Double Thumbs Dresses #18

Hey Hemsters!

I’m back to brighten up your Monday with a selection of the frocks deemed worthy of the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. Onwards!

Amalee Floral Skater Dress - Sale |
Amalee Floral Skater Dress £10 (was £55) from Lashes of London

Last night, whilst researching this post, I ended up browsing the Lashes of London sale section. Turns out those guys really know how to do a reduction as I managed to pick up the above dress AND a playsuit for £15. WHAT MADNESS IS THIS? I pretty much spat out my tea when I saw this little stunner for such a thrifty price. The print is simply beautiful and as I don’t own anything off the shoulder, I figured this was as good a time as any to try the look out. And how fun is that neckline? Ridiculous. Three things to note: 1) At the time of writing, the dress is in stock in all sizes so mega soz if they have all sold out by lunch time 2) A previous Double Thumbs favourite, the rainbow dress, is also in the sale! and 3) Use the promotion code BLOGGER25 to get a further 25% off your purchase.

Red Floral Jersey Dress £26 from Next

Well this is a rather dreamy purse pleasing Autumnal number from Next. I know I keep banging on about my unwillingness to embrace the tartan trend but throw in some florals and it would seem I’m fully prepared to get on board.

Cheshire Dress #anthropologie
Cheshire Dress £178 from Anthropologie

I most certainly had a humongous Cheshire cat grin when I spied this Cheshire cat print dress from Anthropologie, who by the by are going to be opening up in Bath *pops party poppers*. Pretty colours, lovely sleeves but a slightly scary price tag. Ho hum.

Martha Denim Smock Dress
Martha Denim Smock Dress £21 from Olive and Frank

I keep seeing pretty ladies in pretty smocks looking all pretty and stuff. However, according to my OH a smock is more of a sack and should be avoided by me at all costs. Naturally, this makes me want to own nothing but smocks! I’ve been eyeing up this pretty denim one from Olive and Frank. It seems like a bit of a winner. Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #18

All hail the sale

Merry Friday everyone!

As we near the end of sale season, a number of our favourites are currently reducing items even further, rejoice! We’ve rounded up our current picks from Yumi, Sugarhill Boutique, Oliver Bonas, Lashes of London, Ollie & Nic, Joy and Oasis. Let’s have a look at those all important discounts!

Neckline Detail Knit Tunic Dress £20 (was £45) from Yumi
Colourful House Print Dress £22.50 (was £45) from Yumi
Brighton Rock Blouse £25 (was £36) from Sugarhill Boutique
Vintage Butterfly Earrings £8 (was £16) from Oliver Bonas
Elwick Silk Butterly Blouse £14.40 (was £48) from Lashes of London
Suki Cat Print Purse £10 (was £28) from Ollie & Nic
Fuchsia Giraffe Scarf £18 (was £28) from Ollie & Nic
Leanna Spot Collar Dress £30 (was £59) by Louche from Joy
Silhouette Butterfly Scarf £6 (was £20) from Oasis

That’s all for now! Have you spotted any bargains? or will you just be pleased to be able to walk into a shop without tripping over sale rails? Gets a bit messy, doesn’t it?


Double Thumbs Dresses #10

Goodness me! It’s time for our weekly round up of all those lovely dresses that receive the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs Up seal of approval.

Comic Adventure Mini Dress £80 by Joyrich from ASOS

KAPOW! This super fun Joyrich dress from ASOS makes me want to embrace my inner superhero (It’s Thumbage Girl, for those who are asking)  and sort out the most dastardly of crimes. Crimes of fashion that is, I’m not crazy.

Carmine Dress £34 (was £69) by Louche from Fox and Feather

This little beauty of a Louche dress is currently on sale (with all sizes currently showing as in stock) at Fox and Feather, yippee! It’s made from an absolutely beautiful shimmering fabric which really makes the greens and pinks stand out. It has a great high neckline but beware underwear fans, it does plunge at the back.

Penny Babydoll Dress in Spearmint Daisy Applique £40 from Motel

This beautiful vintage inspired dress from Motel is available in this rather refreshing spearmint colour. I really love the pretty floral applique, it makes the dress so dainty. For me this is the perfect holiday dress as I know I could throw it with sandals and head to the beach but it would work just as well at home with tights, boots and a trip to the pub. Anyone know where I can find a beach pub?

