style Mae Cat dress floats my boat. I love the colours and the fact that People Tree have nailed the evil glare cats give you when you’ve disturbed their day. It’s also a fab fit and flare shape with a tie belt and pockets.

Next up is the pretty bow print dress. I’m not usually one for predominantly black dresses but this one really appeals to me. The sleeves are simply divine and the shape is another vintage inspired affair. It looks a little Blair Waldorf to me, which is perhaps why I want it so much.

Right as rain dress £135 from Nadinoo
Right as rain dress £135 from Nadinoo

I have no idea how I stumbled across Nadinoo (I’m inclined to blame Pinterest) but oh my what a pretty label this is. I’m pretty obsessed with their about page which describes their style as whimsical and enchanting whilst each piece is designed ‘for three fictional characters Pixie, Fleur and Lula’. My favourite is this ladder print dress which has one of the most whopping great bows I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous. Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #26

Double Thumbs Dresses #24

Oh hello Friday night, where have you been all week? What better way to celebrate the arrival of the weekend than with a cursory glance at this week’s round-up of dresses deemed worthy of the highly coveted Double Thumbs seal of approval? Perhaps accompanied by a big glass of wine. Treat yourself!

Bike Stripe Smock Dress £50 from Sugarhill Boutique

Perpetual She and Hem favourites, Sugarhill Boutique, have come up trumps once again with this beautiful illustrated bike print dress. The smock style should flatter all frames! In fact, you might say they’ve wheelie hit the nail on the head with this bespoke frock. (I think I’ve actually used that bespoke joke before but when you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll)

In the Key of Chic Dress in Tea Time, #ModCloth
In the Key of Chic Dress in Tea Time $124.99 by Bea and Dot from Modcloth

This Modcloth dress is covered in tea bags. I repeat. THIS MODCLOTH DRESS IS COVERED IN TEA BAGS. I’ll admit that from here they look a bit like luggage tags but I assure you, on closer inspection, it contains some pre-tea great illustrations. Sadly, your tea will need to be rich in order to bag this beauty as it doesn’t come cheap at $124.99. Modcloth are currently offering free international shipping when you spend $150 though, if that makes things more tempting.

Cath Kidston Grove Rose Dress with Collar
Grove Rose Dress with Collar £70 from Cath Kidston

I warned you last week that the Cath Kidston SS14 pieces were set to take over Double Thumbs and I am nothing if not a woman of my word. This week features this gorgeous floral relaxed fit dress, which also has pockets! Wondrous.

Heart Dress £39 by Kimberley for Very

Well hey there Kimberley! As a fan of Girls Aloud (and proud!), I was pretty excited about Kimber’s foray into fashion and I have not been left disappointed. I love this long sleeved heart print dress. The colours are fab and the little white heart detailing helps make this print stand out from the crowd. You can grab the full range from Very! Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #24

Double Thumbs Dresses #23

Howdy Hemsters!

It’s Double Thumbs time! Our round up of the dresses we have deemed worthy of the highly coveted Double Thumbs Dresses seal of approval. If you’re a fan of a good collar then this, dear reader, is the post for you as not since Usher has one person popped so many in one place.

Teatime Dress with Collar
Teatime Dress with Collar £70 from Cath Kidston
Teacups Jersey Dress with Loop Detail Collar
Teacups Jersey Dress with Loop Detail Collar £55 from Cath Kidston

I have a feeling Cath Kidston and I are going to fall out. I mean, seriously, how is one person supposed to afford all of the pretty, all of the time? I can’t cope. They have been on an absolute novelty print roll over the past year with the trains, horses, mushrooms and cottages all taking up She and Hem wardrobe space. SS14 looks set to be even better with the safari and brighten up prints already looking dreamy. However, I’m going to kick off the CK loving with these two tea cup print frocks. The top one being my absolute dress crush of the week. I love the colour, the length, the print and the pockets. It’s an all round winner really. The second dress took me by surprise as I simply wasn’t expecting a dress like this to appear this season. It’s really rather lovely though, with another great print and a very pretty collar. I’m really looking forward to seeing both dresses in store. My bank balance, less so.

Retro Print Dress £23.00 from Ever Ours

If you haven’t already checked out Ever Ours then you are in for a treat. This site always has wonderfully interesting pieces, especially when it comes to dresses. This retro print dress is slightly bonkers in the best possible way. It’s like looking at your Grandma’s carpet through a kaleidoscope. I don’t think I can give a higher compliment than that really.

Let it Rain Tie-Waist Dress £27.50 (was £55) from Great Plains

If you’re tired of forgetting your umbrella then perhaps wearing 700 of them on your frock will help jog your memory. This lovely (and on sale!) dress from Great Plains is  the perfect shirt dress shape. I adore those long sleeves and the flattering tie belt. You can thank @dinoprincesschr (who may well be my dress soul mate) for this one as I must admit to not being familiar with Great Plains before they popped up on her Twitter feed. Turns out the Great in their name is well deserved. Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #23

All Hail the Sale: Double Thumbs Dresses Special

Well hello there, readers! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! But enough about the festivities, it’s sale time and I, for one, am ready for some bargains! I decided to have a cheeky look through our  previous Double Thumbs Dresses posts in the hope of finding some tasty reductions. It turns out that LOADS of them are now on offer so it seemed only fair to share this glorious news with you. So, without further ado, here is a list of frocks that have previously been deemed worthy of the highly coveted Double Thumbs seal of approval but have now been deemed worthy enough to go in the sale. Enjoy!


