Accessories to Murder #18 UncommonGoods Special

Hello and welcome to the 18th Accessories to Murder! It’s an UncommonGoods special this week! Are you ready to delve into the world of amazing accessories? Excellent! Without further ado, here are the accessories that have made it onto this week’s She and Hem’s Most Wanted.

UncommonGoods | She and Hem | Accessories to Murder 18 | Log Lady Necklace

I do love a bit of personalised jewellery. C’mon, who doesn’t love wearing their own name around their neck? In fact, there is super clever evidence that proves that our brains really like hearing our own names (it’s all about the left middle frontal cortex and subgyral matter, obviously). So I got quite excited when I saw that UncommonGoods has a whole blooming section dedicated to fun personalised bits, and that excitement Twin Peaked with this stump necklace. Embrace your inner log lady and proudly display your true love’s initials, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

UncommonGoods | She and Hem | Accessories to Murder 18 |Morse Code Necklace

If you’re not down with the lumberjack vibe, don’t log off, cause I’m switching it up to sexy Morse code. SOS indeed. I love the idea of carrying a hidden message around with me, that only the nerdiest of companions might understand. The necklace seen in the picture above shows a name, but I think it would be so lovely to choose an anniversary date or a favourite saying instead. Either way, they are so subtle and beautiful!

UncommonGoods | She and Hem | Accessories to Murder 18 |Coordinates Necklace

You may think it’s all colourful dresses and hilarious puns here at She and Hem, but we’re soppy types at heart. If you follow us on Instagram, you will know that I recently got married and that Jo was one of my wonderful bridesmaids. As a little thank you present, I bought each of my bridesmaids a necklace with the exact coordinates of where we first met, and (I think) they really loved them! UncommonGoods have their own beautiful version here.

UncommonGoods | She and Hem | Accessories to Murder 18 | Forget Me Not Ring

Ring a ding-ding! Another item that is perfect for Valentine’s Day is this cute hand cast Forget Me Not ring. I am positively thread over heels about that delicate silver bow, and would definitely knot forget anyone kind enough to give me this. It’s so dainty and I think it would be ideal for stacking.

UncommonGoods | She and Hem | Accessories to Murder 18 | Valentine's Day Scarf

I couldn’t write a round up of my favourite pieces and not include this incredible scarf. I simply cannot resist those incredibly cute vintage style illustrations. Not only is it a unique accessory, but it has my new surname on it! Valentine’s Day has taken on a whole new meaning for me now and I’m probably definitely going to buy any novelty item of clothing with the word Valentine on it. So if you see anything, link me up please! Take a look at their immensely enjoyable scarf selection here.


This post is in collaboration with UncommonGoods, who we are very happy to work with as we love their environmentally friendly products, and that they are a bunch of jolly decent people. Keep up the good work guys!

Accessories to Murder: Halloween Special

Hey Hemsters,

With a name like Accessories to Murder, we could hardly let Halloween pass by without rounding up a spooktacular bonanza of terrifically terrifying accessories. So unlock your front door, disconnect your phone line and ignore that weird noise coming from the basement, it’s A2M time.

Boo Head Band £12 from Urban Outfitters

I think we can all agree that in the Halloween headband (vampire) stakes, this one from Urban Outfitters is pretty brilliant. I’d be tempted to add a my own K, for all year round usage.

Aarrghhhh Necklace
Aarrghhhh Necklace £60 from Tatty Devine

AARRGHHHHH what better way to ward off the zombie apocalypse than with this fabulous necklace from Tatty Devine? There is no better way, I’ve looked into it.

Glitter Witches Hat Headband £12 from Crown and Glory

Purveyors of dream-worthy hair accessories, Crown and Glory have embraced the dark side with a range of nightmarish headbands and clips. This glittery witches hat is my pick of the bunch.

Black Sparkle Mask £14 from Miss Selfridge

I’m always a fan of something that manages to cover up half my face and this great mask from Miss Selfridge would do just the job.

Bat Suspender Tights £8.00 from ASOS
Bat Clutch Bag £18 from ASOS

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Box of delights

I received a very exciting parcel over the weekend in the shape of not one but two lucky dip boxes from the ever brilliant Tatty Devine.

For the uninitiated, the lucky dip boxes are available for a very limited time and contain a random selection of Tatty Devine pieces made up from their past 12 years worth of collections. The premise of the lucky dip box is perfect for someone like me who a) loves Tatty Devine b) loves Tatty Devine so much they can’t ever decide what to buy and c) loves Tatty Devine so much that they can’t ever decide what to buy and can’t really afford to buy more than one piece at a time.

It was with great joy then that I received the news that there was to be a lucky dip box sale held over the bank holiday weekend to coincide with their Brick Lane store’s sample sale (insert jealousy here). The prices were set at £35 for a big box and £15 for a small box and after some tough consideration (about 15 seconds) I decided to plump for one of each. This is, admittedly, a little excessive but like Christmas this happy occasion comes but once a year so cut me some slack, jeez.

Like any sane person, after purchasing my boxes I then spent the next week panicking that I would receive a box of items that I didn’t really like (this does seem unlikely but you never know) or , slightly more likely, things that I already owned. As it happens neither of those scenarios would have been a total disaster as clever old Tatty Devine had the foresight to set up a Facebook forum where lucky dip box recipients are currently swapping their items with a degree of politeness that may never be rivalled.

But enough about them! What did I find? 


In my small box (£15) I received: a pair of mirror hexagon earrings, a perroit the clown necklace and a ring.

In the large box (£35) I received: A moustache necklace, a banana necklace, a charm necklace and a pom pom brooch.


Do I think it was worth it? Hand on heart I do. I know it’s a lot of money to gamble with but I really enjoyed the level of excitement I got from opening the boxes and, thankfully, I am thrilled with what I received*. I’ve had a little Google to try and estimate how much each box was worth and have discovered the banana necklace on its own would have set me back £46! This is definitely a great way to quickly stock up on your pieces without breaking the bank (unless you buy LOADS of boxes, that is) and gives new and seasoned lovers the chance to get hold of some hidden gems, sought after samples and Tatty treasures.


*despite being thrilled I am still trying to swap the pom pom brooch on the Facebook forum. I can’t resist the fun!