Double Thumbs Dresses #43

Hello hello! It’s Double Thumbs time again! Our roundup of the dresses we have deemed worthy of the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. Let’s begin! 

Guest of Honor Dress in Balloons £56.99
Guest of Honor Dress in Balloons £56.99 (ish) by Effie’s Heart from Modcloth

I think we’ve successfully established that we really appreciate a good hot air balloon print, especially when it’s on a dress! This Effie’s Heart dress from Modcloth therefore ticks all of the right She and Hem boxes. Plus it has a massive bow. You just can’t argue with that level of brilliance

Yours Truly Dress £59
Yours Truly Dress £59 by Emily and Fin available to Pre Order from Aspire Style
Tea Time Dress £59
Tea Time Dress £59 by Emily and Fin available to Pre-Order from Aspire Style

Speaking of brilliance, the Emily and Fin A/W collection has truly blown my novelty print loving socks off. For the impatient among you (hi), a few of the pieces are already available to pre-order from Aspire Style. Look at those adorable little envelopes! Look at those adorable little forks! I can also promise you skiers, roaming deer and figure skaters in the future. Crikey.

Ava Long Sleeves in Brown Hardware Store £159
Ava Long Sleeves in Brown Hardware Store £159 from Poppy

Yet more torture for the bank balance as Poppy have also unveiled their A/W collection. There are a lot of lovely new prints to choose from but I instantly fell for this hardware print frock. I just hope I don’t feel like a tool in it.

Juniper Boucle Dress
Juniper Boucle Dress £59 from Monsoon

It may be August (emphasis on the may. Sunshine, why do you hate us?) but I have already found a contender for my Christmas and New Year dress. I love this sparkly 60’s inspired number from Monsoon. So shiny.

Princess Dress in Ivory £125 from Pretty Eccentric
Princess Dress in Ivory £125 from Pretty Eccentric

Whilst we were in Brighton last week we discovered our new favourite shop, Pretty Eccentric. We spent an embarrassing amount of time cooing over all of the fabulous dresses and totally fell in love with this stunning lace princess dress. We really need to go to more balls.

Skater Dress with Contrast Belt £28
Skater Dress with Contrast Belt £28 from ASOS

There’s something ever so pleasing about this ASOS skater dress. I love the navy and white together and can imagine throwing it on for any occasion. The shape is gorgeous too. A perfect ‘go to’ dress.

Trees and Bluebell Print Dress £75
Trees and Bluebell Print Dress £75 by Uttam Boutique from Yumi

This is quite the gorgeous print dress from Uttam. I adore the beautiful trees and flowers but those colours just take it to a whole other level of dreamy. Perfect.

Shift Dress in Scuba in Cat Print with Peplem Hem £38
Shift Dress in Scuba in Cat Print with Peplem Hem £38 from ASOS

Well, it seemed unlikely we were going to get through a Double Thumbs without any cats didn’t it?  Thank you dear ASOS for making this ridiculous purple pussy dress of wonder.

T-Shirt Smock Dress in Egg Print £55 from THE WHITEPEPPER
T-Shirt Smock Dress in Egg Print £55 from THE WHITEPEPPER

It’s no yolk, this really is an egg print smock dress! THE WHITEPEPPER have really gone to town with their Fry Up collection and I have to say it really is cracking. I know there will be a massive scramble for these so I’m going to buy one before they all get poached.



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Hem and Away: Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

Last Friday, whilst sitting on the train from Bristol to London, we came across #MJDaisyChain on Twitter. Never ones to ignore a good hashtag, we were quick to discover that our trip to the capital had fortuitously coincided with a Marc Jacobs Pop-Up event in Covent Garden!

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

The Tweet Shop was promoting the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance, which just happens to be a favourite of ours (and of everyone else, really) and worked using a cashless system where customers were instead encouraged to exchange tweets for products! See how Victoria cleverly demonstrates tweeting.

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

We began by tweeting in exchange for a sample of perfume and both plumped for the newest Daisy scent, Daisy Dream. We decided that if it smelt as pretty as it looked, we were onto a winner! We then began checking out all of the other products on offer which included keyrings, manicures or a man with an excellent beard serving you hot drinks and macarons! Delightful. There was also a very exciting wall of goodies! If you were really lucky your tweet could win you sunglasses, a handbag or even a puppy perfume!

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop
Victoria is wearing a floral dress from Primark and a spotty bangle from Cath Kidston. She was probably wearing shoes too.

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop
Jo is wearing an ice lolly print dress from Emily and Fin (bought from Thundegg), black flats from M&S and a watch from Olivia Burton

Rather marvelously, thanks to the lovely Amelia (xameliax), we were really lucky and were both able to upgrade our sample sizes of Daisy Dream for 50ml bottles! We celebrated by playing with the giant perfume bottle props that were so heavy our arms still ached the next day!