River Island Printed Shirt Dress £22 (was £32)
Nishe Dress In Violin Print £45.50 (was £65)
Midi Dress In Vintage Floral Print With Pleated Skirt £28 (was £40)
Minkpink Smock Dress In Kaleidoscope Print £22 (was £55)

Continue reading All Hail the Sale: Double Thumbs Dresses Special

Double Thumbs Dresses #22

Dress fans rejoice! For I am back (finally, right?) with another round up of dresses deemed worthy enough of the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. If any of my loved ones are reading this, the answer is yes. Yes please.

Scenic Print Jacquard Dress £36.91 from Chicwish

I’ve been coveting this lovely Chicwish dress for a while but now that it’s on sale it would almost be ridiculous not to buy it. It has pretty much everything I look for in a dress. Lovely long sleeves, a pretty neckline, a full skirt and a beautiful print. There is so much detailing on this dress, it’s actually rather overwhelming – in a good way. Even the white parts of the dress are subject to a jacquard embossed print. I say.

Stripe Prom Dress £80 from Topshop
Stripe Prom Dress £80 from Topshop

Ooof, I do love a prom dress and this black and pink striped number from Topshop is super duper pretty.

Velvet Spangle Collar Dress £62.00 from The White Pepper
Velvet Spangle Collar Dress £62.00 from The White Pepper

It has been great to see such an abundance of lovely velvet dresses around of late but this one from The White Pepper is definitely my pick of the bunch. It is a gorgeous colour and the fun trapeze  shape will totally lend itself to some Christmas party twirling. The thing that sets it apart however is the beautiful, and detachable, gold spangle collar. You can’t go wrong with a bit of detachable spangle.

Polka Dot Dress £35.99 from Zara

Mustard! Polka Dots! Sleeves! Pockets! It’s like Zara have a She and Hem dream dress crib sheet. This is a pretty impressive frock.

Neon Tipped Collar Dress £45 from Miss Selfridge
Neon Tipped Collar Dress £45 from Miss Selfridge

Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #22

Double Thumbs Dresses #21

Happy Wednesday, one and all. I’m back once again with a round-up of dresses considered worthy enough to receive the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. It’s a slightly shorter installment this week but, hey, it’s quality not quantity!

Buy Almari Contrast Dress, Black/White Online at
Contrast Dress £65 by Almari from John Lewis

This dress from Almari (available at John Lewis), with its lovely cinched waistline and full skirt, looks pretty great at first glance. Plus, we all like a hounds-tooth right? But wait, what’s that? It’s actually hundreds and hundred of cats? Fetch my purse.

Knitted Woven Skirt Dress £70.00 from Topshop

Heck yes! I love a lazy outfit and this Topshop one ticks all manner of boxes for me. Especially the big one that says ‘can be dressed for work in under 60 seconds’. I love that box. Seriously though, this is a beautiful dress for A/W.

 Roll Sleeve Textured Dress
Roll Sleeve Textured Dress £20.00 from Matalan

I’m really smitten with this simple dress from Matalan. I can’t really figure out why it is that I love it so much but I think it might have something to do with how comfy it looks. I love the little roll sleeve detail and the pockets, oh the pockets! It comes in a variety of colours but I’ve plumped for brown. Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #21

Double Thumbs Dresses #20

Good morning one and all and congratulations, you’ve made it to Wednesday! Why not reward yourself with a cursory glance at this week’s list of dresses that receive the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. It would almost be rude not to.

Cream Jacquard Necklace Skater Dress £45 from River Island

This looks like a lovely wintery dress doesn’t it? I can imagine doing all manner of pretty wintery activities wearing this number. It would most probably be totally impractical to go ice-skating in but gosh darn it, you’d look nice wouldn’t you? Until you fall over that is. Lovely stuff, River Island, lovely stuff.

Printed Dress with Crossover Back £49.99 from Zara

I love this very pretty navy dress from Zara. The floral print is all sorts of lovely and I find that shape and style of dress to be extremely flattering. The cut out detail on the back makes it stand out from all the other millions of floral dresses I love and, thus, gives me the perfect excuse to buy it. Well played.

Winter Audrey Dress £79.00 from Boden

When it comes to modern vintage, Boden are just superb. I simply love this 60s inspired Aubrey dress from their new collection. Giant polka-dots for the win! The good news is Boden have kindly knocked 30% off the price of dresses (at the time of writing that is), the bad news is you might have a job on your hands obtaining your size.

