Getting some sleep with ergoPouch

Getting some sleep with ergoPouchGetting some sleep with ergoPouchHow do I get my baby to sleep? Surely one of the most Googled things by any new parent and something I (Jo) was guilty of researching many times at 1am, 3am and 4am back in those hazy newborn days. I think it’s fair to say that my baby, Poppy, was a pretty bad sleeper. She didn’t like sleeping anywhere other than on me and whenever I would put her down she would wake up instantly. I’m not going to lie, I found it incredibly hard. We’d decided against going down the co-sleeping route and had already invested in a Ewan, a Sleepyhead and a co-sleeper – apparently Poppy wasn’t impressed by our John Lewis haul.  I spent hours reading other people’s posts about the 4th trimester, falling deeper and deeper down a forum black hole looking for ways which might help. After weeks of pretty much no sleep I was willing to try anything!

Getting some sleep with ergoPouchGetting some sleep with ergoPouchGetting some sleep with ergoPouch

One of the things I had stumbled upon in my search for a sleep solution was the idea of the swaddle sleeping bag (swaddling being one of the many things I had tried unsuccessfully!). I’d seen a couple of people swear by them and I was pretty intrigued to see if they could make a difference to us! Very kindly, ergoPouch sent us an ergoCocoon* and I must admit it was a complete game changer. Sleeping bag swaddles are designed like a regular baby sleeping bag but thanks to some poppers in the armholes, you can securely keep the baby’s arms inside the suit. The result? Poppy was unable to startle herself awake with her arms! As well as this, thanks to being in a sleeping bag rather than having a blanket, she couldn’t kick her covers off either! We did laugh a lot at her the first time we put her in it – she looked like a hotdog! But the laughter soon turned into to a huge sigh of relief when the first time we put her down in her Sleepyhead SHE STAYED ASLEEP. I sat on the bed staring at her in complete disbelief.

Poppy is now 4 months old and (currently) sleeps like a dream. We honestly haven’t looked back. After our initial success, we spent weeks placing both of Poppy’s arms inside the ergoCocoon before slowly transitioning her by keeping one arm out at night for a couple more weeks and then, finally, both arms out. It was a fantastic process and now we have a very happy baby who has now moved on to sleeping in sleeping bags.

Getting some sleep with ergoPouch

Have you found any genius ways to get your baby to sleep? And, yes, we do blow bubbles to try and get Poppy and Ada to look at the camera!


*The ergoCocoon was provided for the purposes of review but all thoughts and opinions are mummy’s own