Double Thumbs Dresses #28

Merry Friday, happy Valentine’s Day and a glorious London Fashion Week to one and all! And if that wasn’t excitement enough it’s also DT time! Woohoo! So without further ado, here is this week’s roundup of dresses deemed worthy of the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. Snazzy.

Ice Cream Dress by Emily & Fin
Ice Cream Dress by Emily & Fin

Break out your sundae best, this heart meltingly beautiful dress is part of Emily & Fin’s Spring/Summer collection. It’s actually a bit of a naughty Double Thumbs entry as it won’t be out until the first week of April. BUT I JUST CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG. At least we’ll all have plenty of time to save up, eh? The print comes in a choice of two styles which I’m assured will both be available from Aspire Style. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you when the time comes. In the meantime, just feast your eyes.

Duckie Dress £55 from Sugarhill Boutique

Another week, another brilliant dress from Sugarill Boutique. I just love all of their prints and these cute little ducks are no exception. It’s also nice to see a tulip shape as I can’t say I own much in this style. I wasn’t sure about the black lace side panels at first but I’ve decided now that I love them. Also: great sleeve.

Buy Almari Multi Print Band Skater Dress, Multi, 8 Online at
Multi Print Band Skater Dress £65 by Almari from John Lewis

I’m becoming a big fan of Almari (available from John Lewis). They have some really interesting prints and shapes going on. I love the wintery floral pattern on this one and, as I own an Almari dress in this shape, I can vouch for how awesome the full skirt is.

Alberta Dress £135 from Coast

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Double Thumbs Dresses #11

Hey there dress fans! Long time no see! Apologies for my long absence but I am hoping that this super novelty print special edition of Double Thumbs Dresses will placate you somewhat. There are a ridiclous amount of fabulous frocks around at the moment! It’s really playing havoc with my bank balance – and my thumbs! Anyhoo, I’ve rounded up my personal favourites for you! Enjoy! x

Sweetie Print Tea Dress 46 from Topshop
Sweetie Print Tea Dress 46 from Topshop

This sweet little number has been doing the rounds on a lot of blogs and it’s not hard to see why! Topshop have really been having fun with their prints this season but this is one of the first times I have seen them use those fun prints on a dress! I literally applauded when it appeared on my desktop and ordered it straight away. I can confirm that it’s brilliant, although perhaps a little low cut for daytime wear.

Mushroom Dress £65 from Cath Kidson

Speaking of fun, you don’t get much more fun than a giant colorful mushroom! As usual, Cath Kidston have knocked it out the park with this playful print.  Does it make anyone else think of Super Mario? That’s definitely a good thing, FYI.   I love the shape and length of these dresses as they are just perfect for work and play.

Woody Woodland Tunic £65 by Louche from Joy
Julita-Country Dress £59.00 by Louche from Joy

Next up are these two exceptionally lovely dresses from Louche, both of which are available from Joy. I absolutely adore the woodland scene on the tunic dress! Very Animals of Farthing Wood chic! I’m not usually a tunic wearer myself but I can really see it looking lovely with black tights and some chunky boots come A/W.  It has gone straight to the top of my lust list. The second print is what we’ve come to expect from Louche, a brilliant, barmy and cutesy print featuring cows, cats, houses, plants, dogs, frogs….I could go on. It’s a beautiful colour and shape. I’m digging the full skirt. Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #11

She and Home: Cox & Baloney


A couple of months ago, the lovely Deesha (of MS Fundraising fame) rather marvelously won a Tea Party for herself and her friends at Bristol based Cox & Baloney. If you’ve never been there before, it’s a wonderful hybrid of vintage shop and tea room that’s beautifully decorated throughout with gorgeous wallpaper, mirrors, signs and furniture. It’s also filled to the brim with the most beautiful vintage crockery! It’s an absolute dream come true! 

The date was set for July 14th so last Sunday we prepared ourselves for a good old spoiling!

Shop Mani DSC_0360

First up was a little browse around the shop, which stocks a great selection of vintage and handpicked items. You can tell a lot of care and thought has gone into what they stock with brands such as Emily and Fin and Trollied Dolly rubbing shoulders with vintage items on the rail. 


After we took our seats, we were asked to choose a pot of tea each from their extensive menu! On seeing our overwhelmed faces we were encouraged by the lovely staff to come and smell the teas, which were all in pretty jars around the counter. This was actually a rather wonderful experience and certainly helped with the decision making! I plumped for Greensleeves, a lovely and refreshing green tea whilst Victoria went for Sir Bountiful, a rather coconuty affair.  Sufficed to say, we were all very happy with our choices. 


Much excitement duly ensued when we were presented with a variety of tiered cake stands, jam packed with sandwiches, cakes and scones! We then proceeded to have a very civilised (and delicious) high tea. We were never wanting for anything as the staff ensured that anything we liked was replenished until we were all truly full! Victoria was rather taken with their brownie whilst I might actually have dreams about the lavender cake. It was scrumptious!

cocktail cheers

Once we had all finished we were then asked to choose our teapot cocktails! There was a lot of excitement around the table as menus were dished out and we pursued the variety of alcoholic delights on offer. 