Darling Bow A-Line Dress £18.75 from Forver 21

Winter pastels is a trend I would dearly love to tap into but sadly, due to limited funds, it just hasn’t happened for me. This lovely little sugary pink dress from Forever 21 could well be the answer to my cheapskate prayers as I would no doubt happily cavort about in it come spring but in the meantime I can happily team it with white woolly tights and my bobble hat. Trendy! Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #20

Double Thumbs Dresses #19

Well, it’s Monday again (boo) but that means it’s time for Double Thumbs Dresses (yay!). That’s right, I’m back once again with a round-up of dresses considered worthy enough to receive the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. It really is highly coveted, you know. This week is a bit of an odd one in that I seem to have been attracted to very similar dresses. We begin with three rosy numbers, continue with three sparkly affairs and finish off with something completely different. Just to keep you on your toes…

Hearts & Bows Floral Romario Smock Dress £26.99 from Ark
Hearts & Bows Floral Romario Smock Dress £26.99 from Ark

Rosy frock #1 comes courtesy of Ark. It’s a gorgeous smock shape with beautifully detailed roses, which I find rather Alice in Wonderlandesque. Off with her head! As always, I’m a big fan of the Peter-Pan collar and those lovely short sleeves.

50s Prom Dress £20 from Peacocks
50s Prom Dress £20 from Peacocks

Rosy frock #2 is this dapper 50s number from Peacocks, who have consistently been producing wonderful dresses in this shape for a while now.I bought this one from Double Thumbs #13 and it gets no end of compliments whenever I wear it. Thumbs firmly in the upward trajectory.

Elise Party £85 from People Tree
Elise Party £85 from People Tree

And rosy dress #3 is this twirly wonder from People Tree. A bit more expensive than the other two but surely a dress worthy of a special occasion. Plus, it has a big bow. I’ll spend anything on a big bow.

Sleeveless Spangle Dress Gold - THE WHITEPEPPER
Sleeveless Spangle Dress £58 from The Whitepepper

Time to glisten now with sparkly dress #1 Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #19

Double Thumbs Dresses #18

Hey Hemsters!

I’m back to brighten up your Monday with a selection of the frocks deemed worthy of the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. Onwards!

Amalee Floral Skater Dress - Sale |
Amalee Floral Skater Dress £10 (was £55) from Lashes of London

Last night, whilst researching this post, I ended up browsing the Lashes of London sale section. Turns out those guys really know how to do a reduction as I managed to pick up the above dress AND a playsuit for £15. WHAT MADNESS IS THIS? I pretty much spat out my tea when I saw this little stunner for such a thrifty price. The print is simply beautiful and as I don’t own anything off the shoulder, I figured this was as good a time as any to try the look out. And how fun is that neckline? Ridiculous. Three things to note: 1) At the time of writing, the dress is in stock in all sizes so mega soz if they have all sold out by lunch time 2) A previous Double Thumbs favourite, the rainbow dress, is also in the sale! and 3) Use the promotion code BLOGGER25 to get a further 25% off your purchase.

Red Floral Jersey Dress £26 from Next

Well this is a rather dreamy purse pleasing Autumnal number from Next. I know I keep banging on about my unwillingness to embrace the tartan trend but throw in some florals and it would seem I’m fully prepared to get on board.

Cheshire Dress #anthropologie
Cheshire Dress £178 from Anthropologie

I most certainly had a humongous Cheshire cat grin when I spied this Cheshire cat print dress from Anthropologie, who by the by are going to be opening up in Bath *pops party poppers*. Pretty colours, lovely sleeves but a slightly scary price tag. Ho hum.

Martha Denim Smock Dress
Martha Denim Smock Dress £21 from Olive and Frank

I keep seeing pretty ladies in pretty smocks looking all pretty and stuff. However, according to my OH a smock is more of a sack and should be avoided by me at all costs. Naturally, this makes me want to own nothing but smocks! I’ve been eyeing up this pretty denim one from Olive and Frank. It seems like a bit of a winner. Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #18

Double Thumbs Dresses #16

Have no fear frock fans, for I am back with another dose of dresses deemed worthy of the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. Hold on to your hem lines.

Black Floral ‘So Sweet’ Definition Swing Dress £50 from Lady V London

Regular readers will know that we are slightly obsessed with Lady V. Heck, we essentially wrote them a love letter a couple of months ago. The obsession is about to be pushed to new levels, as not only have they just released a stunning high definition collection but said dresses come with a matching headband. OH YES PLEASE. The above dress is my absolute favourite print from the new collection! I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for a tea dress version as, although I love a swing dress, I think the tea shape suits me down to a, er, ‘T’.

Phoebe Bow Dress £95.00 from People Tree
Phoebe Bow Dress £95.00 from People Tree

I’m still trying to embrace the tartan renaissance and this beautiful budget buster from People Tree is certainty just the ticket. I love that sneaky bow. More dresses should have sneaky bows.

Lemur Print Shirt Dress £45 from Yumi

At first glance, I though this was just another pretty floral dress from Yumi. But, just as I was about to scroll gaily on by, I noticed that the dress title contained the word ‘lemur’. I was intrigued. It was then that I learnt that this isn’t just a floral dress! It’s a floral dress with interspersed lemurs! More dresses should have interspersed lemurs.

My Sweet Art Dress $89.99 by Bea & Dot from Modcloth

Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #16