Make like a blogger and Split

I recently escaped the rain of Blighty when James and I jumped on a plane to sunny Split in Croatia for a week of ridiculous relaxation! And ice cream. So much ice cream.

Split became our destination of choice after some unsophisticated research which saw us work out that it was the cheapest, hottest place one can fly to from Bristol in August. I think our return flight was £30! DEAL. Thank you for existing, EasyJet. Anyway, it turned out to be a top decision as it’s an absolutely beautiful part of the world and has left me desperate to go back and explore more of Croatia. Or CroYAYtia as they clearly should call it.

It was around 40 degrees the entire time we were there which blissfully meant it was a real struggle to do anything that didn’t involve lying by the sea. As a couple who usually have itchy feet to explore everything and anything whilst on holiday (we once went on a six hour round trip to see a giant fork whilst holidaying in Switzerland, I kid you not) it was rather nice to be forced to relax! It also proved the perfect opportunity to road test my new Karl Lagerfeld prescription sunglasses from Specsavers*. Although I’ve been wearing them at home, it was only when I was sunbathing and reading at the same time that I truly realised what an idiot I am for not having had prescription sunglasses before! Plus they look pretty chic too, right?

Isn’t it beautiful? I’m really keen to go back so if anyone has any top Croatia tips or places to visit I would love to hear from you! Just leave a comment below.