Eat, Drink and be Scary!

She and Hem | Halloween Make Up | #bbloggers

The ghoulish festivities of Halloween are fast approaching and as a couple (blood)suckers for dressing up and decorating, we are obviously ready to indulge!  We went a little bats in our local Wilkos and ended up with all manner of horrific tat,  which actually ended up looking rather spooktacular once all thrown together!

She and Hem | Halloween Make Up | #bbloggersShe and Hem | Halloween Make Up | #bbloggersShe and Hem | Halloween Make Up | #bbloggersShe and Hem | Halloween Make Up | #bbloggers

Those plastic spiders are a little too real, right? They caused many a momentary heart attack we can assure you!

She and Hem | Halloween Make Up | #bbloggersShe and Hem | Halloween Make Up | #bbloggersShe and Hem | Halloween Make Up | #bbloggersShe and Hem | Halloween Make Up | #bbloggersShe and Hem | Halloween Make Up | #bbloggersShe and Hem | Halloween Make Up | #bbloggersShe and Hem | Halloween Make Up | #bbloggers

This may be hard to believe but we used even more make up than usual to create our bewitching looks, all of which came from Fragrance Direct*. It was harder than we imagined to create a fun, eerie but cheery look, so we give kudos to anyone with the skills to make over their whole face. We’re big fangs of your work! We decided to stick with our eyes, lips and hair, whilst goblin up all of the party food. Ghostly green muffin anyone?

She and Hem | Halloween Make Up | #bbloggersShe and Hem | Halloween Make Up | #bbloggersShe and Hem | Halloween Make Up | #bbloggers

Smashing pumpkins.


Lush Blogger Evening

Lush Blogger Event | Bristol | #bbloggers
Victoria wears Vintage polka dot dress | Jo wears Brown Riviera Vintage Silky Top and Brown Riviera Bistro Short both from Boden*

Lush Blogger Event | Bristol | #bbloggers

A few Fridays ago we had the pleasure of attending a blogger evening at the Cribbs Causeway branch of Lush in Bristol. As big fans of their colourful bath bombs and ethical approach to creating natural cosmetics, we were super keen try out some new products and to catch up with local bloggers and fellow Lush fangirls Lily and Charlotte.

Lush Blogger Event | Bristol | #bbloggers Lush Blogger Event | Bristol | #bbloggers

What a slick event it was too! Comprising of five different stations to visit where the lovely Lush ladies (and gent) discussed hair, body, skin and sun care, as well as introducing us all to their pretty extensive make up range. The sun care products were particularly interesting, and we were suitably awed by the sunblock bar, a clever wash on, rinse off block of sun protection. This is a really novel way of avoiding conventional sticky lotion. As we all know, less time spent applying lotion = more time scoffing ice cream! That’s just basic beauty maths.

Lush Blogger Event | Bristol | #bbloggersLush Blogger Event | Bristol | #bbloggers

Our favourite part of the evening was getting the chance to create our own Catastrophe Cosmetic face masks. Many blueberries were harmed during the making of the masks! After (extensively) testing the end product, we have both been genuinely taken aback with the results. After each application, our skin looks clean, clear and unusually healthy. Since getting our hands on these delights, we’ve become so obsessed that we’ve decided to try them all, even popping into the Brighton branch of Lush during our girly weekend away to pick up three more. We are both truly convinced that the calming Catastrophe Cosmetic makes our skin look and feel heaps better and would be interested to hear if others agree.

Lush Blogger Event | Bristol | #bbloggersLush Blogger Event | Bristol | #bbloggersLush Blogger Event | Bristol | #bbloggersLush Blogger Event | Bristol | #bbloggers

What is your all time favourite Lush product?


Victoria’s July Beauty Favourites

She and Hem | Victoria's July Favourites So, this is my first attempt at a favourites post. As beauty certainly isn’t my specialist subject, do please bear with me! I thought I’d give it a go as some of the products I’ve been using this month (and over the past few months!) are definitely worth sharing as they have contributed to making me look (slightly) more human on a daily basis.

It’s no secret that Soap and Glory products are amazing. They smell heavenly, they look dishy in your bathroom, and just seem to last forever. I’ve been using their Righteous Butter body butter since January and it isn’t even half empty. It’s easily my favourite Soap and Glory body product for moisturizing, as it’s made my skin feel softer and look smoother than ever.

She and Hem | Victoria's July Favourites After using my nifty butter I have to wash my hands, as although they would smell great, they would be so sticky my cat would get stuck to them. To do this I’ve been using English Rose soap* then protecting them with Verbena hand cream* from The Somerset Toiletry Company (support your local businesses Hemsters!). As I have very sensitive skin, I find most hand washes aggravating. So, I’ve recently switched to bars of soap after being told that liquid soaps contain more fragrances and other additives that would make my hands feel sad. No one likes sad phalanges.

I’ve included Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream not because I love it, but because I really want to love it! I’m just struggling to understand how to use it (because I am a wally) and I need your help kind readers. The day I bought it I got over excited and smothered it over my whole face. This was a big mistake as this cream is stickier than a Panini sticker factory. How does it work for you?

The Elemis lip balm which came in my Company Blog awards goody bag. I usually stick to Vaseline on my lips but thought I’d try this out and I’m so glad I did! I put this on one night when my lips were feeling more chapped than usual and when I awoke, they felt silky smooth. It’s a peppermint dream!

She and Hem | Victoria's July Favourites My nail polish of choice this month is Ciate and their enormous range of magnificent shades. I really rate the quality of this nail varnish, as I find that it doesn’t chip once applied and seems to lasts a lot longer than other brands. I’ve been loving the four colours below, which are ‘ladylike luxe‘, ‘maybe baby‘, ‘mines a mocha‘ and my personal favourite ‘spinning teacup‘, which I have been wearing constantly and can be seen in the lipstick pictures.

She and Hem | Victoria's July Favourites She and Hem | Victoria's July Favourites

The Witch concealer stick is one of those products that you don’t know that you need until you have one, and then just can’t live without. It’s a quick and easy way of covering up blemishes AND treating your skin at the same time. Winner!

She and Hem | Victoria's July Favourites She and Hem | Victoria's July Favourites She and Hem | Victoria's July Favourites Above we have the Jemma Kidd Lash Xtension Mascara and The Body Shop Shimmer Bauble which I have been using as a shimmery highlighter. After doing a little research for this post, it seems that the baubles were a limited edition piece, but I’d definitely recommend trying to get your hands on one, especially if you take a lot of pictures of your face!

The mascara is very cute and comes with a step by step make-up class from Jemma herself, and I can confirm it does indeed add length to your lashes and stays on all day long. Hemsters, here’s a little secret for you. I actually bought this from The Original Factory Shop as I have recently discovered their make up is SO cheap, but please don’t all rush and clear their shelves, save some for me!

She and Hem | Victoria's July Favourites

She and Hem | Victoria's July Favourites

We love a bit of vintage here at She and Hem, so I was predictably hyped to receive this lush ‘Debutante Pink‘ lipstick* from vintage experts Besame. The packaging is pretty ravishing, as is the lovely pink shade you can see above and in this post. Pretty in pink or what!

I will see you in August for another round up of beauty favourites.