Accessories to Murder #20

Hello and welcome to the 20th Accessories to Murder! Are you ready to delve into the world of amazing accessories? Excellent! Without further ado, here are the accessories that have made it onto this week’s She and Hem’s Most Wanted. Warning: this one includes an amazing Zara bargain. Happy shopping!

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | Gin Bag
Glitter Gin Bottle Clutch Handbag | £100 | Luna on the Moon

Would you just look at this Gin Clutch! It really makes me grin, because it’s just all kinds of win. It’s not made out of tin, so don’t throw it in the bin. So, tell your next of kin that it’s got me in a spin. I knew my English degree would come in handy sooner or later… Luna on the Moon has so many incredible bags, and you can find them all over on Etsy.

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | Red Bag Zara
Red Tote | Was £22.99 Now £9.99 | Zara

This is not a red herring. Oh no, it’s not all novelty prints and quirky patterns here at She and Hem, as we are also pretty potty about a pop of bright colour! February is all about red, so thank you Zara for reducing this tote-ally great bag down to £9.99!

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | Hot Air Balloon Necklace
Hot Air Balloon Necklace | £18 | Joy

Living in Bristol, it’s difficult to get through the day without spotting at least one hot air balloon floating above the city’s colourful houses. This Hot Air Balloon Necklace from Joy would be perfect to wear to the next Bristol Balloon Fiesta, as we always like to dress appropriately (see here), with as many novelty hot air balloon items we can possibly find!

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | Joy Acorn Earrings
Acorn Earrings | £15 | Joy

Also over at Joy are these mega cute Acorn Earrings from Dublin based jewellers Artysmarty. Although Bristol doesn’t (yet) have an Acorn Festival, I think they are still an essential purchase. There is nothing corny about them, they’re just nuttily good!

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | H&M Glittery Trainers
Silver Glittery Trainers | H&M | £24.99

I’ve never been a big trainer fan, as I’ve always found them really hard to style successfully, especially with my beloved dresses. This all changed last year when a pair of sunshine yellow Superga’s came into my life. Since then I’ve jumped fully on board the trainer train, and my final destination are these incredible, sparkly H&M Silver Glittery Trainers.

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | Avocado Phone Case Skinnydip
Googly Avo iPhone Case | £15 | Skinnydip via Topshop

Let’s all avocuddle and admire the last item for a moment. It really calls out to me as I am always within arms reach of both my phone and a juicy avocado. This googly eyed Avocado Phone Case is yet another Skinnydip gem, currently in Topshop. Did I mention it has googly eyes? It has googly eyes. And I, for one, am completely goggle-eyed for this little gem.

Until next week, keep accessorizing!