Yellow Floral Print Dress £39.95 (was £79.95) from Joules

Oh Joules, this dress is a bit perfect! I adore the flattering 50’s cut and the colour and print are just dreamy. It’s on sale at the moment and getting hold of certain sizes might be a trifle tricky. The good news is I have noticed sizes coming back into stock so it’s worth checking the website, as well as in store.

Cream Tapestry V-Neck Tea Dress £22.99 from New Look

I can’t be the only person who has noticed how completely fabulous New Look has been recently? This gorgeous vintage style tapestry dress is a prime example of the sort of beautiful piece they are putting out for the budget conscious shopper, i.e everyone. I love the thick, expensive looking fabric and the pretty floral print.

Perdita Floral Smock Dress £55 from Lashes of London

Pass me a fan, I might need a little lie down! The colours of this dress are simply out of this world, they are just stunning. Lashes of London are so great at putting out creative, unique and beautiful items. I love love love the neckline, the lovely turn up sleeves and of course the big, bold floral print. Well done, everyone.

Skater Dress With Pug Print £25 from ASOS

Never one to shy away from a novelty print, this pug print dress from ASOS ticks all the right boxes. You’d be barking mad not to love it!  I love the flattering shape and the fun print, and better still the easy-wear jersey fabric means it’s a great holiday buy as it won’t crease in the suitcase! Winner!

Contrast Collar Dress in Tile Print £48 by Cooperative from Urban Outfitters

Welcome to the 60’s, courtesy of Cooperative at Urban Outfitters. I love the quirky print, which definitely has a touch of the kaleidoscope about it and the contrast of the deep red with the crisp white colour is rather lovely.  It’s a loose fit, so perhaps won’t suit everyone but if you like a retro shape then this one is a winner.

That’s all for this week!


Double Thumbs Dresses #7

Break out your Sunday best, I’m here with a slightly later than usual round up of the dresses worthy of the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs Up seal of approval.  I shan’t keep you any longer….

Up, Up, and Adorable Dress $79.99 (£52) from Modcloth

I know I have a tendency to get carried away but it was luft at first sight when I saw this appear on Modcloth! I need this dress so much I could pop! My ego would be seriously inflated wearing this. OK, that’s probably enough of that now.

Sweet Spring Time £29.67 from Lovely Melody Clothing

I discovered Lovely Melody Clothing over on Paige’s blog and, just like Paige, fell in love with their collection of gorgeous girly dresses. Their Etsy page is an absolute wonderland of vintage inspired treasures and it was quite the task to just pick one to feature! I eventually settled on this tie back, fairyland and candy print number due to the fact it contains not just cake but also a merry-go-round. Seriously, what more do you people want?

Kelly Tie Waist Button Through Floral Skater £20 from Boohoo

Two pieces appear to be making an unlikely comeback, which frightens me and my appendix scar no end I can tell you. This tie waist dress from Boohoo might just be the answer I’ve been looking for as it reveals just the faintest bit of flesh around the old belly button area, giving the illusion of a two piece but without the commitment! I adore that bold floral print and, at £20, it’s a bit of a bargain too.

South Teapot Print Dress £39 from Very

This isn’t the best quality picture of  Very‘s teapot print dress, but trust me when I say you’ll feel like royal tea in this beauty. I just love the detailing in the print with those little teapots, teacups and saucers. With the flattering cut designed to cover one lump or two, this dress is just my cup of tea.

Unico Fluro Contrast Dress £42 from Lashes of London

This gorgeous pastel unicorn print dress is just so childish and reminiscent of My Little Pony that it’s making me want to crack open the Cherryade and play ‘Pass the parcel’. However, those childish memories are long forgotten once you turn the dress around and see the backless wonder, which includes a wonderful gold heart, that awaits you!  I make that two Double Thumbs weeks on the trot for Lashes of London, sterling work.

Daisy Dress £39.50 from Marks and Spencers

You’ll be the pick of the bunch in this rather spiffing daisy print dress from M&S‘ Limited Collection. I would personally describe this as the perfect work dress. It’s a good length and neckline for both flattering you and keeping you smart, it has hidden pockets and, don’t quote me on this, Limited Collection dresses are usually good to wear without ironing! I love everything about the daisy print and am pretty darn excited about the flared hem too.