 As you may well have noticed, we have been experiencing some rather hot weather of late, which left us all feeling a little flustered. As part of the prize a photographer was due to take photographs of us so we had been asked to wear our finest vintage frocks! We were all so excited about the opportunity to get all dressed up but sadly, due to the heat, a lot of the dresses simply weren’t going to be appropriate. We certainly still tried our best to look glamorous but it’s very hard to achieve when your knees are burnt, your hair is stuck to your face and you’re fanning yourself with whatever comes to hand, which in my case was Kelly’s lovely straw boater! I was definitely feeling the heat but as you can see I was in very glamorous company. I opted to wear my Cath Kidston sail boat dress as it’s lovely and cool and ticked the vintage look I was going for. The blue on the dress matched my glasses from Glasses Direct perfectly. Victoria decided to choose the lightest dress she owned for the balmy occasion, which was a floral Therapy dress from House of Fraser


It was an absolutely wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. If you are in the area make sure you add Cox and Baloney to your list of places to visit. It’s a truly special place and we must all support it! 

A big thank you to all the staff for looking after us and to Deesha for winning the prize!


Double Thumbs Dresses #4

Blimey! It’s only time for our weekly round-up of all those lovely dresses that receive the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs Up seal of approval. Let’s get started!

Beatrice Dress Sweet shop Capped Sleeve £119 from Poppy

If you have read our recent Height of Fashion blog post you will remember that I made a wondrous discovery in Poppy, who essentially make beautiful little girls dresses but for big girls too. Each of their designs are based around the adventures of a little girl called Poppy and her dog Fred, and your dress even comes with its own storybook for you to read. It really is as great as it sounds and ideally I would like to own everything they sell. Of all of their dresses this 1950’s inspired sweet shop dress is at the top of my list. It features row upon row of illustrated sweet jars, making you look good enough to eat.

Fruity Prom Dress £58 by Sugarhill Boutique from Oliver Bonas

This fruity little number from Sugarhill Boutique will really get your mouth watering. It is made out of a lovely silky fabric making it perfect for summer and that gathered waist will be super flattering, hurrah! If that wasn’t enough to get your juices flowing it also has a very very fun lattice design on the back, which is something you can remind yourself when you are justifying the £58 price tag. Sugarhill Boutique have a slightly different version of this dress on their own website (here) but this particular number, complete with fun lattice, is another brilliant Oliver Bonas exclusive.

Lucy Dress Blue Boat Print £59 by Emily and Fin from Kiki’s Boutique

There will be no need to fish for compliments in this boat print number by Emily and Fin from Kiki’s Boutique. This a-line dress is gathered at the waist and has a concealed zip for maximum flattery potential. Like all great dresses it also has pockets so that you can safely stowaway your Fisherman’s Friend or, more likely, your Vaseline.

Miss Real Blue and Gold Floral Jacquard Bow Dress £29.99 from New Look

Well hello there shiny new party dress! This vintage inspired beauty from New Look is a real gem. It’s just gorgeous and looks so much more expensive than £29.99, dontchathink? It has a beautiful print and shape, plus it has a great big bow on the neckline.  Throw on some heels and gold jewelry and you, my dear reader, are the best dressed gal in the room. Don’t go looking for it in store though, you’ll look like a right wally, as it’s only available online. 

Time for Tea 1950’s Day Dress £85 from 20th Century Foxy

Before you start a stampede for this stunning tea themed tea dress I would like to point out that it is currently sold out. Please don’t hurt me! I couldn’t resist sharing it with you as it has possibly the most darling print I have ever seen! With it’s classic 50’s shape and cross over neckline it would be the perfect dress for swooshing around in. Perhaps if we all think positive thoughts the nice people at 20th Century Foxy might make some more just for us and then we can all sit around and be fabulous together. 

Oasis Rose Print Dress £75 exclusive to ASOS

Oasis really are on a roll at the moment! It’s just beautiful dress after beautiful dress, I can barely keep up! This blooming marvelous rose print dress is exclusive to ASOS and despite being big on the florals it isn’t too chintzy. It has an underwear friendly cut out detail on the back and a low, but not too low, neckline.  As usual the only thorny issue is the price as at £75, being an Oasis fan isn’t exactly fun for the finances. The good news is that both ASOS and Oasis know how to throw a killer sale, so hopefully with their powers combined, we will be able to go on a dress frenzy in the near future.

Lace Skater Dress £48 from Oasis

See what I mean? Another beautiful Oasis number. This simple skater dress is just so pretty and easy to wear. Oh how I do love a dress that can just be thrown on anytime and will look great. It is also the colour of sunshine meaning you will cheer up everyone you encounter, guaranteed.

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Until next time!