Double Thumbs Dresses #6

Wahoo! It’s time for our weekly round up of all those lovely dresses that receive the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs Up seal of approval. Hold on to your wallets, things are about to get tempting.

Polly Love Heart Smock £38 from Moddolly
Polly Love Heart Smock £38 from Moddolly

First up is this absolutely charming smock dress from the all round brilliant Moddolly. I can’t tell you how much I adore that huge aqua green Peter Pan collar! It’s such a playful number and I love how the model (the beautiful Dunya from Dearest Deer) has styled it with frilly socks. Socks and frocks are the perfect combo!

Pink and Navy Apple Print Dress £24.99 by Misumi at New Look

Core-blimey! You’ll be the apple of my eye (or someone else’s, if you find that a bit weird) in this fruity number from New Look. I actually can’t get over the detail of those apples, they are stunning! Everything about this vintage inspired dress is wonderful! The shape, colours, print and price! Bravo!

Pleated Printed Dress £39.99 from Zara

Ah Zara, you do know how to make an expensive looking dress and this edgy take on the floral print is case in point. I love the explosion of bright colours on display in this short but sweet number, so many in fact that it would go with anything! Personally, I would be tempted to go with more muted colours in order to let the dress do all the talking but if I owned some super bright orange shoes I’m not sure I would be able to restrain myself. I also feel I might have to adopt this models stance and expression for all future photographs. 

Rainbow Tie Dye Skater Dress £50 from Lashes of London
Rainbow Tie Dye Skater Dress £50 from Lashes of London

This rainbow dress from Lashes of London is something else, isn’t it? My goodness. I’ve actually chosen to show you the back of the dress because it would simply be criminal of me not to share the beauty that is the big colourful bow with you. Swoon! The pastel colours are stunningly gorgeous, those shades just work so beautifully together. You would definitely have to be feeling confident to wear it though as I can imagine it would attract a lot of attention. Now, where’s my pot of gold?

Chelsie Water bottle print dress £139 from Ted Baker
Chelsie Water bottle print dress £139 from Ted Baker

Ted Baker are my absolute go to for pretty, floaty, feminine dresses.  This watercolour style print ticks all of those boxes and more. The details are simply breathtaking. I love all of the flowers in the water bottles, the cute little tie waist and the ruffles, oh the ruffles. Just looking at this  dress makes me want to float around at a summer wedding, perhaps whilst doing some post wine twirling. I would feel positively ethereal in this beauty.

Rebecca Navy Crochet Dress with Pinafore Front £60 from Dahlia
Rebecca Navy Crochet Dress with Pinafore Front £60 from Dahlia

Well hello Rebecca! If, like me, you are completely besotted with the current pinafore trend and yet also deeply alarmed by your own inability to wear them, then this is the dress for you! Stripped t-shirts worn under pretty pinafores are simply a match made in fashion heaven and clever old Dahlia have realised this and done us all a massive favour and combined the two. Gold star.

Womens Sheered Waist Dress £16 from Peacocks
Womens Sheered Waist Dress £16 from Peacocks

I think initially I was drawn to this Peacocks dress because it reminds me of a Death Cab for Cutie album but, hey, it all worked out for the best as those colours are pretty darn awesome and the cinched in waist is super flattering. Not words you could use to describe Death Cab for Cutie, no siree. Peacocks describe it as “the perfect summer dress” but with those lovely sleeves and buttoned up top I would be extremely happy wearing this to work.

Puffin Print Joy Peplum Dress £40 from People Tree
Puffin Print Joy Peplum Dress £40 from People Tree

Where the chuffin heck was this dress a couple of weeks ago when I was compiling my list of bird prints for Toucan Play That Game? Do People Tree not realise just how much huffin and puffin was occurring? I’m not going to hold it against them though as this puffin print dress is super-duper cute. I even really love the peplum and I am seriously not a peplum person. It’s like having an unnecessary and nonfunctional shelf built into your outfit. This one, however, really adds something to the dress and looks beautiful.

Before I disappear off, I feel it is my duty as purveyor of fabulous dresses to inform you that She and Hem favorites Lady V London have this very evening launched their sale. I highly recommend you check it out.